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Are God’s Workings Random?

I have many of my musings about God, they sometimes get so many that I can’t count. This time around, I’ll share one with you, it’s how random my God seems to be in his workings. I have watched the way God works, and I must confess that I am totally amused by him. Let’s start somewhere…

A husband and wife have sex in the first few days of their marriage expecting a new child. In no time, the wife takes in and is carrying a child in her womb. At this same period in their lives, there are also so many countless couples going through this phase all around the world. Other women are getting pregnant as well.

The next agenda then is what the gender of the child is going to be and then the question is “What sort of child are we having?” “Would this child be the next president of this country, would she be a singer, would he be a genius? What can this child end up being? A gentle child, or one full of fun and happiness?”

God has answers to these questions, and sincerely the child could be anything or anyone. Even the most feared people today, the terrorists had parents too, they were born into those homes. The same way the most cherished, highly respected and looked up to people had parents teach them. So who gets what is totally random, and every one should be wished good luck..

Those who studied statistics, or once took a class in probability will understand the depths to which how random situations can get, and how tasking it is to ensure that one particular result is gotten. That’s because there are many other possible ways a situation could go and it could make things not go as planned. God knows how to ensure that the results he wants are gotten all the time.

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A guy goes to the wedding of his brothers friend. He was practically begged and forced to go along with his brother, which he finally did. In the midst of a huge crowd, he chose somewhere random to sit, and he found himself sitting beside a pretty young lady whom he had never met. They got talking throughout the party and later exchanged contacts.

Just as they were about to say their goodbyes, her friend came to join her on her way home, and she gets introduced to him. She is the friend to the bride and didn’t make the bridal train but was also a friend to the lady he sat with at the party. Few years later the guy gets married to the friend of the lady that he met at the party he was forced by his brother to go for, that if not for his brother he wouldn’t have attended. How random can random be? Under what unusual circumstances does our God work?

A young guy ended up in prison for something he didn’t do, after such a tough life. He learnt to be kind and understanding. He learnt to take responsibility from the tough and harsh situations life had dealt him. He decided to be a source of hope and encouragement to those he met in prison. He watched their countenance, moods and even listened to their problems. The richest of people were the ones that surrounded him, he was in the jail for the big boys.

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He later rendered a certain help to one of these rich people in prison that only his unique gift could do. He had insight that this particular rich man was going to be freed soon. He also wanted to be out of prison, he had been away from his family. He told the rich man his desires to get out and be free, he begged to be remembered.

Until one day he was remembered for his gift by this rich man, and was called up by the President for his help, this gift was needed afresh. He used the gift and was successfully made second to the President. He even got to marry his presidents daughter. He never knew his family he hadn’t seen in years would go hungry, and would come begging for food.

He never knew that his long, tough and harsh life’s journey was to be in his position to save his family that he hadn’t seen in years and his generations to come. He never knew that God took him through such a rough path to be a savior. His name was Joseph, and God seemed very random in dealing with this young man, but truthfully every move was intentional and calculated. Who can beat God in a game of chess? He knows all the opponents moves, and knows how He’ll win before He starts.

Are you still waiting for the normal to come to pass in your life? Take a good look at how things in your life have happened, do you see the seemingly random workings of God visibly in it. Can you see how a simple comment made a huge change on your thinking, or meeting someone opened up a door for you to meet with so many others? Can you see how going somewhere for just a little while imparted your life greatly? Or how not getting that job pushed you to do innovative things you never thought you could? That’s how God works!

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To the natural man, it’s as random and unrelated as it can be, but to God it is His plan and precision coming to pass. Expect the random in your life and don’t take it for granted when some random things happen out of your reach. It’s just God linking you up to what he had always planned for you. Walk into it…. For to us it may look random, but for our God it was intentionally planned. Trust Him!


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