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A Woman’s True Beauty

At this point, I think it’s important I write this article. I have observed keenly the fast path our generation is taking. I have not had more topic requests than on the topic of beauty in recent times, especially with regards to the women. I remember many years back, about 10 years ago, when I watched a video that showed the power of makeup on a lady’s face and how she looked when she took off the makeup. The ending lines of the video clip read ‘Men, before you take her home, wash her face!’. I remember how odd that video looked and how far away that reality seemed from our current situation. Women were not into makeups that much in those days. But now is the future we never thought would happen, those many years back. Right now almost every single lady is in the makeover business, and that’s just because the demand for their services have been on the rise. People also realize it’s not as difficult as they always thought it was.

As this obsession goes on, we have to try to call ourselves to order, what are we really doing? There are ladies that have never been seen without their lipstick on or a special powder on. It’s always there all the time. If you are ‘privileged’ to see them without it, you’ll notice how odd they look. It’s not because they are not naturally beautiful, it’s simply because they have chosen to be seen as something else or known as someone else. I remember a joke i saw that said “Some of you ladies, the only different thing about your wedding day will be your wedding gown, because you put on wedding makeup to even the library to read”. It’s that serious now. Another person said “It’s the women that put on a lot of makeup that would surely add too much seasoning or salt to the food.” Lol. For how long can we keep up with looking like something we totally are not like. I’m not against makeup, but I’m totally not for you building your entire life around it, that if for example you need to run out of your room to get something done, you can’t because your makeup isn’t on. When you no longer feel comfortable with yourself in your own skin, you are already in deep trouble.


Allow me share an experience I had a few years ago, it changed my definition of beauty forever. There was a lady I always came across, she wasn’t too beautiful. I used to walk in a crew of friends that judged ladies immediately they saw them. We would ‘hail’ any lady that was really beautiful, and ‘abuse’ any lady that didn’t meet up to our own definition of beauty. One day I decided to say hi to this lady, her reply was good and gentle.. Hmmn. I was later chanced to have a conversation with her, with every word she said, my perception of her beauty changed. Her words showed her true, pure and honest heart. Her wisdom, gentleness and much knowledge changed my perspective. From that day she became beautiful to me, and I didn’t really care about what anyone else thought. I loved hanging out with her and having those meaningful conversations. Since then, I saw beauty in another perspective.

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True beauty doesn’t come from just the outside, it’s from within out! I have also spoken to a countless number of ‘beautiful’ ladies, that after a conversation, there is no single desire to want to be seen with them. Beauty without a good character is a fallacy. Your character is your true beauty. Make-up can’t change your character, it could make you look good for a few hours, but who you are once the powders are off, is who you truly are.

“Take seriously whatever you see beauty as, you define what beauty is”


Beauty is relative, the word ‘beauty’ is relative to something or someone else. It is why the popular saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” still passes. When someone says another person is ugly, it is with a direct comparison to someone else. If Beyonce is the standard of beauty, then many ladies would not even meet up. If Kim Kardashian, her figure and body structure are the standard of beauty, even Beyonce wouldn’t meet up. If someone says you are ugly and you believe it, then you are foolish. The light of wisdom has to come to you as soon as possible. Why can’t you make yourself the standard of beauty from which everyone else is judged? Too many ladies have been swallowed and digested by low self esteem, simply because they can’t look in the mirror and say they are beautiful.

Have you ever realized why many relationships end after a long phase, like secondary school, university, change of country? What happens is that beauty becomes redefined to the person. Think about this for a minute, think of one person you used to like very much, when you were younger, does the person even pass as beautiful today? Can the person still be someone you would be glad to have in your life today? Apart from the few that will say yes to these questions, what do you think changed? Your definition of beauty was limited by the level of exposure in your environment. Let’s cite an example: ‘In a village, there’ll obviously be a lady with the most beautiful woman tag. Let’s assume she has a boyfriend. The moment her boyfriend comes to the city, and he sees many more ladies, different variations and varieties. He then knows his girlfriend isn’t the most beautiful as he previously thought.’ The quest for beauty is one that never ends.


If you lock a man and woman in an apartment for a couple of years. In no time, the woman will be the most beautiful woman in his life, and the man the most handsome in her life. Because they never get to see any one else but each other

I’ll finally like to touch what women do to their bodies. Be as fit and healthy as you can be! That’s the rule you should live with. The truth is God created diversity and opposites in the world. The world is balanced on extremes and nothing can be done about it. We would never have a perfect world, it has never been, and it would never be perfect. There would never be a perfect world of slim women and appropriate body part sizes. The earlier you deal with this, the better. Whatever side of the divide you fall into, fat, slim, tall, short, light skinned, dark skinned, with spots, spotless, natural hair, attachments.

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There is someone somewhere that loves you the way you are. You just probably haven’t met them, maybe you walked past them, or maybe you already know them. I know guys that love the totally opposite of what I prefer in a lady, and that’s their preference. I really don’t see why you have to do something extreme to please other people that don’t care at all. Ladies even go as far as using waist trainers (which simply squeezes naturally well spaced internal body organs together). When you change from who you are to another person, they still won’t love you! Have you noticed that even the most beautiful women are being cheated on? You’ve made a big mistake the moment you start thinking once you change your body shape or figure to suit someone’s preference, the person would be yours forever. Wrong!

There is nothing artificial that you do to yourself, that will not require maintenance

Hehe. I said it!


Maybe you have not researched enough, but everything down to the face lifts, the breast enlargements, need to be maintained. Did I mention the level of pain and the amount of drugs that would be needed. Oh come on, if all you sit down to watch and believe is just the E channel, then you need to wake up from being the Cinderella  getting married to the prince that found her shoe. Wake up to real life where washing the dishes for your step mum and step sisters is the order of the day. Life isn’t a fairytale!

Well it’s easier said than done isn’t it? The deepest depth that you can anchor your beauty on, is your creator. If God is a perfect God, what makes you think he created you less than perfect? You’ll be doing injustice to yourself if you believe God’s standards are the same as yours. Let me let you in on a little secret: “God sees perfection uniquely”. What that simply means is that God sees your beauty as uniquely perfect. God made tall and short, and they are both perfect. Light skin, dark skinned, perfect. Oval face, square face, round face, perfect. Big breasts, medium breasts, small breasts, perfect. Big butts, medium butt, small butts, perfect. Big hips, small hips, almost no hips, perfect. Long hair, short hair, very short hair, perfect.

The moment you start doubting your perfection, then you’ve started doubting God’s perfection. Doubting God’s perfection is in turn doubting who God really is. The Bible says God saw what he created was good. There was no better, or best. Good shows that everything was excellently made, and that includes you. I’m sorry, but I love myself, just the way I am. I don’t believe God was asleep when he made me. The only person I would compare to myself is me. Are you another me? No! So you are a perfection in another dimension. You will understand true beauty, when you understand the kind of creator you have. Perfect means no mistakes.

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Will I see the spring in your step the next time I see you? Will you look at yourself in the mirror differently the next time you stand before it? If you need to sit before the mirror for hours looking at yourself, examining how God made you, your eyes, your dentition, your brows, your nose, then you should. Will you not hate on the lady that passes you by, that you don’t know, but you feel inferior to? Would you remember that her beauty is perfect in another dimension, and so is yours? Would you show others this same way to love themselves when they look down on themselves and write themselves off? Will you wake up on the right side of the bed everyday, knowing you are the standard of beauty? Would you leave that boyfriend of yours that doesn’t appreciate you and the way God made you? Would you tell him that you don’t need his approval, or criticism to be as beautiful as you already are? Would you hold the make-up tools, lipsticks, brushes, powders and say to yourself “I’m beautiful enough already, let’s add a little spice to my perfection?” I know you would!

Let me confess to you now and let you in on a BIG secret  probably no one told you, or you forgot to tell yourself : “You are BEAUTIFUL!”.

Can you say it right after me?

“I am beautiful. I love me, the way I am!”

“I praise you because you made me in such a wonderful way” – Psalm 139:14 (ERV)

Please note: I have not said that the use of makeup is bad, I have not said you should dress shabbily, I haven’t said that using creams, or treatments that would truly help your skin is wrong. The whole crux of this article is for you to know that God made you beautiful, you mustn’t let any other person determine what you feel about yourself. Let any other thing you do be an extra, not all you are all about.

Thanks for reading.

Victory Odunjo

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36 thoughts on “A Woman’s True Beauty”

  1. was really blessed by this article..ladies need to not just read it but let it sink into them…it has gotten so bad that some ladies put on make up to go buy groundnut in front of their house…am sure if it was possible they would wear it on to sleep(smh…God help us)…ladies need to have an understanding that they r beautiful with or without makeup ….ladies shld not make makeup their God..its jst chemical! y shld a chemical define me more than God defines me…its so bad that because of this makeup of a thing, some ladies …have missed their life partner…..hmm…lemme stop here…ladies!!..u r beautifully n wonderfully made..God bless u…..if u r addicted to that u v read this n u want to stop,it myt not be easy to but u can! just ask God for grace..

  2. Wow.. This is very impactful… Your understanding of beauty and how YOU measure up to it goes a long way in determining how yu feel about urself.. Its no wonder many ladies walk around with low self-esteem… Truely beauty is not all about the make-over or the physique.. We really need to change our mentality.. Thnks Victory, for making an effort to enlighten ladies…

  3. this is amazing….only another you can tel u, she is prettier than you..well there is no another you! God bless Victorypath….

  4. Beautiful message… I might not always look or feel beautiful but I love my beautiful heart (the one God gave me)… dats gud enough for me!

  5. Lol…… Once had a friend back then in Uni, it was so bad that she can’t move from one block to another without painting her face even in the same girls hostel. I totally agree with Tosin, ‘Why should a chemical define me more than God defines me’. Ladies should better make up with God rather than spending hours sitting in front of mirror all in the name of buriful face… Most ladies can’t even sit to read the bible for just 5min a day but can spend 3hours punishing innocent faces.. Chai na wa o… Nice post u gat here Victory

    1. Lol.. Can you imagine. She didn’t feel comfortable even in the midst of ladies.. Big point there o, “Most ladies can’t even sit to read the Bible for just 5 minutes a day but can spend so many hours on their faces”. You hit the nail right on the head there. Thanks Joko!

  6. Amazing, Brilliant and Impressive.

    More so, I hope that those who ”celebrate“ and ”appreciate” beauty would redifine what beauty is to them.
    Lets celebrate and appreciate those who choose to be bold enough to exhibit their natural and true beauty.

    We have got too many ”beauty” without brain; fake-faced fine babes around… Its disturbing and confusing when you see a lady in the morning…and 2 hours later, you are seeing somene else… Then (for the hustlers who dont work in airconditioned offices) by 1:00pm the heat of the sun and the sweat from their face makes it look like a map sheet…

  7. Well, we ladies love make up, and love to look good. Buh some ladies over do, these days, it’s a competition, as for me, if u feel pretty, why bother.. that doesn’t mean I dnt use, of cos I do, u must look good o *lauge*

  8. “The moment you start doubting your
    perfection, then you’ve started doubting God’s perfection.” That’s spot on sir. I’ve really been wondering what is their measure of beauty but my friend has really done justice to it.

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