You Need To Believe In Yourself When No One Else Does

A major unspoken requirement in life, that would keep you going, whether you recognize it or not, is motivation. Yes, I know how motivational speakers have been getting the end of the stick recently because it seems they share nice-sounding stuff that people are tired of. Others complain that they share temporary energy and it gets the listeners to do nothing after all. That this happens doesn’t mean the concept of motivation is wrong. The truth is we all require motivation someway, somehow.

Right now in your life, you are motivated for some reason to pursue things you are currently pursuing and also to stand firm against the things you don’t want to see in your life as well. The truth is motivation can either be positive or negative. It is the same way motivation can be external or internal.

One important thing we must note, however, is that we need to stay motivated. It is crucial because life can be full of disappointments, failures, things not going as planned, and there is always a need to get up and try again. With the right line of thoughts, beliefs, mindsets and the right support system, you could get into a flow where you are constantly motivated or at least pushed towards achieving your goals.

Belief helps with staying motivated. Hope is also a partner in keeping the motivation going. There are times where you may be full of belief concerning a particular thing but the doors of hope are shut because there are no opportunities. You could also be hopeful about something but lack the belief to push through with it, because you feel less of yourself or think it is something beyond you.

Many of us tend to be more motivated by factors outside of us. Friends that believe in us, thought-leaders that we follow, parents who keep praying for us, seminars we attend, the books we read, the positive comments we receive from time to time, potential in certain areas available to us, opportunities we get to be a part of. The list goes on and on. External motivational factors can easily spur you on to do great things. Most of the time, you will have external motivation.

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Then comes the time in real life when it seems these external factors are not enough anymore. Times arise when those who surround you get engaged, a little busy, or even in need that they can’t focus on you at that moment. You may even be the one motivating them to go through their situations rightfully, but personally you could do with some of their motivation. Sadly, there is no motivation, attention or that sense of belief coming from those areas.

Another aspect is when what you have ventured into doesn’t seem to work or be a great choice of time and investments. Quite a number of initiatives require the place of time and consistent effort to get to a place of great rewards. But very few people are able to wait for the long term. If the returns aren’t immediate, people seek to find other alternatives and you can’t blame them.

At times like this, you may experience that some of the people who believe in you, your supporters, or are team members leave you alone to face your path. Some of them could tell you straight to your face that what you are looking at accomplishing is pointless and a waste of time.

Then comes rejection, being dejected, the whole world crumbling around you, those internal questions that always limit your mind, previous negative experiences that flash forward to the present.

Here you are, being used to all this external motivation and none is coming your way anymore. You are left alone to walk the lonely road of figuring it out when no one else believes in you any longer. You could sometimes feel the ray of hope drastically reducing, and the days getting bleaker after all. Were they right?

This is where your internal motivation and resolve gets tested. These are the times when why you are doing what you are doing in the first place gets questioned. There could even be self-doubt and the fear of failing too.

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I want you to know that because you face some of these situations, it doesn’t always mean what you are doing is wrong or won’t be profitable. The journey of life requires that you walk alone in some phases. It is quiet, lonely, and you are left with yourself, your ideas, previous successes, and even shortcomings.

You must enter into a point where you are so resolute in your mind that you can believe in yourself even when no one else does. You need to come to a point in your life when you see everything you are as valuable and that you stand a chance just as everyone else, to make a change and to do something differently.

You need to believe in yourself when no one does. If your convictions run that deep and your passion is unwavering, then keep going. Also keep growing in wisdom at the same time, so that just in case you need to pause, adjust, take some steps back, the light of wisdom will reveal that to you on your journey.

Don’t feel like you are alone in the world because you are left alone to believe in yourself or in what you’ve started. It is totally fine if you are the only one that understands or that believes in you. In fact, it is the right test for you to go through phases like this.

Go and check through history at the great things people have been able to accomplish. There were times that they were the only ones that believed in what drove them for decades. They were not only able to see what others didn’t see, but they were also able to stay on course with no one backing them up.

Later on, it became clear to others what they saw that made them stay on course. Suddenly those who were alone on their paths found thousands of supporters believe in them to push through.

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The question is, “what would have happened if they gave up on themselves along the way? What would have happened if these people stopped believing in themselves when others didn’t believe in them?” Well, I guess we know the answer, nothing would have happened.

In a couple of years after giving up, they’ll probably find other people running the same crusade and being successful at it.

This is the time to wake up if you have been sleeping. Dust your notepad and wash your face. Bring out your tools and oil them because you are going to believe in yourself and put in the work till you get the desired result. Get ready to walk the lonely road and keep yourself company. While you are putting in the work, the world is being prepared for your emergence.

Don’t just end up as just another person that gave up too easily because no one could motivate you. Channel the inner energy in you by holding on to strong belief and hope, then watch how everything will turn around for your good!

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