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Favour’s Love Story (Part 2)

“Thank you but you haven’t answered my question. Can I see you some other time?”

Favour tried to form as if she was thinking about it and later handed him her card and said “give me a call”

“You bet I will” He smiled, got up and added “Have a lovely day”

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That evening she got back to her one-room apartment, she lived in alone. As she was taking off her jacket, her phone rang, she reached out for her bag and picked the phone. It was an unknown caller but thanks to the app, Truecaller, the caller’s identity was revealed. It was Bayo. The call lasted some minutes and a date and time were fixed for them to meet. She could feel excitement well up within her. She believed it was God’s will because everything seemed to be perfect. Days turn to weeks, they became really close, and she was pleased to discover he was a sound Christian and also upheld biblical principles. Gradually and as expected, the feelings began to grow.

Weeks turned to months and he asked her for a relationship. She had prayed about him and believed it was God’s will for them to be in a relationship. After a week, she gave him a resounding YES. The relationship was a godly one by all standards. They met to pray, had days they fasted, had Bible study together. They set godly standards; no kissing, no intimate hugs, no caressing and definitely no sex till marriage. She was so sure Bayo was what she desired and so didn’t waste time to tell her parents about him. They were happy for her and were eager to see him but the feelings weren’t mutual, Bayo always gave one reason or the other why he couldn’t see them yet. Favour was a pretty understanding lady and didn’t bother pushing it.

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Four months into the relationship, an opportunity came up for Favour to travel out of the country for a conference, she told Bayo about it and he was happy for her, he told her when she came back, he would go and meet her parents and they would start planning their wedding. That was great news for Favour.

On the Saturday she was to travel, she went to his place to see him before leaving for the airport. They hugged and he planted a kiss on her forehead. It was hard saying goodbye because since they met, that was the first time they would be apart. Bayo explained to her that he would have loved to drive her to the airport but he had to travel to see his mother who was in the hospital. Favour perfectly understood and decided to take a taxi to the airport

As they arrived at the airport, she noticed her international passport wasn’t in her bag. She had forgotten it at Bayo’s place when she had brought out all her documents to check if they were complete. She quickly told the driver to turn back and promised to pay him double. On getting to Bayo’s house, she saw a car parked at the gate. She had seen the car there a couple of times but hadn’t paid attention. The gate wasn’t locked either ‘this is strange’, she thought to herself as she entered the compound. She was about to press the doorbell but decided instead to open the door without pressing the bell. She opened the door and what she saw left her devastated.

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To be continued…

What happens next? Watch Out For Favour’s Love Story Part 3 next week Sunday. Don’t miss it.

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