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12 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

It was my birthday a few days back.. Yaay.. So I thought I should I just write an article to mention a few things about myself that readers and followers of this blog probably don’t know about. And here they are:

1) I love a good laugh, trust me on this one. People complain sometimes about how much I laugh, even in serious situations, I can still manage to get out a smile. In fact, I can keep myself amused.

You can’t blame me, it’s the joy inside me that I can’t keep to myself.

2) Oh I love soccer (It’s called football where I come from)! I have been a soccer player all my life. Now I’m expected to be a man, since I couldn’t make a career out of football, I must do what men do. I’m an Arsenal supporter, been a supporter for over 10 years. You can’t stop me now, my roots are so deep. I love watching, playing and discussing soccer with reasonable people of course

3) I sincerely love the art of communication, especially speaking and listening. Communicating with people has been a joy for me. It isn’t a burden at all, once you can strike up a good communication with me, we are good to go. I always like meeting people who can add value to my life, and I to theirs.

4) I don’t like unreal people. I get to meet a lot of people, but over time, I have discovered that I don’t appreciate people that try to be what they are not, and create a lie about who they truly are. Even if one isn’t doing as well as they should be and need help, getting help for them is easier than if one never even truly knows how the person is doing.

5) I love sea food. This one is a big secret I just let out. I love sea food a lot, as long as its out of water, you got me. It has to be well cooked of course, or I’ll stare at what could have been a delicious meal.

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6) Nothing clears my head and gets me more relaxed than a good swim. Oh how I love the feel of the coolness of the water. I understand that many people are afraid of water, but come on, its one of the best things God created. Ever wondered why God created water first before he made the world? There’s a lot more to water than drinking, that you don’t know about.


7) I don’t have beards: I remember when my biology teacher taught us that one of the things that we should expect during puberty is the growing of hair on the chin. Now, that’s many many years ago. Till now I haven’t gotten those hairs on my chin. I have never had to shape or shave my beards. I look much more younger than my age. Just recently, someone saw me and asked if I just finished secondary school. I was like “Are you kidding me?”. Another person offered me a form for an exam to get into the university, I think the look on my face was a good enough response. Can you imagine? Its an advantage some say, it’s a disadvantage others say. It’s my reality. Where did the hairs go?

8) I have a PAST: “Ooh Victory, you look so innocent, you must have been good all your life.” Wrong! I’m another normal youth that has had his own share of past experiences, failures and temptations. I’m really grateful that I look nothing like where I’m coming from, but those experiences have shaped me, and some are the bedrocks of some of my convictions today. I’m grateful I’ve been able to make it out stronger than before, than when I was just a weakling. I clearly remember myself easily caught by peer pressure when I was younger. I’m better today

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9) I’m the first child: Yeah, you can close your mouth now if you didn’t know that. I recently told someone I was the first child. The person just couldn’t believe it until I showed a picture that proved it. Haha. That’s how funny people are. Some think I am the last born, I wonder how they came to those conclusions though. It could just be because I’m a little playful. So I know what it’s like to be looked up to, and seen as a leader. The position of the first born is one you never choose to be, but well of course one must learn to live.

10) I love dry jokes: Hehehe… People that know me, know this one. I love dry jokes. Just the fact that someone has to wait for minutes thinking, to get the joke, is just priceless. If the joke is too easy, where’s the fun in it? Its a joy if you also create your own jokes. It helps improve your creativity. I would resist sharing a joke with you now. You can make a special request when you see me.

11) I never knew how to write until I started this blog: Very true. I didn’t know I was much of a writer till I started writing on this blog. My original intentions were just to pen down a few poems, and post them. But then, things turned around, and I suddenly realized that this is something I could do. I’ve kept at it, and I will still keep improving. There are many things that you are but you don’t know you are. Hopefully, soon enough, you would come across these things and begin work immediately.

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12) One man I would love to meet and has touched my life tremendously is Pastor Jentezen Franklin. You may have seen his books on Fasting, The Fasting Edge, Believe That You Can, Right People Right Place Right Plan, Fear Fighters, but this man was sent from heaven to earth for me. You cannot estimate the positive damage this mans ministry has done to my life. I learnt a lot about creativity, staying humble, being truthful, loving family, viewing the Bible through a different lens and a practical perspective through this man. His passion for people and the needy is huge. A lot of who I am today was shaped from what God sent to me through this vessel. He is one I’ll forever be grateful for. If you by any chance get to see any of his books or tapes, try to get it. You just may know what I mean by all I have said.

Alright, so that’s it for me. 12 things you probably didn’t know about me. Of course, there is so much more. I hope this has given you a little more insight into who I am, and the person holding the pen. You’ll certainly know more as time goes on. Thanks for reading. You could decide to comment, or mention something about me I listed, that you didn’t know about. Keep reading, keep enjoying, and keep being a part of those walking, the Victory Path.

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  1. I couldn’t hold my smiles back just like you were smiling in your picture,i am grateful to God i met you,May God bless you Victory

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