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A Man Is Never Ugly

As much as ladies tend to think that they rule the world and can do it all, we know that men have their class. The class in which the position of a man and a woman is not being disputed or fought for. A man will always be a man and a woman a woman. Our natural differences are what we thrive on, and we have lived that way for many years. I mentioned in my recent article; A Woman’s True Beauty, how important it is for the woman to recognize how beautiful she already is, without any major addition. Today’s we discuss about the men!

I remember growing up to the fact that we had more women than men alive in the world. In fact, word on the street was that the ratio of women to men was 2:1. Meaning that we had women double the number of men on earth. But right now, those stats are not right. According to Wikipedia, the population of men is just slightly over that of women at birth. But it’s then understandable to see why we tend to believe that we have a lot of female than male folks in the world today. There is such a huge craze about a woman’s beauty in our day, that the men get too little attention about how they look as compared to how women look. There is no such noise about a man’s makeup, or how some particular things make him sexy as compared to a woman. A man is who he is; a man!

The major reason that men are so being overlooked, and the women seem more important is because of this simple fact:

A man is never ugly!

Haha.. Ladies.. You just thought about how many ugly guys you’ve seen in your life eh. The truth is those ones were simply not your type, most of those guys didn’t get half a second of your gaze. Well, well, I must say that those are just your preferences, all you can do is not see yourselves with them. Do you know how many other ladies are dying to see themselves with them? Think about it, men are the treasure!  Getting a hang of it yet? Ever walked past a very beautiful woman, and when you see her husband or boyfriend you ask “What in heaven’s name are they doing together?” Yep, that has happened to me too as well. You just can’t seem to understand how beautiful ladies end up with some guy that you don’t think is worth it.

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The truth is what is clearly stated here, a man is never ugly. I first came across this term or statement in my early days in the secondary school while reading J.P Clark’s ‘The Wives Revolt’, where the women got tired of their duties and how they were being treated by their husbands, and they revolted, abandoning all their duties and leaving their homes. At the end, the ladies came back home to their husbands after clearly proving their points. Have you ever wondered why there are women that are happy bearing children,  for men that they are not even married to? Have you ever thought of why there are many other ladies for men to cheat on their spouses with? Why are there more women looking for men to get married to than vice versa? Have you thought about it?

Any man can wake up tomorrow and search for a lady he wants to spend the rest his life with. The real truth is, even if he is turned down by a hundred women, he will still find one woman that will love and appreciate him like that! Accept it, it’s the truth! Whether tall, short, dwarf, light, burnt, black, a man is just never ugly. Women get so gullible when it comes to men and it’s solely for that reason. I don’t believe that any man should go around, holding his head down in shame because he isn’t a woman’s preference. The woman has sent him away as her own choice, she could stay and be part of the figures of women waiting, or she could as well find a better man. Either ways, men don’t lose, even mad men have wives!


Another major factor is, a man never really grows old, or his age is a limiting factor. By the time a woman is say 40, you start hearing comments like “She’s really old, she’ll be as old as my mum.” Who can blame the lady, whose body system has had to go through the rigours of having babies and having to raise them. That particular process, a man’s body never goes through. So a man is just as fresh as ever. Even an 80 year old man will still get married to a young woman and will have children. Then when the ladies reach a certain age, they can’t bear kids again, and that is the menopause stage. Meanwhile men can still go on, having kids with much younger women.

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Now that the men know that they are valuable and would always be sought out, should they now go around shoulder high, chest and pot belly out? Of course, they should. But then, they must quickly see what could hinder them being recognized as the men they truly are. There is that line that when they cross, they’ll get disrespected and looked down upon even by the ladies that sought them. I can also call it ‘A Man’s True Beauty’, that beauty is RESPONSIBILITY. My oh my! Have you seen or come across a lazy man before? That all he wants to do is be served and do nothing? You know the word for them right? Disgusting. A man is synonymous with strength, ability, power, knowledge and might. Men are naturally looked up to for leadership, naturally chosen over the women, it’s how we were made and trained.

A man will start decaying, will get overlooked, will be passed by, abused, neglected and will become obsolete the moment he stops being responsible. Oh come on, keep your ‘good looks’ or your ‘height’ in the bag. An unserious man gets no respect from anyone, not even his fellow men and peers. If he is not laughed at in his home, he is laughed at in the public square! Men, listen to this, nothing catches a woman’s fancy like a responsible, proactive, hardworking man with results. They may never admit it to you in their life time, but they are totally addicted to it. You complain about your height a lot or your looks, you feel it’s because you are too short, or your nose is too big, look around you, there are men shorter than you that have the tall and beautiful ladies with them, how do you think they did it? They did something that affected the woman’s mind beyond their physical appearance. They were responsible! So stop weeping Mr man, and get your back to work.

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Your abs, biceps, curly hair or nice smile will get you no where in this life. It may get you close to a lady, but it will get you just close enough for her to see the true you and run away. Women are no longer sitting back, they are up and doing. Do the most with the little you have and watch how it bears fruits. Even a little seed planted, doesn’t give you back a seed during harvest. Stop getting pissed at how other men get what you don’t have, focus on your life, and make something out of it. That’s the true beauty that people look forward to seeing in men, even the women as well. Save your present, save your future: by being responsible! That’s what keeps a man from never being ugly!

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Victory Odunjo

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14 thoughts on “A Man Is Never Ugly”

  1. Quite impressive, as a masterclass carpenter you just hit the nail on the head. The perfect scenario you can use to describe women is the” law of diminishing return”. At the the early stage they look so beautiful and very soon they get to their peak and men will start to flock, different sizes, class, and pockets. They start to select and look at standards but as time goes on the sad thing is they start to depreciate in appearance and beauty. This is a wake up call for “ugly men” in quote ***all smiles**** never never look down on your self, from the article you noticed what turns a woman on is proactivity, responsibility, hardwork, and self worth. Women pls don’t call any man ugly because he may just be the answer to your marital problems. I rest my case.

  2. You yabbed us women by saying we get outdated as time goes on. I think if a woman doesn’t abuse her body when she is not married even until menopause she would still be fresh oooo, plus 60year old women still bear children! Anyways not here to support the women folk, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in fact the so called ugly men get the freshest wives. In fact I think because they know they have to make it up in the looks the department they actually are better in the character department (*To me thats true beauty). The so called handsome guys seem boastful and proud and think its all about looks (*thats being ugly). Haha…Lolz

    1. Hahahaha.. No vex! It’s all about use.. There are super fresh older women today.. I agree. Thanks for your insightful addition 🙂

  3. Nice article, I particularly like the responsibility part. Guys need to know that. Good looks ain’t everything, for me loving God tops that list. I agree with Shalom that you yabbed us o. No offence taken though *wink*.

  4. This is hitting the little nail on the head with a sledge harmer. It’s like saying “guy, wake up an be great jooorrr!”

  5. Hmmmnnnn. . .so, a certain Nigerian Governor who just married a supermodel is ACTUALLY NOT UGLY. All ye haters, take note. Lol. Good work

    1. Lol.. Naah he isn’t ugly, that’s why she married him. It had to do with something beyond his physical appearance! Thanks bro

  6. OMG!!! I never realized this until I had reached halfway through the piece but this is the article I’ve been looking for all of my life. Truly no man or woman is ugly, it’s all about certain preferences. Thanks for this insightful piece

    1. I’m excited you finally found this article Victor! That’s very correct. Thanks for reading. It’s a privilege to be doing this 🙂

  7. This post is supposedly nice… I was drawn to it because of its title, however I feel more regret than pleased reading this. I assume your main aim was self appreciation to your men folk but in my opinion its feeding off insultively from the women folk. I feel that beauty shouldn’t be seen comparatively but it should be seen for what it truly is. Also your last few paragraphs about responsibility was just an attempt to cover the bold message of superiority of men over women (again in my opinion) you don’t need to point out the defects in women to appreciate men. I believe that the differences of both gender should be appreciated as they are different and not compared like they are similar. Then trully we would have equality… Beautiful write up by the way… but it could be better and edifying to both genders

    1. Awwww.. You feel like this? I’m sorry. I am more of a stickler of the truth, sometimes with no remorse. And I was actually just sharing my observations in that light, I stand to be corrected as well. There is no bold message of superiority of men over women. You can check my articles on A Woman’s True Beauty, and Ladies Can You Call Your Husband Lord? I am a believer in what the word of God says about women submitting to their husbands and also men loving their wives as Christ loved the church (which to me is greater). I appreciate your thoughts, I accept them and I agree that truly it could be better. Hopefully I’ll get to better soon enough. Thanks Havilah!

  8. A man will start decaying, will get overlooked, will be passed by, abused,
    neglected and will become obsolete the
    moment he stops being responsible. Oh
    come on, keep your ‘good looks’ or your
    ‘height’ in the bag. An unserious man
    gets no respect from anyone, not even
    his fellow men and peers. If he is not
    laughed at in his home, he is laughed at in
    the public square! Men, listen to this,
    nothing catches a woman’s fancy like a
    responsible Man!! ” Wow I love this RESPONSIBILITY MAKES A MAN BEAUTIFUL.

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