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Here’s My Blog FINALLY!!

Well, it’s finally here; my first blog post. You have no idea of how much I imagined this. I will, therefore, want to give you a little intro about me and what you should possibly expect on this blog. We all have first times, and this is my first.

 I am Victory Odunjo, a young, creative, people passionate person. A Jesus lover, funny, humorous, free-spirited, down to earth, growth, development and a change loving person with a gift for little children and quite a number of talents which includes writing (You’ll get to know more of these gifts over time). I am also a public speaker, I love listening and counseling. I have been privileged to serve as a leader in different capacities.

 I noticed over the course of my life, that I have never lost any battles, no matter how bad situations or circumstances were, I still came out victorious, and I still am victorious. It has never changed, and so my name Victory is a prophecy. I strongly believe we all can live this life of victory as well. I am a strong believer in dying empty which connotes giving and sharing all you have and are for others to gain from and grow to become better and greater.

This is a major reason why this blog exists, for me to give to help you grow and help you get better. Please permit me, I cannot stop speaking about God and my savior Jesus Christ and all he has done for me. He is the source of my inspiration. I believe totally in his word (the Bible). He gave me life, and gave my life a true meaning, I am what I am simply because he is, and forever will be.

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So this blog is majorly for YOU! It’s for your growth, development, your attention, and your pleasure. This blog is going to open up your mind to some real truths, wisdom, knowledge, and jokes too. Life has color simply because people like you exist and are alive at such a time as this. This generation needs you. Your uniqueness totally adds spice to life. I do not want to try imagining a life full of people just like me everywhere, or just a particular type of food in existence, life would be so BOOORING and monotonous!

I appreciate you, who you are and what you are set to achieve. You are IMPORTANT! I totally believe in a life of freedom and fun, with seriousness and hard work. I hope you get to experience that on this blog. So let’s go on this victory path together. Let’s relate, communicate, and share our views and thoughts. Let’s be relevant and get noticed. That’s all we all want right? To be known and recognized. It’s possible to be all that on this blog just by participating. I am excited to have you here already. I’m sure you can’t wait to invite your friends as well. Remember, it’s all about YOU!

Let’s get it started on the victory path together. I believe you will enjoy the ride. See you during the journey. I am here at your service.

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Victory Odunjo

I'm a people person that simply wants to add value, and inspire others..

22 thoughts on “Here’s My Blog FINALLY!!”

  1. Small start are indeed relative, and this my brother is the lowest on this path, bless the world with the deep riches locked in your bowels. I’m expectant

      1. hmm! sir victory…..thank u 4 dis blog,at least i get to read from u and be blessed through this blog,even though your absence is being felt amongst us in covenant university,especially the SGF family.God bless you for releasing yourself to God for him to use.MORE GRACE!!!!

  2. Out of words! This is just what this generation needs. Good timing. I don’t know where else I wd be if not on this blog. U av a huge fan in me. C’est magnifique!