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5 Ways To Enjoy A Church Service

Has it happened to you before that you went to church, and you left feeling like you shouldn’t have gone? You didn’t learn anything in the service and it was like you left emptier than you came. You got to the service earlier than the time it starts and then you saw the stewards setting up and trying to get things set for the service, running around and testing various equipments. Well that wasn’t what you came for (even though you know should be in a service group). You came for the service, not for what happened before it. And then people started trooping in, with different fragrances and clothings.

Well, the service began and as the worship started, something was obviously off. The instrumentalists got something terribly wrong, they were not in sync. Even the worship leaders key wasn’t gotten rightly. And you were expected to worship? How? Only the keyboardist tried to help things balance up. The person by your side decided to shout really loud and dance with a lot of energy. And as the person enjoyed the praise, it had affected  your praise. By the time the Pastor preached the word, you couldn’t concentrate, because you were already emotionally unbalanced. You left the service angry, even as the ushers wished you a good week, you couldn’t foster a reply. For most people this is how service is, too many times. It has become boring. So here are 5 ways to enjoy a church service.

1) Know That The Person You Can’t See Is There: We don’t close our eyes throughout a church service. So we get to see a lot of things, like people, reactions, mistakes, actions. I should use the word ‘notice’ here, we notice a lot in church we don’t get to talk about. It’s many of those things that affects us. You have to learn this first and most important lesson. The person that is the most important, but is invisible is present in the service. He is the one that the entire church service is about. He is GOD!!! Knowing that God is present is a service, helps you enjoy God and be ready to receive from him. “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” Matt. 18:20, God is present!

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2) Focus On Who You Came To Meet: Why did you come to church? If you came to church to meet someone, just go to meet the person straight up, and leave. Did you come to meet a business partner? You can meet them before the service, you may not even bother going through with the church service. But the most important person in the church service isn’t your pastor, or the worship leader, it is God. So if you are focusing on all the other people making noise, typing things on their phones, the people not participating in the worship, then you have the wrong focus. But if you came to meet God, the Sovereign King, then you have the right focus. Focus on God! It’s all about Him, give Him your praise, worship, your love, your offerings.

3) Create Your Own Church Service To God: Don’t wait for the entire church to do something before you make a move to do yours. One unique thing in our time today, is that the churches have placed a lot of emphasis on sound, which is very important. You can’t imagine a huge auditorium with just the pastors voice, and no means to amplify it. So in many auditoriums, you may not even hear your voice when you try to sing. In churches today, many people just lip sing, since the choir is already singing, why bother singing out loud at all? But that’s exactly where people miss it. In a church service, God is looking out for individuals not just the entire church. The voice of the choir doesn’t account for your voice at all. You must learn actually sing and give God praise. Don’t hide your voice hide under the voice of the choir. Sing and shout out loud to God! He knows you and knows your voice too, even in the midst of the crowd.

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4) Learn To Act As Led By The Holy Spirit: This happens to you and me all the time. The choir could be ministering a song that blesses you, or touches you. You just feel like getting on your knees in worship, or probably rising to your feet from your sit, sometimes it is a feeling to lie prostrate before the King of Kings. At that very moment, you feel it, you know you should make that move, but you look around you. You find out that no one else feels like you do about the song or ministration. You then decide against acting as you are led. And conform to the same way others are acting. God doesn’t look for crowd performances, he looks at individuals, he looks into your heart. There are times God ministered to me, and I had to get on my knees or prostrate before him, it’s how I was led to act, and I had experiences that proved to me how real God is as a result of my obedience. The pastor could be ministering a message that reaches to your spirit, and you feel led to shout or clap, do it! The word of God reaches us on various levels and so do the songs we sing too. Never let your thought of others stop you from having a personal time or encounter with God. Sometimes all you have to do is obey..

5) Act Like You Are The Only One In Church: Since the day God taught me this, I have always had an awesome time in His presence. Christians go to church being so conscious of other people. They don’t sing or dance because they are afraid of what others would think, maybe someone would laugh at them, or watch how they act towards God. Some people don’t even pray because they don’t want others to hear their prayers, like we all don’t need help from God. You must learn to worship God like it was only you in the midst of a congregation, even though you know there are actually others. Imagine it was only you and this great and awesome God before you, who you are trying to worship and give praises to, just him. God knows you, he knows your name, he desires a personal relationship with you, and he is looking out for you. You in turn, should take your personal relationship with him everywhere, to the world, and even to church. It’s time to take God personally, like your most prized possession. Act like it’s just you and God in church, and watch things turn around.

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A church service is not all about the performance of the choir, the instrumentalists, the pastors, the members of the church, or the beauty of the auditorium. It’s about you and God, strictly. The church is another platform to commune with God. When you miss God, you missed what going to church is all about.

Have a great time in Gods presence, now and always. Church doesn’t have to be boring or be a burden. I hope these points help you like they’ve helped me 🙂

Victory Odunjo
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Hope you learnt something? Are there other ways you have learnt to have a great time in church? Share your thoughts by dropping a comment. Thanks

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7 thoughts on “5 Ways To Enjoy A Church Service”

  1. On point, I was expecting something different, but what I met are exactly the mindsets that create a real worship experience. Thanks Sir Victory.

  2. …God doesn’t look for crowd performances, he looks at individuals, he looks into your heart….
    … A church service is not all about the
    performance of the choir, the
    instrumentalists, the pastors, the
    members of the church, or the beauty
    of the auditorium. It’s about you and
    God, strictly. The church is another
    platform to commune with God. When
    you miss God, you missed what going
    to church is all about….

    Thank you coach for the piece.
    very inspiring.

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