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5 Reasons Why You Should Write Your Autobiography Now

I have personally typed a couple of biographies that were used at peoples funerals. It’s almost a norm that people expect to read about the life of a loved one or someone that has passed on. In a couple of lines, one’s entire life story would be read. The longer it probably is, the less likely it is that they would finish reading it. But the truth is time spent on earth would always be nothing compared to what is about it.

Here are 5 reasons why you should start writing your autobiography now:

1) You Are the Best Writer Of Your Story:

I can’t imagine what it would be like if someone who died and rose from the dead, read the biography written about him by another person. I’m sure the person would burst into tears, because the many major parts would have been missed out by the person. We can’t blame those that try to write another person’s story, they have to gather information as well. Knowing what others think about you is good, but no one can ever tell your story like you would. No one will ever know the depths of sacrifices that you made, or the amount of love that you showed except if you put it down yourself.

The matter of death is not about if but when. So when you die, would you like your story written by you about your life to be read? Or would just any story do? You don’t need to be the best writer in the world to know how to write about yourself. I’ll rather write about my life now, what about you?

2) Only The Important Part of Your Life Counts:

The same way no one would want to write anything bad in the tributes at a funeral, is the same way no one really wants to sit and read about every single mistake you made during your journey on earth. One thing writing your biography will show you is that not every single error or event counts. Except for those that you expect others to learn from. I’m totally certain that it’s not every detail you will want to make known.

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This leads us to the truth that only the important parts and events in your life count. They are the only things that matter at the end. There’ll be no place for the people you had a grudge against, people you hated, those you never forgave, and this shows some of these things don’t matter. It’ll just be the important things, that would count, and those things would be the good things you spent your life doing. If you do so much good, it’ll be impossible to remember everything good and put them in writing. Live for the important stuff, the good things, make sure there’s enough good to go round your life.


3) Life Is Short:

I’m sure many people had the desire to do so many things before the course of their lives ran out, but they were not able to accomplish every single one. It’s the same thing writing your autobiography is like, it’s agreeing to the fact that one day you know your life is going to end, but you want people to be able to truly know and have an access to who you are even when you are gone. Many people even write and print their autobiographies while they are alive.

People think that they’ll write it a few minutes before they leave this planet, but it is never so. Begin to write down your life’s story now! It’s easier for you to update it as time goes on, than to procrastinate it to a future location you have no idea about. Trust me the older you grow the more events you forget. People that have kept a diary for a huge part of their lives have less to worry about, because they have their events and even the dates already written down. It’s better you begin now, what do you think?

4) It Helps You Know How Much You Have Accomplished So Far:

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Oh, this is the huge one. By the time you begin writing, something clearly starts popping up regularly, your achievements. For some people like me, the most important decision I have made is surrendering my life to Jesus Christ and making him Lord of my life. Of course other achievements are important, but not all accomplishments put you on the right side of eternal life. Accepting Jesus does.

Thinking over your life and putting down your accomplishments would make you start seeing what you’ve spent your life doing, and how much it has helped only you or others around you. It’s very easy to get carried away by your target for personal gain, records or wealth accumulation that the most important things are left unattended to. Your writing of your autobiography would spur you to do better and be better. It would help you put your thoughts on your life’s purpose and mission. Are you failing at it or you are getting it right? Start writing now!

5) It Helps You Appreciate Your Own Life:

We know the song that says:

Count your blessings name them one by one
Count your blessings see what God has done
Count your blessings, name them one by one
And it will surprise you what the Lord has done

I just couldn’t resist writing  the entire chorus :). When you start writing and going over your life, things you have been through, the tough situations and circumstances, you start to get overwhelmed with Gods love for you. You’ll find out that you could not be where you are without a God up there watching over you consistently. Can you estimate the number of times you fell sick or got injured since you were a little child? Or the times you had no idea who you were or what you were doing? Yet there was always a steady hand leading and guiding you. Before you can appreciate the lives of others, you can learn to appreciate yours first. Writing your own autobiography would help you do just that. It’ll help you take a walk through your life, from as much as you can remember to where you are now. I’m sure it has been such a journey for you. The beauty of it is you are still alive and you still have a chance to rewrite your story, if you haven’t written it well with the past years of your life. You can surely turn it around if you choose and work at it. You are not too late.

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It’s time to move ahead by looking behind first, it’s hard to believe that what is behind you is relevant. But the truth is your past would be all that would be left of you, at the end of your life. You can write the things that come to mind first, from where you are right now all the way back. There are also outlines and easy guides online to help you out. Start now! Would you?

Thanks for reading.

Victory Odunjo

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Victory Odunjo

I'm a people person that simply wants to add value, and inspire others..

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Write Your Autobiography Now”

  1. I already knew Victory the amazing Love and Provision from God in my Blessed life before writing about them on my Blog and yes He was watching over me consistently even when I thought I came from an Ape, having been deceived as a young Teenager.

    So yes my Autobiography is already written for all to read on my Blog except for the next Chapter which is in waiting and also when and how I will die.

    What would give me Joy is if at my funeral instead of others hearing about me, they heard about those who have showed they Love me and blessed my Life, God being Number One, so I may spend some time writing about Him and the others in preparation for my funeral otherwise someone my be forgotten, so thank you Victory for the suggestion, it’s a good one.

    Christian Love in Christ Jesus – Anne

    1. True.. You have written a lot about about your life, and it has been such a blessing. Please spend some time writing about others as you just mentioned. It would be such a joy for them to know how important they are to you. Thanks Anne 🙂

      1. Thank you for your kind words Victory, I have also shared about my close friends and their stories, Love and encouragement on my Blog and with my Blogging friends who have blessed me I have created Power points for them which gives me the opportunity to share about them and their Blogs.

        I would like to create a Power point for you too Victory, you are no doubt not aware but like some others you came into my life during a very turbulent Storm and encouraged me greatly, I felt uplifted even though I was hurting, the Storm continues but God ministered to me through you and others and my Hope was strengthened and my inner Joy increased.

        If you would like me to create a Power point for you too Victory, please pick a theme, like Love, Hope, Joy, Courage etc and also a focus it can be Landscapes, Ocean , Flowers, Animals or anything else in God’s awesome creation, it may take some time for me to create it as I have promised others but like the ones I have already created, I know I will also be blessed in creating one for you and hope you will be too.

        I have saved your recent previous Posts so I will catch up now, God bless you greatly Victory in your uplifting and encouraging Ministry to others.

        Christian Love in our Unity in Christ Jesus – Anne

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