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Burning Coles (Part 13)

She quickly turned her face away ‘Goke, please stop it. I need time. I’ll have to think about this and get back to you’ she told him.

He moved away and sat back in his seat ‘I totally understand. I’m sorry if I rushed you. It’s not my nature, I just really like you and was expressing my feelings that’s all’ he explained.

Seyi remained quiet. She was beginning to wonder if sneaking out and lying to her mum so she could see Goke was worth it. She began to feel so uneasy and uncomfortable. She didn’t feel free around him anymore. Deep down, she wanted to go back home but didn’t know how to tell him. ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ she asked herself.

Just as the thoughts were running through her mind, she began to experience abdominal upset. ‘Goke I’m not feeling too good’ she told him. ‘I think I need to use the toilet, my tummy is rumbling’ she placed her hand on her tummy and began to retch bending over ready to vomit.

‘What is the problem?’ he asked with so much concern. ‘Will you use the toilet at the eatery?’ he placed his hand on her shoulder.

‘No. I think I’ll just go back home. I won’t be able to make it to the eatery. Please can you take me back home?’ she asked looking so unwell.

‘Okay if that’s the only choice we have, then let me drop you’ he started the car and quickly turned around. He drove pretty fast, looking at her from time to time to ensure she was okay.

When he got to the gate leading to her estate, he asked ‘where is your house?’

Seyi pointed straight ‘just keep going’.

He drove a few meters.

‘You can stop now, thank you’ she said still holding her tummy and bending over. ‘I’m sorry, I spoilt our plans, we will have to reschedule. I’m really sorry’ she explained as she came down.

‘It’s okay, I’m glad I was able to see you again. Please think about all I said, take care of yourself.’

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‘Okay bye’ she shut the door and rushed towards the gate. Thankfully, she had a copy of the key to the gate and didn’t need to wait for anyone to open the gate for her. She ran through the kitchen door and went straight to the toilet. It was in between her room and Bayo’s room. The two rooms shared a toilet and bathroom. Everyone but Mr Cole who was in the sitting room watching TV, were in their rooms.

When she was done using the toilet, she went to her room.

‘Sister Seyi, what happened?’ Bimbo asked. ‘I thought you went out.’

‘I’m back’ Seyi said as she dropped her bag on the floor and threw herself on the bed.

‘What happened? Bimbo was both curious and inquisitive.

‘I wasn’t feeling too good’ Seyi answered hoping that was sufficient enough to quench Bimbo’s thirst for information.

‘Sorry, how are you feeling now?’ she asked with concern.

‘Much better, strangely’ Seyi herself couldn’t explain what just happened. One moment she was fine, the next moment she was so uneasy so much so her tummy began to rumble.

She thought of either calling or sending a text to Goke but as she brought her phone out of her bag, she got disinterested and instead flung it on the bed.

‘What did you eat?’ Seyi asked Bimbo. Hunger pangs were beginning to set in. The feeling of excitement had masked the hunger all along.

‘Jollof rice and chicken. Mummy left yours in the warmer’ Bimbo told her.

Seyi stood up to change her cloth before going to the kitchen. As she was about walking out of the room, she took a closer look at Bimbo. ‘Is that makeup on your face?’

Bimbo giggled.

‘It’s not funny Bimbo, what are you doing with my make up?’

‘It was mummy’s own, not your own’ Bimbo immediately became defensive. ‘Is it only you that has make up?’

‘That’s your business, just don’t touch my things. Did mummy allow you use her make up?’

‘She is sleeping’ Bimbo said and tongued out.

‘I pity you, let her catch you. How old are you that you are using make up?’ Seyi hissed and left the room.

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‘Leave me alone’ Bimbo said rudely.

Seyi went to the kitchen and found the warmer on the tiled kitchen counter beside the microwave. She dished the rice into a ceramic plate and took a piece of chicken from the pot then went to the dining to devour the meal.

As she took the first spoon, her phone rang, it was Goke. She picked it after the second ring.

‘Hi Goke’ she said.

‘Hello Seyi, how are you feeling?’

‘I’m better, I’m really sorry I messed everything up’ she told him.

Haba, it’s okay. I’m glad you are better now. We can always meet some other time. Make sure you rest well’ he sounded very caring.

‘Thank you, I will’

‘You are welcome dear’

There was silence.

‘I love you’ Goke said without mincing words.

Seyi didn’t know what to say. She didn’t feel it was right to tell him she loved him too when they were not dating. More so, she believed “love” was a strong word to use just anyhow and she wondered if what she felt for him was love of something else. She felt a strange and entirely new feeling she had never experienced before. She was both excited and uneasy at the same time. She wasn’t just settled deep within her.

‘Thank you’ she mumbled and immediately ended the call. Her appetite was gone, she managed to finish the food.

She couldn’t keep it to herself any more. She needed to talk to someone and the only person that came to her mind was Sope. She sent a whatsapp message to her but noticed it didn’t deliver.

What could be wrong?’ she wondered. ‘I hope my data has not finished’ she said as she quickly checked her data balance. ‘Oh no, the useless thing didn’t even last two weeks’ she was annoyed as she took her plate to the kitchen, washed it and went to her room.

On her way to her room, she decided to check on Bayo. His room was directly opposite hers. As she tried opening the door, she realized it was locked.

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She knocked ‘Bayo open the door’ she said and waited for his response.

‘I’m coming.’

‘Why are you always locking your door, only God knows what you are always doing’ Bimbo was getting tired of waiting.

‘Didn’t I say I’m coming?’ Bayo repeated himself as he opened the door.

‘Sorry sir, I didn’t know we had to have special IV before we can enter your room now’ Seyi said sarcastically as she walked into his room.

‘Sorry, that’s not what I meant’ Bayo apologised. Once he was in his room, he hardly came out except he had something to do outside or he was called.

As Seyi walked into the room, she spotted their mother’s internet modem on the bed. ‘What is mummy’s modem doing here? You know she mustn’t know, she has warned you not to use it because it’s for her work’ Seyi was referred to as “small Police”. Bayo hated when she snooped around looking for loop wholes with which she threatened him and Bimbo.

‘It was just this afternoon I took it, I wanted to watch something on youtube, please don’t tell mummy’ he begged.

‘On one condition’ Seyi said with a mischievous smile as she sat on the bed.

‘What condition?’ Bayo asked already nervous.

‘Share Hot spot with me, my data just finished’, Seyi was smart and always had a way of making her younger siblings do whatever she wanted.

‘But mine isn’t much, that was why I took mummy’s modem’ he told her hoping she’ll understand.

‘Then mummy will know you took her modem’ Seyi said cunningly.

‘Fine, only little.’

‘Deal’ Seyi replied. ‘Where is your phone?’ She asked.

‘Beside you’ he said reluctantly.

Seyi turned to her right and saw his phone close to the pillow. She picked it and handed it over to him ‘type your password.’


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