7 Things To Do When Fatigue Comes Knocking

As we swiftly move to the end of the year, it is a subtle reminder that things come to an end. We can liken the end of the year to the end of a race. Just like the end of every race, you are more tired at the end of it than when you began.

I remember one of the races I was a part of back in high school. I was pretty good at running long distances than sprints. At the time, we were preparing for inter-house sports and I was to run the 800m race. We were going to use the stadium, but we had to train with was the school’s football field. It was estimated that running around the school’s field was 200m. Hence, we needed to run around the field four times to get 800m.

I did that quite well and was pretty sure of myself- until the day of the competition when I got to the stadium and I saw how large the track was. The officials said we were going to run around twice. In my mind, I estimated that I would win the race- especially since I thought that what obtained in the stadium was the same as what obtained on the school’s field. What I didn’t know was that I was the fish who practiced in the pond but was brought into the lake to swim.

My people, when we started the race, I was ahead of the pack o. Forming James Bond with the legs of Usain Bolt. I didn’t know….

By the time we were completing the first lap, I realized that the first 400 meters was the entire 800 meters I had been running in my school. It was then that I concluded that water and oil are not mates; it dawned on me that tea and coloured water are not relatives; even garri and sugar only happen to relate by chance.


My running turned to jogging, my jogging was starting to look like walking, and my walking almost became crawling. I saw that every other athlete began to speed past me. Ah! I could swear that I saw some opponents using tyres to run. Where did they get all that strength from? At the end of the day I was walk-jogging to the finish line. Everyone else had finished.

My heart was like “Guy who send you work o?” The finish line was drawing closer, but I fell flat on the floor, out of tiredness. Some health officials rushed me with Glucose D. I wonder why I didn’t have it in my pocket all along, I would have been licking it as I was running. But oh, runners don’t have pockets, so no portable Glucose D for me.

With the last energy from Glucose D, I managed to walk over the finish line.

Tired, stressed and drained.

I was hoping people probably remembered when I was first in the race and not remember when I struggled to finish. Well, to say the least, I wasn’t proud of myself.

I still remember how tired and fatigued I felt at the time. It felt like I could not go on. I guess you’ve felt like that before; you probably feel like that right now. These things happen in life. Life is full of opposites. You are full of energy and the next thing, you are super tired and drained.

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Sometimes it is a thing of the mind going on, and you just don’t understand why you feel too tired to process or get anything done. My dear, do you realize you may just be tired, experiencing burnout or in need of recharging? Do you realize you may need some time away from social media and the noise of the world to refresh and evaluate things?

Here are a couple of things you should look at doing if you feel like you are experiencing a burnout or fatigue:

1. Get some rest: Of course, this is the most evident answer, easy to think of too. At the same time, it is the easiest step to overlook. A lot of people don’t know how to rest or relax. They are not used to peace of mind or even silence. Their minds are full of harried thoughts time and again- which keep them always awake and unsettled. You need to be able to relax and get some good sleep. If you feel you are too busy, schedule a number of hours you want to spend resting. Yes, see it as a productive activity.

You can even go to your health centre and do some tests to be sure you are totally fine. Depending on whatever the result may be, follow the doctor’s recommendation. Most folks just go about like the Hulk- acting like they are all great. Meanwhile, they are shoving off a lot of warning signs emanating from their bodies. Don’t let that be you. Schedule some time to rest. Your body is your vessel of value, protect it well.

2. Talk to a friend or a couple of friends about how you feel:

Whenever you feel tired or that you don’t have a great grip on things anymore, the tendency is that you tell yourself “I’ll do better next time”. Then the next time you feel even more tired. It then becomes an internal battle no one knows about. This is why it is important to talk to someone about it.

Maybe you’ve been losing appetite, ginger, zeal, energy, vibe, it just may be time to tell your friend about it and get someone to keep an eye on you. Also, get their perspectives on how best you should get a rest and the options open to you. Whenever you see things slipping out of control, share with someone, please.

3. Seclude yourself: Yes, it’s nice to do this after you may have discussed this with someone else. Sometimes what you need to a break from all the noise and voices in your life. You may need to spend more time alone with yourself. Do you love your own company, or can you not wait to get over the seeming awkwardness of being alone by having someone else around?

Can you- in your silence- be honest with yourself about your life and where you are at this stage? Can you spend this time recalibrating and giving yourself a pat on the back or even a good scolding on things you should do better?

There are some things that will only come to you when you are alone with yourself. The still, small voice can only be heard by someone whose heart is restful.

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4. Stay off social media for a great amount of time:

Some people had great minds already- an amazing philosophy to life and even a well-balanced approach to issues-until social media came to destroy their way of thinking. Such people have consumed so much social media content, such that the voices on social media have become the voice of their conscience. They almost take it as the voice of God.

They can’t drop their phones for five minutes without switching it on to check on the next trending thing or who posted what.

Some are only depressed because of the progress and successes of others portrayed on social media that they are not seeing in their lives. Others have become very ungrateful and cannot see all the good that is currently in their lives.

It also happens that the metrics of success depicted on social media have been adopted into how reality should be. Some persons start to lose their social skills and cannot enjoy the moment because they are always on their phones, scrolling through Instagram. It will be great if you could spend time learning to deal with things in your immediate environment- become mindful of the present, focus on the details around you and don’t get carried away by social media.

5. Change your environment: it is possible that you have gotten pretty tired of your immediate surroundings. If you are losing the spark of creativity and drive, you may need to step out into a new place and experience something new as soon as you can. Go sightseeing, go to a park and watch people play, or you could go to the beach and watch the waves hit each other as they withdraw to the shore. If you can afford traveling to another state, country or to a certain tourist attraction, you should totally do that. There is a way physical space and new experiences can influence your feelings and boost your energy.

Changing your environment could also mean staying away from people that keep draining you. Ever thought that the reason you are consistently drained is that all your positive energy is always drowned by their negative comments? You need the right people with the right words backing you. Being in a space where people around you spur you on for greater good and fill in your tank is very important.

6. Spend time praying, fasting and reading the Bible: Yes, for some of you, this is where most of your efforts should lead you to. I’ll recommend everyone that has a burnout takes some time to do this. Probably the reason why you are so tired and fatigued is that you’ve been expending a lot of your energy doing the things that God didn’t ask you to. You’ve lost that sense of purpose and direction because you have gotten distracted by the things that look good.

Spending time with God helps you to bring into perspective those things that matter and those that shouldn’t. It helps you get into the zone of honesty and openness of heart that allows God to speak to you.

As the scripture says: Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength (Isaiah 40:31). So many times, we see how spending time with God recharges us, strengthens us, energizes us, and sets us up for what is to come. We receive the required energy and strength for now and the future.  Deposits of knowledge and what to do in certain situations come to light.

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Strength is always made available to us in our moments of weaknesses; we must know when to reach out and grasp these moments with God.

7. Forgive yourself and start a new page: This one is tough. One of the most difficult things is to learn to cut your losses. Being able to evaluate when you’ve done great, failed, and when you need to move on.

You may need to forgive yourself because the only reason you are exhausted is that you have been clutching on to straws of what could have been for you, which is making you exhausted with your present reality. Forgive yourself and stop beating yourself up.

How about starting with a new plan? Turn over your page to a fresh one. Start with doing things from where you are right now and look ahead. Yes, you’ll have to face the scrutiny of others who expected more from you or were looking up to you. Oh yeah, you’ll take responsibility for that and see how you can turn things around for the better next time.

Whatever that goal is, know that you need to create a new timeline and game plan to achieve it. Tomorrow is the clean page you need to work with and not yesterday.  You should also try doing something artistic. Look within you and get creative. There are some gifts, passions, and talents that you have left uncultivated. These areas may be key routes to you getting your vibe and energy back. It is wise for you to pay attention to the things you are naturally passionate about.

Remember, you can make the most of your life even with the little you have. You can make things happen irrespective of how meagre your current financial resources are.

Cheers to seeing the reenergized you!

Did you learn something from this post? Be sure to share what step you are most likely taking as regarding your recharging when you feel burnt out.

Victory Odunjo
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Did you learn something from this post? Be sure to share what step you are most likely taking as regarding your recharging when you feel burnt out?

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  1. Thanks a lot and very helpful. I have been doing as mentioned above, like taking a break from social media, reading the Bible, having a quiet time for myslef and sleeping very well.

    I could remember when I was doing my M.Sc, to rest from writing dissertation aka project, I usually watch movies as a way of resting or relaxing from the stress of writing..

    But, when once I watch any movie, it relaxes my brain, I have a clear picture of what to do next with my dissertation. I dnt know if this helps.

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