Believe It Or Not, Nobody In Nigeria Is Jobless

One of the major challenges Nigeria is currently facing is what to do with the countless number of people that are lazing around. The Nigerian populace has trusted the government time and again to fix the problem of lack of jobs, yet there has been no way forward in this department.

The rise of ‘Yahoo Yahoo‘, the art of scamming and stealing money out of unsuspecting victims accounts is proof that most youths are starting to get busy. “Why are they doing this?” you may ask. “They are unemployed” is the common answer you get, they say if the government just did something about the issue of jobs, youths won’t be jobless enough to steal. Is that really true?

Guess what other things joblessness has caused? Drug abuse, addictions to hard drugs, smoking, drinking, clubbing and the likes. These folks are jobless and it’s interesting how they are consistently able to find the funds to stay hooked on their addictions no matter the cost. How come being broke and jobless doesn’t allow their addictions to be starved? We don’t know, but if they could get a job, maybe it’ll turn around they say.

Well, I believe we have carried this faulty mindset for a while now where we are totally choosing to close our minds to the reality of the truth concerning joblessness and unemployment. Not until we see things right will we be able to do things the right way in the country.

A job is defined as a task or piece of work, especially one that is paid for. Usually, payment should occur for the piece of work that is done. Without working, payment would generally not occur.

If we were back in the days where most corporations, factories, and industry jobs were the in-thing, we would have said many people are jobless based on the required positions to hold to have a job. But times have changed right now, you don’t have to work as a clerk, teacher, manager, plumber, driver or journalist before you can earn as a worker. A whole level of new unconventional jobs has become the order of the day in our time.

It is easy to find someone who sits at home and is earning just as much or even more than the person that chooses to go to work every day. There are social media influencers that earn huge amounts, comedians, photographers, graphic designers, makeup artists, you name it. People couldn’t do this in previous years, sitting down with these kinds of jobs as a means of livelihood, they would be broke and won’t be able to feed themselves or their families.

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Hence, I believe that the concept of having a job or being employed should be broadened and then we can see things more objectively.

Many youths are their own bosses these days, the rate of CEOs entering into the market on a daily basis is on the high, and this means youths have started to employ themselves. They are both the employer and employee.

Whether or not they are making the required amounts of money as business owners, we can’t say they are jobless anymore. Just like the owner of a store who isn’t making any profit can’t be called jobless because she isn’t making sales is how we can’t say the youths today are jobless.

The real question should be “Who is your employer?Haha. Your mind naturally went to the owner of some company somewhere, a boss in charge of whatever duties you have to be busy with. That’s okay, but you need an updated perspective.

Are you aware that an employer doesn’t actually have to be a human before you get to work for him/her? Let’s think about it together, shall we?

If some people choose to beg for a living, what is their job and who is their employer? I’ll say requesting and relying on people to put money in their hands is their job and ‘Begging and Overdependency’ is their employer. So begging actually takes on the form of a real being because it has given someone a job, and the job pays and puts money in their hands. Though not all jobs pay.

A young lady who spends her time with older or married men in a bid to give them the time of their lives and earn money is not jobless at all. She has an employer called ‘Sex and Romance‘ and when she works, she gets paid heavily. Men also spend time with older women, so this really isn’t a gender-centered issue.

If you look closely around society asking yourself who most people really work for, you’ll find out that they are fully employed. There are actually no jobless people out there.

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Some youths are employed by a boss called ‘Day Dreaming and Fantasy.’ The job requires you to sit in the house all day and walk around the neighborhood seeking for the next biggest deal that will transport you from an empty bank account to being a millionaire without having to put in much effort.

There are these big dreams of buying exotic rides, clothes and traveling around the world while in reality, money to buy detergent for washing underwears is nowhere to be found. Daydreaming is a really serious boss because it keeps loyal penniless followers as employees.

The most common employers of today’s folks are ‘Laziness, Sleep and Chilling!’ You’ll find out that most ‘not-so-jobless’ youths actually have these employers too. They sleep for most hours of the day when they could have found something reasonable doing, they are clearly not interested in doing anything useful for themselves or society.

The popular boss that saps away the little earnings that come to these employees is called ‘Chilling‘. A normal boss is meant to pay the employee, but Chilling gets paid by his employees, Chilling is such a super rich boss. Chilling teaches the employees to not have a saving culture, he teaches them YOLO (You Live Only Once), he tells them there will still be money tomorrow, so blow all the cash you have now and have the time of your life. After chilling, they have these series of hangovers and stay loyal to the cause of poverty.

In the midst of all this, there are also a number of youths who are employed by a boss who doesn’t pay them in the short term but will surely do so in the long term. The boss’s name is ‘Capacity Building.’

Very few youths see the essence of a boss like this and they don’t value his impact at all. Since they are hard workers for laziness, scamming and chilling, they don’t need any Capacity Building at all.

But Capacity Building is the employer that gives to his employees’ true value, that even if it currently is not in cash, it would come in as cash someday. The immediate payment that Capacity Building gives, comes in the form of wisdom, knowledge, experience, expertise, understanding of structures and systems, with insights too.

It would interest you to know that Capacity Building allows his staff to go on an internship while they work for him. Many people are interns for other companies, earning very little for now because that’s what boss Capacity Building requires of them at the moment, they even get to work with other bosses that are not Capacity Building. And many others that get paid big in other companies are still working long term for Capacity Building.

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The difference though with Capacity Building is that ‘Success is Predictable.’ You are sure that on the road to Capacity Building you will surely be successful even if it requires doing something tough like building your own business. Lacking the required know-how on how to be truly successful and to not stay broke is for only a short period of time with this boss.

Every true leader and recognized giant in their field has always and would always be an employee of Capacity Building. These employees are the ones to never be underestimated, the process is more tedious than that of the lazy daydreamers and beggars. Very few of these lazy folks amount to anything much later except if they change.

So take a look at the youths and people in your country one more time,  then take a look at yourself too. You aren’t jobless or unemployed, neither are they, no one is actually jobless!

The real question is Who is your boss? Is he paying you or you are paying her? Are you being a long term employee of someone who will make you maximize all your gifts? Or are you simply there daydreaming that you’ll jump from zero to a billion in a wink?’  Who you think the boss is will determine those answers.

If peradventure you’ve found yourself with the wrong employer, resignation letters are there for a purpose. Do the right thing!

Thanks for reading.


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Victory Odunjo

I'm a people person that simply wants to add value, and inspire others..

6 thoughts on “Believe It Or Not, Nobody In Nigeria Is Jobless”

  1. Thanks.

    However, I’m not much of a fan of delayed gratification.

    People die daily, you really do only live once.

    Not that I subscribe to frugality either, but there’s got to be a balance to these things.

    In this short life, I’ve had to watch a lot of people leave with the plans and funds they reserved, never got to be enjoyed by them.

    God bless you Sir.

    1. Amen!

      Thanks for your comment Francis, I believe you have the right balance to it. We truly live only once, but as you said it’s not the reason why we should live carelessly and without thoughtfulness either.

      What we see these days are folks practically living life on the edge. That’s what we are trying to warn against, there is a place for having fun and also saving up in preparation for the future. We shouldn’t eat our seeds but plant them.

      So inasmuch as we want to enjoy life, the Bible says a lot about doing things in moderation and multiplying our resources too. I totally get the importance of both angles. I appreciate you man 🙌

  2. Resignation letters are there for a purpose!!!!!!that’s a powerful statement, we need to understand what it means to be productive. There is truly no excuse as for been unproductive cause like you pointed out if people can find a way to fuel their addictions then they can find a means of living. Management is key once you have a picture of where youre going that should curb your excesses….. Thank you vic

    1. Yass🏆 It’s important to being employed to the right boss. And it’s the same as people who work with bad bosses and have terrible careers. The difference is we have a choice on who we choose to work for. Thanks Demi

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