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Are You In Love? Or Is Love In You?

Hold the hands of that ‘special’ person. Take a walk down the street, before you reach the main road, take a left turn and walk to the huge red building you see there. Open the big door you find, it’s always open. Look for the warm and most cozy seat you see, there’ll be 2 cold glasses of wine on the stool by the seat. Sit down, drink and relax! Enjoy this place with that special person, look into each other’s eyes and smile. Make promises, make vows, promise that this will never end, and that it’ll be happiness all the way.

If any one asks of you, and wants to know where you are, reply and say “As I speak to you right now, the special one and I are in Love. We are in it right now, it’s beautiful. It is the best experience ever!” Tell as many people as want to find out the address and how to be in love too. It’s that easy! What happens when you don’t want to be in love again? Walk out of it. Since you walked into it, you can walk out too, can’t you? I think so. Can you bring someone else later, and be in love again? Certainly. That door is always open every time it needs you to, and if you need it to let you out, it surely would.

This is what people spend a huge part of their lives believing love is, like an eatery; walk in and walk out. I’m not surprised that things pertaining to love are not really catchy or desired any more. People in love are no more seeing the long term desired results. Like I believe, the greatest things that affect us today are not from huge causes, but from the tiny little seeds that people were totally clueless to, and have now become  huge trees with very deep roots. A little seed like believing one is ‘in love’ is one of such seeds. Shall we dispel this seed? Yes we shall!

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Is love a sudden location we just find, and suddenly live and abide in? I think the answer to this question matters a lot! Let’s try and define the love we have all experienced. Two things come to mind, love as an emotion, and love as a choice. Love is more of a choice than an emotion, but love can also be felt in form of an emotion as well. Can we be a little sincere here? When you love someone, do you feel like you are in it? Or it is in you? If there is a lady I love very much, that I decide to sacrifice for because I want to be with her, or I want the best for her. I need to ask myself “Did I just get in love with her suddenly? Or I know it is something I have deep within me for her?”

I have learnt that we love because we choose to let love dwell in our hearts, it’s a choice. We actually let love take us over and possess us. Some of us make the love we have make us fools, we then close our eyes to reality. Love is not outside of us, it is something that we feel deep within and we let out! You can never stop loving someone except if you choose to. The balance here is that hate also exists in the world. I know some people can not wrap their heads around why some people can’t love, but there are people that are full of hatred. Why don’t we hear things like “I am in hate with him”? It doesn’t even sound right to the ears. That’s because you know that hatred isn’t something you think one can just walk into, it’s the same with love.

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I can’t say I have stopped loving any one but I can say I don’t love some people as much as I probably used to, and that was also a choice. A choice to be less connected, less informed, and less involved in the person’s life. Trust me, for some love becomes hate! That same person you could not do without, may become the person whose name gets you enraged and angered. It’s possible, but is not needed! Love only truly comes from the heart, it’s where it starts and it’s where it lives. Love is in you. The moment you don’t pass the beggar on the street and you decide to show him love by giving some money. You didn’t wait to be in love to do that, you showed the love in you out.

You have never been in love, love has always been in you all the time. Jesus didn’t just fall in love with you, you never even set a love trap for him to fall into. He saw you and he loved you, and he died for you as a result of the love in him for you. God is love, and God lives in you, so truly Love lives in you. Don’t be in love and then out of it, but let the little love in you grow, let us see the expression of love in your interactions and dealings with every one you know, including that special person.

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Love is the way, love is the answer. Let the love in you overwhelm you!

P.S I know how difficult it is to stop saying terms like “I am in love”. Just always know that the love is in you. Your language may not particularly change, but your perspective should.


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7 thoughts on “Are You In Love? Or Is Love In You?”

  1. Word!!!
    …… Love is in me….. I pour out my love for someone out of the seed of love that is growing inside of me
    God is love….. This implies we can never be successfully “in love” without the God of love living inside of us
    When that seed of love is planted and it germinates, its fruits thereof spans the length of life itself….. It’s unchanging, unending, unreserved…… Life’s challenges and circumstances can’t alter it…..
    Thanks Namie! You completed my brooding today……. God bless you real good!

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