A Little Gift For You

I’m sure you just opened this post thinking to yourself “What is in this for me?” That’s the question we all ask ourselves these days as regarding most areas like life, friendships, love, business, and even relationships. But today’s article isn’t about that, it is for something entirely different. It’s a special gift 😊

The truth is right now, you are doing your best to be strong, you have started to see the reality of life and its demands. That’s commendable! You have begun walking down life’s paths and most of the time you have come to find it lonely. For you, it may be that even in the midst of a loud crowd you still find yourself lost in thought. This gift is for you!

Or have you given up and retired in your mind that you can never get anything good out of life? And this conclusion only came as a result of your experiences and not because you wanted it this way.

Maybe everything you have tried to do rightly, from relationships to getting a good job, even maintaining the bond of love in the family has been ruined. You may have also disappointed your friends that you treasured deeply and the friendship fell apart. This is for you!

Have you been broke and struggling with not having enough money since God knows when and you don’t have the boldness to let one soul know about it? I mean, how would it actually feel if the world gets to know about your condition, won’t they laugh or just not believe? Hmmm.

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It may even be that you are the best dressed, based on your ability to manage the little you have to look great, and people misinterpret that for so much wealth. Only if they knew.. This post is for you!

Addiction may be the order of the day on your end, these cycles that would just not leave you alone with all you’ve tried.

For how long will masturbation, pornography, gambling, sexual escapades, anger, jealousy, drinking, and excessive spending habits be the order of the day? You may have accepted this as a living reality, but deep down you know it can’t continue 😟 This is for you!

You may be battling with depression and even suicidal thoughts, believing that there’s not much left for you to accomplish in life. I know and you know it too that you are young and have great potential. But maybe believing this lie that there is nothing left for you is better than the truth, which has been difficult to attain. You know you need to find a way out of these thoughts and situations. This is for you!

Or you may have scaled up really quickly in life and your career, early promotions, marriage, a more than sufficient income and a bright looking future up ahead. But you have started to realize this feeling of emptiness. You’ve started to question your process and vision. Is where you are headed to really where you think you should be going? Or you are having that early mid-life crisis that you can’t explain? Well, this is for you too.

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Regardless of what you are going through, whether it has been mentioned or not. You deserve some encouragement! I want to encourage you to not give up on your process, your path, your learning or your pain. I know that there have been tears, misunderstandings, punching your fist in the air just because you don’t get it. But I want to encourage you today, THIS IS NOT THE END! Don’t give up because you are not close to the end of your life! There is so much up front for you. If you have a clear understanding of God’s plans for you, you’ll realize that there is so much more and you deserve to see it.

Oh yes, there have been disappointments, you feel like you were fooled into growing up (Honestly, we all had no choice). But the realities are there for you, daily. The battles are numerous and many times you feel outnumbered and overwhelmed. Take heart, there is more than enough strength on your inside! Now is the time to smile knowing fully well that you WILL win, no matter what comes your way. It doesn’t matter how long you have to try, the answer is right in your hands.

We have underestimated how much encouragement we need on our life’s journey and how much we need each other to make things work, and it’s understandable. We are trying to figure out life on our own, though it shouldn’t always be.

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I need you to know that God sees you, and He’s here to help you more than you are ready to help yourself. He knows you more than you know yourself.

So that heavy load you have been carrying, the tears, the pain, hurts, disappointments, anger, and anguish stop right here. It’s not leaving this post with you. Lay it down at Jesus’ feet. He will deal with it for you from here on. You are leaving here lighter than you came and with more peace than you can imagine.

You will sleep well tonight and every other night after this. Those nightmares stop! You will see answers to your questions, fulfillment to your heart’s desires.

Jesus is here for you and will see you through. He will guide you to all you need to know and lead you to those you need to meet. The words “It is Well” will not just be words of comforting or a channel of hope for the future, it will be a statement of reality about you and all that concerns you. This is where the war ends… Peace be still!


Please do me a favour, share this little gift with the people around you.

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Victory Odunjo

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11 thoughts on “A Little Gift For You”

  1. Hmmm…”it doesn’t matter how long i will have to try”….Lord please I need you not to give up!!

    This really brought tears to my eyes. Indeed God is always a very present help in time of trouble.

    I pray for every other person going through tough times right now, that the peace of God that passes all understanding floods your heart right now in Jesus name.

    God bless you for this Post Victory!

  2. One of the best feelings in life is getting what is much needed at the right time, only God knows how good this piece does to my weary soul. Now I confidently say IT IS WELL! couldn’t be more grateful to the writer, gracias 🙏 and God bless you abundantly

    1. Thank God for reaching out to us when we need Him the most! It is truly well my brother. God is working things out for our good. Amen! Thank you Opeyemi 🙌

    1. Wow. I can imagine how that can be. Thank God Demi, for all He does for us, He is good! You are welcome dear, I count it all a privilege ❤

  3. Thank you chief! It’s interesting to know that God actually uses circumstances to develop our character! Arguably, He depends more on circumstances to make us like Jesus than He depends on our reading the Bible! Reason is- we go through circumstances 24hours a day, and God expects us grow through them!

    Oh how I love 2Cor. 4:17 ” For our light afflictions which is but for a moment, work for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory”

    A verse too in Romans points that all things(the problems, the tears, the pains, the disappointments, the hurts, the illness, the debt, the disaster etcetera) work together for good to them that love God and…..

    It’s really funny but significant how God brings out the gold in us through the fire!

    As I read through this post, I smiled knowing fully well that I will WIN! Blessings chief, blessings!

    1. Deep one bro 🙌🙌 True words right there, really! The amazing part is how God works out those tough circumstances, situations and trials for our good. They actually make us better. The lessons and revelations we receive from the Bible are for our profiting and application in everyday situations. In Christ we always WIN! Thank you John 👑 Blessings

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