Appreciate That Life

Many times we think

That we have a right to be alive

But we are so wrong

You are not better than the person that died yesterday


We sometimes think that our lives make up what we see

We are wrong again

Without other lives your life won’t count

What has made you today is not just who you are

But what other lives inspired you to be


Every life is important and should be appreciated

Imagine a life without parents, teachers, family & God

How much would your life be worth?

But the key to a better life is appreciating the lives around you


How much love do you show to your pet?

To show that you appreciate its life & living?

Do you remember to thank God for the plants & trees & animals?

Without them we’ll have no meals


Do you appreciate your spouse for understanding you?

And standing with you through your life’s struggles and joys?

Or the life of your friend that sticks closer than a brother?

What if you had no life around you how would it have been?


Life is vanity, just like chasing the wind is

What is left of a lost life is the memory, legacy or a dynasty

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Many don’t know the value of the lives they have around them

Until they lose them

Even wishes can’t bring a life back


Love the life you live and the one’s God has placed around you

Also live a life of impact

So that your legacy will live beyond your memories

And your dynasty even generations to come


The most important life to appreciate is God’s

For God appreciates yours

And He is leading you to a place of greatness

In which in you; He will be appreciated and glorified


I appreciate your life and the one that God has called you to live.


Yes you reading this right now! I appreciate you 🙂 From today begin to appreciate everyone around you. Have a great day

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Victory Odunjo

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4 thoughts on “Appreciate That Life”

  1. Thought provoking bro…living to appreciate every bit of it and everyone that crosses your path. thanks for sharing this sir.

  2. Victory, God bless you for this post. I really appreciate. Thanks for your impact in my life.