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5 Reasons Why You May Not Live An Impactful Life

We have many people sitting back and watching others make a difference and live impactful lives, while they do nothing. Here are the top 5 reasons why:

1) You Feel Like You Have Nothing To Offer:

Here is a big one. It has happened to me before, it still does sometimes. You go through life learning from so many people, teachers, parents, leaders, friends and even from yourself. When you finally have an opportunity to share something with someone, or a group of people, you shy away believing you don’t have anything to offer.

The truth is this, there is no one who is making it big somewhere, that didn’t go through the process of not being sure if what they had to offer was going to be accepted or rejected. But they started, and kept giving value, they gave all they knew, mustered all their courage, they grew through the pain, sleepless nights and challenges. No matter how little you may think your crumbs are, it would feed birds and ants too. Even the mosquitoes can confess that you have their favorite drink on you to offer them every time. You see, your nothing is someone’s something, the question is are you willing to offer your little?

2) You Don’t Know Where To Start From:

I have heard series of stories, of where different successful people started from. So I really can’t give you a particular rule for this. But I believe you can ask yourself this simple question “Where Am I?” Yes, where are you right now? In your room, a friends place, a sitting room, your office? Are you in your own home, or you are squatting with a friend, or in a rented apartment? You need to take note of where you are right now, to know where you are starting from.

The real issue isn’t only knowing where to start from, it’s also knowing when to start. Start right where you are now as you read this post, let your mind drift a little towards things you know you can do, and what you can achieve. Mentally say to yourself, “I’m starting to reach for all I want to do now. Here is my starting point.” When you start is where you have started from. Procrastination has shot you in the leg too many a time, it’s time to get up and walk.

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3) You Have So Many Things You Can Do, But You Don’t Know Which One To Start With

We all have talents and giftings, don’t we? When we develop skills, we just widen the list of things we all could possibly do. So how do I know what to start with? An illustration comes to mind “A seed wants to become a huge tree, with many branches and leaves, it can also see the delicious fruit it produces. The seed wonders, what can I do to become this fruitful tree I dream of daily?” You got it right, it has to be planted and given the right conditions to grow. It’s the same with all the seeds (gifts, talents, skills) in your hands, they would never become all you imagine with them in your hands. You must plant first.

“Which one?” Which one do you feel passion is driving you to do the most with right now? Which one tops your list? Go after it. But the truth with reality is, it’s not what you are most passionate about that may give you a head way. What you must do is plant a seed and give it whatever it takes for it to grow, whether its your favorite or not! As long as it’s being planted, promise to give it your very best. Stop holding the seeds in your hands. They’ll all become useful some day. But no seed prospers and becomes a tree in the hands of a farmer who has never learnt to plant, and culitvate what he has planted. You need the experience.

4) The Fear Of The Unknown:

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The fear of the the unknown abides in an area I call the ‘What If Realm‘. It’s the realm where you are gripped by what you don’t know. The ‘what if realm’ is the one that asks you so many ‘what if’ questions like: What if it doesn’t work out? What if I never make it? What if I am doing business with the wrong person? What if tomorrow never comes? What if I made a wrong choice? What if I do something really wrong that ruins my career? What if I mess up on my job interview? What ifs are endless…

Too many people are battling with the what if realm on a daily basis, and guess what? It’s keeping them paralyzed from doing anything at all. You can’t know the unknown by not stepping into the unknown. Did you know how your University education experience was going to be like before you started? No! So how did you find out what you didn’t know? You stepped into the unknown and found out all you now know. You can create what you know by doing something you know you should be doing. But never go into the unknown without preparing for it.

5) The Fear Of Failure: 

I’m the best person to tell you about failure 🙂 You just can’t estimate how much I used to fail. I actually can’t remember any point at which i was doing so well. My secondary school education was the worst, I must have been amongst the bottom ten in my class. Somehow I scaled through. So I know how failure can be, especially when you think highly of yourself, and you fall short many times. You just don’t want to feel like that ever again. A lot of people have gotten pretty comfortable and obsolete because they didn’t want to try something new, they never wanted to fail.

You won’t be reading this article if I am considering my past failures, this blog won’t even be in existence. As I’m typing this, I’m not even sure that other people that need this would get to read it, because people that read are afraid of helping others by sharing good things they read. So why am I still publishing this? It’s because I know I am beyond failure, failure may be an event, but it’s not who I am. If I’m knocked down a thousand times, I’ll stand up and try again a thousand and one times. I don’t know if you remember every single one of your failures. I forget mine by doing more with my present, trying to be the best I can be. I may fail tomorrow, who knows? But I live with one rule that I also think you should adopt “Move on quickly from things that have passed and cannot be changed.” If a glass cup breaks in your hands, your tears can’t stick them together again. Repair the repairable, and move on from what can’t be repaired.

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Your past can’t be repaired, you can’t go back to those failures and erase them. But you can step out in faith and wisdom again, and say “I would make it, I may fail or may have failed different times, but one thing is certain, I would surely succeed

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You May Not Live An Impactful Life”

  1. Well…I must say thx for sharing this. awesome piece. I’m not one who dwell on regrets and like u;i’ve had my fair shares of failures but I still try to pick myself up each time.
    I’m actually at a point right now where i’m trying to know what ‘seed’ to plant so uve helped me greatly.
    Thx for sharing

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