Are You Being Careful Of The Things You See On Social Media?

Social Media is easily one of the most interesting platforms that have shaped our world in this age and time. Everyone in one way or another is having to adapt to these changes that are going on. Social Media is shaping culture, society and the world as we know it. Many of us have gotten used to it being a part of our lives now and rightly so too.

Being fully aware of the good and bad sides to social media, everyone knowingly or unknowingly is having to pitch their tents with how social media affects their lives. Some people are being really careful about social media and it’s offerings, while many others are really being carefree about it. The interesting thing about social media is it is neither good nor evil, it’s what you make of it that counts at the end of the day.

This is to say that social media is like real life, life is full of good and bad people and things. Every day we consciously or unconsciously make decisions on the side of the divide that we want to fall. You are either on the good side or on the bad side of things in life. There’s no difference with social media.

If you think about it deeply, you’ll find out that when you start to use any social media platform, you actually start from zero. No followers and you are following no one.

It is like the popular advice from the Bible that says

“This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live..”
Deuteronomy 30:19

Are you choosing life on social media? Or you are slowly and surely sliding the other way?

The total sum of whatever you will experience on social media only reflects on the choices that you have made yourself. You can never get to a point where a particular social media platform is to be blamed for your experience, or what you see.

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If you are reading this right now, then there’s a high likelihood that you are social media savvy, at least to a certain degree. Some of you reading this are addicted to social media and cannot do without it, some are somewhere in between, and some are just casual users. Whatever side you fall into, right now two questions matter the most:

Are you being intentional and careful about what you get from social media? Do you realize how such a huge influence social media can be on your life and also your decisions?

You see, the answer to these questions matter a lot. Because many of us find it very easy to float through stuff without thinking too deeply about what we are getting and how it’s influencing us. We also don’t have the time to evaluate what account to stop following because of the kinds of content we have gotten used to or what kinds of timelines we visit.

I remember a friend that I had to point this out to recently. She had the tendency to not filter anything she saw on social media. Many people are on this table but we just don’t know it. We just see and hear stuff, there is no filter or guard to anything at all. If she reads a post on a man cheating on a lady, she’ll immediately say there are no good men in this world anymore, ALL men will cheat, even in marriage. That our generation of men is worse than our parent’s generation.

How did she come to this conclusion? A couple of posts on social media showing the same issue and instilling in her mind a picture of a certain reality which is true in some quarters but not ALL.

I laugh a lot when people seem to judge the entire world and come to conclusions only based on social media posts, comments, and feedback. It shows how short-sighted we can be and how ‘knowledge’ can sometimes be built on folly.

What is the world’s population, and what’s the population of people on social media? What are the numbers of countries in the world, tribes and also races? How many of them do you even follow? Have you had the time to hear the experiences of EVERY SINGLE ONE of them?

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I’m sure the answer is no. Yet you are willing to judge the world based on these blurred lenses of yours. Hey, it’s time to get your guard up! Open your eyes and activate your mind. Stop sleeping on a bike.

I have noticed that many people’s behaviors, thoughts, perceptions, and mindsets are shaped by the things they see and hear on social media. If you doubt your power of learning, think about the fact that everything you know now, you learned.

Do you know there are also many liars on social media? If you think EVERY single thing you read on social media is true, I think you really need to spend some time away to connect with reality. People are seeking for relevance and recognition. But guess what? They are willing to go to all lengths to make you believe.

If all you do is sit down around negative channels that only seek to confirm all your fears, I’m sorry to say, you’ll be unable to make any bold moves in your life or experience an alternate reality.

If all you do is go in line with your lusts, creating an identity that you are not to meet your hidden sexual urges, your soup will soon be served.

You think at the end, you can blame social media for all these vices that have come into your life? No, not at all. You have chosen all that has come to you.

So really, are you being watchful of what you are getting from social media? Are you being intentional?

I’ll wrap up giving you some hints on how to go about having the right mindset.

The truth is that quite a number of us are living life without a point of reference. What’s the backdrop you are weighing the things life and social media presents to you against? What are your standards built on? Some people ‘think’ they have one when in reality they don’t.

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If you read for example that all marriages are going to experience at least an extramarital affair, what is your point of reference that negates that? What will make immoral and ungodly posts uncomfortable to you no matter how they are coined? What are the lenses through which you view life that tells you right from wrong? Do you have one?

I believe that for Christians, the Word of God and the spirit of God should always be your reference point and the lenses through which you view the world, even social media. It’s on its basis that you detect right and wrong and also disbelieve what isn’t in line with what you received.

Don’t switch off God when you switch on social media!

But if you spend more time with social media than with the Bible and also with God. It is very likely you’ll have social media as your reference point, and then the Bible and the spirit of God are what you’ll be fighting against because it is against what you have received more of.

Give priority to what your reference point is, far above entertainment and all sorts of things trending. See beyond what is before your eyes. Take swift action against anything that can possibly defile you and lead you astray. Give NO MERCY.

For a ship without a rudder will end up wherever the waves lead, you surely don’t want that ship to be you.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.
Proverbs 4:23 (NIV)

Thanks for reading.


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7 thoughts on “Are You Being Careful Of The Things You See On Social Media?”

  1. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

    1. True word! 1 John 2:16. It’s very easy to get carried away, but we know it is not of God nor of the new nature we have received. Thanks for taking out time to comment Juba πŸ‘‘

  2. Great piece once again. There are no filters with social media; we have to consiously filter what we allow to get into our system so we don’t end up taking in poison. Well done, sir.

    1. Very true Oluwatomi. The interesting thing is poison doesn’t have to be taken in huge volumes to be effective. A little dose is just as effective as a whole bottle. So staying guarded is extremely important πŸ“Œ

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