Victory Odunjo


For so long I have missed your face

Our careers have long put us apart

I’m so happy now because we’ll meet again

My darling wife

How much I have longed for your touch

And the knowledge that you are by my side

Waiting at the airport seeing your plane arrive

Watching passengers as they alight

I see you run towards me

And I run towards you

Oh just to hug and kiss you like I always did

To hold on tightly and never let go

Oh my dear

As I hug you

The touch is so warm

It feels so good to be back in your arms again

And then you suddenly disappear!

No, this can’t be happening!

I look down and see your clothes

What on earth could be happening?

There is a sudden commotion everywhere

Many people have disappeared

My loved one is gone

Then someone shouts “Rapture”

It all clicks

I have not just lost the one I love

I have also lost my shot at going to heaven

How I wish I had listened

For I am here stranded at the end time

What will become of my friends and family?

I never believed that rapture would come so soon

To enter into heaven I will have to pay with my blood

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For there is no more grace!

I can’t even believe I am in this position

I was a regular church goer

But I always lived a double life

Wanting to be in Christ and in the world too

Alas! The anti-Christ is known

And is rearing his ugly head

All nations are using the same currency

Everything evil is legalized by the government

The world is full of hatred and greed

Everywhere is full of pain and hurt

Recovering from this event is impossible for many

Wars are taking place too frequently

The mark of the beast; 666, is being implanted

Men who want to live receive the mark

They don’t know that its their passport to hell

But they want to buy and sell like everyone else

Christians like me are being hunted for

With the technological advancements hiding would be impossible

I must suffer and pay the price

But I will do my best

I would not take the mark of the beast

I must save myself

And reunite with the one I love

To worship with the saints and angels

To sing “Holy, Holy is the Lord”

If I had a true walk with Jesus I won’t be here

This world will pass away but God’s word will still remain

I’m writing this, to tell all Christians

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To hold on steadfastly to Jesus

Serve him diligently

And not partake of sin

Or the things of the world

Walk with Jesus

Surrender all to him

And heaven is sure

I shall pay with my blood

But it remains very painful

To know that Jesus did the same to save me

He paid with his blood

We are in the end-time, Jesus is coming anytime, sooner than we think or imagine, the Bible says he’ll come like a thief in the night. The world is showing us how quickly everything is coming to an end, with the series of events happening. The only hope is for those who believe on Jesus Christ the son of God, born of a virgin, died for all our sins, diseases, curses, on the cross of Calvary, rose up after 3 days, defeated and made a show of the devil and his crew. Now he has ascended, and is seated at the right side of God today. He is our high priest, and he forever lives to make intercession for us. Have you accepted Jesus into your life to as your Lord? If you have, is your relationship with him still intact? It is never too late to accept Jesus Christ or improve on your relationship with today.. Don’t wait to the end, do it now while there is grace!

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5 thoughts on “AT THE END”

  1. This is thought provoking, a reminder of the status quo. May we never lose sight of the real issues and may we keep on in TRUTH.