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12 Lessons From The Hallelujah Challenge #Olowogbogboro

The Hallelujah challenge has gloriously come to an end and guess what, many lives have been changed. While the challenge may end, the lifestyle of Hallelujah can’t be stopped. It has been an unusual move of the spirit and God deserves the glory. The Olowogbogboro God reached out when we all didn’t expect it.

There was a lot of dryness, confusion and a lack of hope in the land but there has been a rejuvenation. Lives have been restored, hope is renewed and there is the strength to carry on. The night of the Hallelujah feast at Lekki made me realize what a true revival it was. With most youths between the ages of 20-35 present at the event with their T-shirts and their hearts full of praise to God. I was amazed at how God practically just stepped into our world.

The whole 30-day Hallelujah challenge just keeps playing in my head like a fantasy or a dream that has come to stay. The vessel; Nathaniel Bassey was the one used by God to show us His love for us is never wavering. Nothing can really separate us from His love, He gave Jesus as a sign of that love for us. It can only be God who authored this move of the spirit. Here are the key lessons that stood out for me in the Hallelujah Challenge:

1) Be open to be used by God: This whole revival would not have been birthed if Nathaniel Bassey wasn’t open to hearing God or being used by Him. I am certain that there are many of us that God is leading to do certain things for His glory, but we are not open enough to hear and be used by Him. We must seek to break out of the norm to do something unusual for God.

2) Be obedient: A great number of us want to hear the voice of God. A lot of us currently hear Him speak, but we don’t want to obey. It’s either we see God’s idea as too BIG or unachievable. What we don’t realize is that God provides us with the strength, the resources and with the backing to take up the tasks he has assigned us.

What we need to do is step out in faith and do what needs to be done, God will always send support our way!

3) Use your resources: At the end of the day, the Hallelujah challenge didn’t come from years of planning, brainstorming and then perfect execution. The Instagram Live feature is still relatively new to most users. God used something as simple as an Instagram account and the internet to break into homes and cause a change in our lives. Don’t wait for 30 billion in your account before you start something that God has placed in your heart. In good time it will speak and the proofs will be undeniable.

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4) Don’t place any limits on what God has asked you to do: If I discussed the Hallelujah challenge with you earlier this year and I told you I planned for 50,000 people to praise God for 30 days between the hours of 12 & 1 am on Instagram, you’ll shoot the idea down wouldn’t you. I probably would too because it doesn’t make human sense. Fifty thousand people from across the world at 12 midnight? Followed up with a 3-hour program into midnight on a weekday? You’ve got to be kidding me. But that’s the beauty of God, he is timeless and too BIG to fit into our space.

He is the Unlimited God, we shouldn’t try to cage Him in our minds.

5) You Can’t Do It Alone: Oh imagine Nathaniel Bassey just attempted to do this Hallelujah challenge alone. He starts the Instagram live video and places his phone on a table where it captures him. He picks up his shekere, trumpet, Bible, attempts to drum and lead us into worship at the same time. Kole werk! He needed a team of people to support him and give him as much encouragement that he needed. See the number of shares and trends the Olowogbogboro movement caused, people took it upon themselves to spread it. People made the shirts, volunteered to help in many ways, and during the feast, the hall was given free of charge.

The truth is behind any great move are a lot of unseen faces and efforts put in place to ensure the right outcome. It just may be time for you to share your vision with others for it to find full expression.

6) People will talk: I am certain that the best actions, well presented with the right intentions will surely be spoken against. Like a joke, the Hallelujah challenge was under fire from people. A lot of talks went on social media and many criticized the Hallelujah movement and called it all sorts of names. I didn’t even respond to a single comment that anyone mentioned. Any true move of God must be talked about, there is no movement without friction.

What God does is to give you the grace to overcome whatever challenges come your way.

7) You Are Prepared: One interesting thing to note is that Nathaniel Bassey didn’t suddenly know about Hallelujah when the challenge began. He wasn’t suddenly going to rack up sermons and tapes on how to praise God and give Revelations on Hallelujah. It was something he already knew and practiced.

Of course, he needed faith and direction every step of the way but He was never left stranded. What you need is in you, deposited there by God for His praise and His glory. Never feel insufficient or incapable of achieving His tasks for you. The Holy Spirit is your teacher and is all you will ever need.

8) Let God promote you: You can create as many sponsored ads as you like. You can spend all the money in your bank account to get noticed, but nothing is better than when God announces and promotes you on His own! I mean, how do you explain how the Hallelujah challenge went viral, or how the Hallelujah Challenge was mentioned on CNN. Or is it how Nathaniel Bassey’s followers jumped to over half a million in just one month? Please just keep doing what God has placed in your heart to do without fail.

You may not be seen right now, but when God promotes and uplifts you, there’s no man that can stop you.

9) God will do His thing: If Nathaniel Bassey hadn’t started the Hallelujah Challenge and gone through with it, God wouldn’t have been weeping in the heavens saying that was my only chance to reach this generation. He would seek for other vessels who He is grooming to take charge. Nothing and no one can stop the move of God, not even the vessel in whose hands He placed the vision in. Your job is to be the available vessel that God can use. Not the vessel with dirt in it when the oil is to be poured, but the vessel ready to bring God’s will on Earth.

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10) Stay Humble: This one must be mentioned. One of the reasons why we haven’t seen God move upon the Earth like we should is because we are a proud and self-seeking generation. In the Bible when the disciples wanted to know who the greatest amongst them was, Jesus said the greatest was the one who served. Thank God for the humility of Pastor Nathaniel Bassey, many people will not have handled something this enormous this well. The goodwill and humility he had, spoke well of him. He didn’t have to become a new man overnight to partake of this task, he remained who he was.

There is nothing that you have or you are that you didn’t receive, stay humble. Not everything in this life was done by you, even the life you have was not created by you, and you can’t control when it ends.

Seeing God as the giver of it all is what empowers humility. God resists the proud and gives grace to be humble. He only wants to give those who will not share His glory with him the movements that will change the world forever.

11) It will cost you a lot: Whatever vision or assignment that God has placed in your hands will cost you something. You are going to live a life of sacrifice compulsorily. You can’t lie in bed all day and start a movement that will change lives. At some point, I was like this man called Nathaniel Bassey sef, how na? He was traveling across the world while the Hallelujah challenge was going on. Sometimes he was on the plane while the challenge was ongoing. Other times he was ministering in churches at the same time while hosting the challenge. He killed many birds with the same stone, I’m sure the birds were surprised too.

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His doggedness was unwavering. I am sure that a lot of times, the Hallelujah challenge got so demanding, but for a man of sacrifice, no sacrifice was too much to pay for God.

We need to quit viewing leadership from sitting on a high horse to becoming the horse that drives what is needed in cialis prix our time.

12) You have to be the number one driver of your vision:

It’s very easy to ‘share’ your vision, too easy as a matter of fact. You can’t share your vision with people expect them to begin to run with it while you chill at the beach watching the waves with a bottle of Fanta in your hands.

You are the driver of your vision, the passion, fire, and direction seen from your followers can come only from you. I believe the Hallelujah Challenge was more demanding for Nathaniel Bassey than for every one of us. I am not certain of how many hours of good sleep he got during the 30 days, but he went on with it without fail.

People wanted this movement to crash, trust me, they wanted to have another one of those Christian ‘optimistic moves’ to crash, burn and become the laughing stock of our time, but it didn’t. The day I realized how important just Nathaniel’s Instagram page blinking in pink was the day the challenge started a little late. My heart was beating so fast because every detail was important, there couldn’t be any mistakes.

No one listens to excuses, and you won’t believe that they’ll expect nothing but the best from you for the vision you made them believe in.

You must carry your vision more than anyone else and give direction and meaning to it, you can’t do it alone!

Now that the Hallelujah challenge is over, build on the momentum and keep drawing closer to God, there is no end with your relationship with Him.

These are a few lessons I learned from this great move of God, I thought to share and I hope it inspires you too. Be free to share other lessons you learned as well.

Thank you, Nathaniel Bassey, for being a BIG Inspiration to our generation and following God’s leading. This is just the beginning of greater things to come. God bless you!

Please drop a comment now to let us know your thoughts and what lessons resonated with you the most. Also, share with as many people that you can. This move of God deserves as much recognition as it can get.


Written by Victory Odunjo
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