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A Special Prayer You Should Pray

This is my prayer for 2015. I hope it resonates with you too. Much love.

Please say this prayer:

Dear Trinity,

Don’t let me be blind
Before I really see you

Don’t let me be deaf
Before I hear your voice

Don’t let me be dumb
Before I learn to praise you

Don’t let me be happy
Before I see a reason to sing

Don’t let me stand on a stage
Before I have the desire to dance for you

Don’t let me lose my voice
Before I yield my mouth to speak your word

Don’t let me be poor
Before I desire to give

Don’t let me have nothing
Before I surrender all to you

Don’t let me lose what I have
Before I appreciate all you’ve given me

Don’t let me be rich
Before I acquire treasures in heaven

Don’t let me need a miracle
Before I believe your word

Don’t let me get married
Before I become fruitful

Don’t let me be overwhelmed by life’s demands
Before you show me your ability to supply

Don’t let me waste my youth
Before I finally decide to serve you


Don’t let my strength be gone
Before I become committed to your work

Don’t let me reach old age
Before I begin to live according to purpose

Don’t let me die
Before I realize that you are life

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Don’t let me get to The Pearly Gates
Before you tell me I missed the way

Don’t let sin judge me
Before I know the significance of your death

Don’t let me hear “I never knew you.”
Before you show me I’m not in your kingdom

Don’t let me be on my deathbed
Before I perceive that heaven and hell exist

Don’t let me face eternity
Before I’m assured you’ll be in it with me

Don’t let me be comfortable
Before I am able to rest in you

Don’t let me have a problem
Before I see the need to pray

Don’t let me be confused
Before I begin to study your word

Don’t let me fall and backslide
Before it I understand the necessity of the church

Don’t let me have no choice
Before I learn to TRUST

Don’t let me have nothing to do
Before I make time for you

Don’t let me be lost
Before I am led by Your Spirit

Don’t let the trumpet sound
Before I wish to do more for my King

Don’t let me make mistakes
Before I walk in your wisdom

Don’t let me be in need
Before I am found in Your Presence

Don’t let me seek ‘all these things’
Before Your Kingdom and Righteousness to which they are added

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Don’t let me have a great regret
Before I grab every opportunity to share your love

Don’t let me see my works burnt in the fire
Before you expose my ‘fleshly’ service

Don’t let me watch others have experiences with you
Before you and I become intimate

Don’t let me be led astray by man
Before I recognize true love


Don’t let me meet an angel
Before I am conscious of the spirit realm

Don’t let me stand behind a pulpit
Before I preach your gospel

Don’t let me miss my Mount of Transfiguration
Before I comprehend that I am to witness you

Don’t let me be under oppression
Before I fathom the power in Your BLOOD

Don’t let me be caught up in religion
Before I grasp that Christianity is about relationship

Don’t let me wait for a special encounter
Before I fall more and more in love with you each day

Don’t let me be zealous for you under the law
Before I discover walking with you under GRACE

Don’t let my heart be shattered
Before I experience your love

Don’t let me be pushed out of my boat
Before I learn to walk on water with you

Don’t let the reader get to the end of this piece
Before you plant a seed that will bear fruit

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By Wura Oyegoke

I’m certain that this prayer would work wonders in your life. God bless you and have a great week.

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  1. This is good and i thank God for the inspiration. I pray that this will be a stepping stone to greater achievement. Weldone and love you.

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