Are You Encouraging Others Enough?

Here we are again on the Victory Path! It’s great to have you join us today. You’ve decided to visit on a day where something really important is going to be shared. It is something that you and I need on a daily basis and those around us need as well.

You’ll find out that in our generation, we have many of us starting something for ourselves, it could be a venture, a business, an NGO, a blog, podcast, YouTube channel, just name it. Unlike in the older days where many of our parents and grandparents just got a great job and stuck with it throughout their lives, things are changing in our time. Some of the older folks never really owned anything that they could call their own. Very interesting isn’t it?

This speaks volumes about the point that our generation has gotten to. We have a greater level of knowledge, exposure and also leverage. With the number of tools and platforms that are available these days like social media and the internet, it is easy to reach a tribe of people very interested in what we are doing.

But this doesn’t mean that the process of starting anything is easy. Maybe getting to a point where you actually “Just Do It” is pretty easy but having it stay sustainable is what matters more and is more difficult.

I can tell you that from personal experience, I have seen many initiatives and ventures that people began with so much zeal and zest die down or slowly go out into extinction.

I can count the number of blogs that are no longer in use, or people who used to do things passionately that don’t even do them again. I also took a hiatus from blogging for a short while in order to get a sense of what I was trying to achieve.

Here I was, still paying for my domain name and web hosting when I actually wasn’t doing much. I had reasons to keep this dream alive and I’ll share these reasons with you. I believe that it is true for many others as well, if you give them a good reason to stay the course, they’ll do great!

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Back to the point of ideas being pretty easy to kickstart in our generation. It means friends, family or practically everyone is trying to do something to create their paths to ‘success’. This in a way leads to a degree of self-centeredness and being unable to fully support what other people are doing, and this is understandable.

Since I have had the privilege of knowing how difficult starting or keeping to anything new is, I have found out that encouragement actually helps to keep people going.

Encouragement is a key factor in any stage or area of life that makes a difference. Find a little child that is trying to get something done, fill her up with encouragement and see the huge difference it makes to the child. Or take a look at the athlete struggling to get to the finish line who suddenly gets a dose of encouragement and belief from the supporters. It actually makes a huge difference in knowing some people care!

Encouraging others around you, no matter how little the encouragement may seem, will make a major difference in the tasks they are able to accomplish in a short time and long term as well.

Unfortunately, what we find are today people who are left alone too quickly, encouragement is sometimes like a mirage. Especially in our generation, the best support you may ever get anyone giving you are some positive words and encouragement for you on the very day you launch. Right after that day, you are left alone to figure everything out.

It’ll start to seem like you didn’t start anything new, you may not even get anyone to ask you how it’s going. This is why taking full responsibility for whatever initiative you have begun is important, it can sometimes be a boring and lonely journey easily.

One thing I am thankful for are the kinds of friends and people that God has surrounded me with. At times when I would have given up on the things that I had begun, including this blog, there has always been a stream of encouragement that comes along. People showing true care and giving me proper encouragement. I can’t say it’s everyone that does this, but the few ones who give support are the real MVPs. Thank you fam, it means a lot.

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Looking through all these experiences has made me realize how much encouragement means to us as humans. A lot of folks say they don’t have money to give to anyone, or the required funds to support a particular venture, and that’s understandable. But one thing that you can give for free and at no cost is support and encouragement to someone doing something.

I have realized that there are things that are worth more than money. If they could be sold in the marketplace, they won’t be cheap at all. How much would a kind word be sold for? Or a thoughtful gesture? How about words of encouragement and affirmation?

Yet these are things that we can give you others for free, at no cost, but the true worth is priceless! You need to be looking out for those around you, seek opportunities to be a source of encouragement and blessing to them.

Be on the lookout for how you can support and be of help, you really don’t know if you’re the only person in their lives doing that for them at that point in time.

I believe we can reduce the rates of dying initiatives, innovations, ventures, businesses and even those who get depressed just by being pillars of encouragement and support. Just being there most times is more than enough! I must confess that being a source of encouragement will require that you step out of your box to do things you will naturally not do, but it’ll be your own way of saying to the other person that “they matter!”

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I would like to encourage you today too, I may not be as involved in your life as I would have loved to be, but please keep on with the great work you are doing. It’s okay to sideline your dreams temporarily in order to achieve something a little more immediate, but don’t you ever give up on that dream or idea that you have in mind.

You may have even been nursing that idea for a while now and have been hesitant to start. It doesn’t matter how many times you will have to go and clean those cobwebs or reintroduce yourself as who you had previously and stylishly dissociated from being. Give it another go and try again!

You are totally worth it, because our world is incomplete without your contribution, and the grave is definitely not where dreams are fulfilled. All we have is here, now, you and me.

We must do more to encourage others we see taking any positive steps, no matter how little, whether or not we think they’ll eventually be successful at it or not. If they found a place in their hearts to pursue it, then they are worth supporting.

There is nothing more pleasurable than being asked the question “Are you encouraging others enough?” and your answer with a wide smile is “I surely am, and I am better for it too!”

Thanks for reading!


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