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Favour’s Love Story (Part 3)

As she opened the door which led to a small waiting area, she heard movements but no voices. She proceeded to the sitting room where she had left her passport and right there on the floor she saw Bayo and another woman stack naked. She was shocked to her bones, speechless and devastated.

‘Bayo!’ she exclaimed. ‘How could you?’

‘Baby I… I thought you were… I thought your flight was’ he stammered and tried to put on his clothes ‘It’s not what you think, baby’

‘Don’t you dare baby me’ she grabbed her passport from the chair and stomped out of the house.

‘Favour please I can explain, Wait, don’t go’ Bayo begged as he followed behind her

Favour entered the taxi, sat at the owner’s corner and asked the driver to start the car.

Bayo stood beside the car, begging ‘Favour please it’s not what you think. I love you’

She wound down, turned to him as tears rolled down her face and said ‘Bayo how could you do this to me, to us? You hurt me really bad, I don’t know if I can ever forgive you. Have a great life’ she wound up and asks the driver to drive.

Her two weeks stay in London wasn’t as blissful as she hoped. She had thought she would do some wedding shopping but all she ended up doing was attend the conference and come back home, she was too discouraged to even buy anything for herself. She was miserable and constantly unhappy.

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The hurt was intensified when she heard that Bayo had moved on with the other girl. Every time she tried to pray, she felt God was far away, it looked like God brought her into the mess and abandoned her.

After her trip, she went to see her parents and told them all that had happened. The elderly couple who were devout Christians told her all would be well and assured her that God had great plans in store for her.

But to her, there was nothing great about what she was passing through; the shame of a broken engagement, the hurt of been cheated on and the dashed hope of a great tomorrow. She was done with anything men related. She didn’t want to hear about it. All she felt was rage and anger towards Bayo and this affected her interaction with men. The door of her heart was shut!

‘Daddy, all men are the same. I’m never going to trust any of them again. Never!’ Favour said as she stood up and left her father’s sitting room. ‘I’m going home dad’. As she drove off in her red Kia Picanto, tears rolled down her face. She had been hurt real bad.

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When she got home, she felt a deep urge to pray and ask God to help her. She went on her knees and prayed ‘Lord, I don’t know where You are or why You have allowed me to go through these incessant heart breaks. What did I do to deserve this?

She felt an overwhelming peace and heard a still small voice whisper ‘where was God when Jesus was dying on the cross? What did Jesus do to deserve the pain and shame of carrying the sins of the world and dying on the cross? God never left him neither did Jesus deserve the suffering but for your sake, was made to suffer’

‘Lord but…but’ she tried to argue. ‘What do I do now?’

‘You have not forgiven Bayo and so you still feel so much hurt’

‘Lord, but You know what he did was evil’ she said aloud as she cried. ‘Why should I forgive Him?’

Because I forgave you’

The tears kept rolling down. She knew it was the truth; to be totally free, she had to forgive Bayo and let him go. It was really hard. She picked her phone and dialed his number.

‘Hello Favour’ he said with fear in his voice

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‘Bayo’ she tried not to let her voice reflect her tears ‘I forgive you’. Immediately, she felt a heavy burden lifted off her chest, joy flooded her heart. The tears that rolled now became tears of joy.

There was some silence from Bayo. ‘I don’t deserve this, thank you. I have also asked God to forgive me. Thank you, Favour’

‘Have a great life, Bayo’

She dropped the phone and said ‘Lord, from this moment, take over’

The next thing she heard God say left her speechless.

To be continued…

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