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Burning Coles (Part 14)

Bayo did and quickly closed the youtube app, he didn’t want Seyi to see what he had being watching.

‘Is it on?’ she asked.

‘Is what on’ Bayo was distracted by the app his was closing.

‘The Hot spot of course, what else?’

‘Oh’ he turned it on ‘it’s on. I’ll have to put my password on your phone’ he informed her.

‘This is not the first time I’m using your wi-fi, I don’t need the password, Seyi was so confident of that.

‘Well you do because I changed it’ Bayo told her and stretched his hand to collect her phone then he typed the password. Immediately he did, a whatsapp message from Goke entered her phone. Bayo wasn’t the inquisitive type but for reasons beyond him, he clicked the notification and opened the chat. ‘Who is Goke?’ he asked, still looking through her phone.

‘Give me my phone’ Seyi struggled with Bayo to collect it.

‘Chill I know him’ Bayo said as he enlarged his profile picture. ‘This is Feyikemi’s boyfriend’ Bayo said still stirring at the picture.

‘What? Who is Feyikemi?’ Seyi was dumbfounded.

‘Sijuade’s senior sister’ Bayo replied and added ‘how do you know him? I heard he is a very bad guy. He knows how to get any girl, as in he is that bad’ Bayo emphasized.

‘Who told you all these things? Who is Sijuade?’ Seyi could not believe her ears.

‘My classmate. We just started talking some weeks ago. She was even telling me how she is so concerned about her sister because of the guy she is dating and that she is always with him’ Bayo told her.

‘Are you sure about this Bayo?’ Seyi’s had was spinning.

‘Very serious.’

‘I swear guys are useless’ Seyi said, stood up and walked towards the door still shocked about the news she had just heard. She was so lost in thought, she forgot her phone.

‘Your phone’ Bayo picked her phone and stretched it to her.

Seyi turned back and collected it.

‘Do you still need the Hot Spot?’ Bayo asked.

Seyi continued walking out of the room without even realizing Bayo was talking to her.

‘That’s weird’ Bayo said wondering what was wrong with his sister. ‘Let me quickly return mummy’s modem before she wakes up’ he turned it off and went to his mum’s room to return it, praying and hoping she was still sleeping.

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Alas, as he opened the door leading to her, he saw her wide awake. She was seated up in bed wearing her glasses about opening her bag. He froze.

‘What is it?’ Mrs Cole asked wondering why he looked so dazed.

‘Nothing ma’ he said, his response obviously contrasting his fearful appearance.

‘Is your sister back? Mrs Cole asked. She wasn’t ready for Bayo’s drama.

‘Yes ma, I think she is in her room’ he said. ‘Should I call her for you? He added. He just needed away to escape from the impending danger.

‘No don’t worry’ she said as she opened her bag searching for something. ‘Where is this modem again?’ She asked already getting upset.

‘Your modem?’ Bayo asked.

‘Yes I can’t find it and I want to use it’. She sid without looking up as she kept searching the bag.

‘Wait, I think I saw it on the dining table’ Bayo lied, let me go and check. He left the room without waiting for a response from his mum.

He lingered in front of the door for some minutes and knocked on the door.

‘Come in’ Mrs Cole said.

Bayo opened the door ‘this is it’ he stretched it to her.

‘Mrs Cole collected it ‘why is it hot?’ she asked him, looking at him above her glasses.

Bayo had been caught red handed and he knew it. ‘Em…em’ he stammered. ‘I’m sorry ma’ he apologized.

‘That’s what you always say. I know what I’ll do for you. When you don’t have money to buy anything tomorrow during breaktime in school and when you don’t have and money for credit and data, you will know you are sorry.’ His mum meant every single word she had just uttered.

‘Mummy please it won’t happen again, I promise’ he begged.

‘My friend will you get out of my room’ she shouted at him. ‘What you did is called stealing and lying, in case you don’t know.’ she hissed.

Bayo left the room feeling bad.

Mrs Cole brought out her laptop to work. She turned it on and waited for it to boot. As she did, her mind went to Emeka again. ‘What is wrong with me? Emeka and I both married. The past is in the past’ she tried convincing herself.

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She picked the complementary card he gave her and looked at it again. ‘He must be well to do’ she said as she replayed in her mind the 15 minutes she had with him some hours ago. ‘Who says I cannot call him? It wasn’t like I asked for the card, he gave me’ she told herself as she picked her phone and before any opposing thought came, she was already dialing his number.

Unfortunately, he didn’t pick the call.

Mrs Cole dropped the phone, disappointed. ‘I don’t know what I was thinking. Am I a child?’ She reasoned.

She decided to focus on her work, she had a presentation the next day at work and had not finished preparing the powerpoint slides. As soon as she opened the document she was about to work on, her phone rang. It was Emeka. Her heart began to race, her fingers trembled as she reached for the phone and picked the call.

‘Hello’ the male voice which brought back old memories said.

She was speechless.

‘Hello?’ he repeated himself this time around in a questioning tone. ‘Please who is on the line?’ he asked politely.

‘Hi, it’s Funke’ she managed to gather some words. ‘Is this Emeka?’ she asked even though she could bet her next month’s salary, it was him.

‘Hey Funke, so good to hear from you. You won’t believe it, I was just thinking about you. I was saying to myself “why did I collect your number?” I’m so glad you called’ he sounded excited.

‘Really? That’s interesting. I was hoping my call wasn’t too early’ Mrs Cole confessed.

‘Early? Of course not. The timing was just perfect’ he said. ‘So how are you doing?’ he asked her.

Mrs Cole knew that her life perpetually took a down turn when she made that decision that day in her father’s house. She wished more than anything that she was Mrs Nwafor not Mrs Cole.

‘Fine, I guess’ she told him.

‘Hmm the Funke I know is not doing too fine from that voice’ he said.

Mrs Cole began to remember the love and care Emeka once had for her. He knew her so well. He knew when she meant ‘yes’ even if the words coming from her mouth was ‘no’.

She chuckled ‘I’ll be fine, thanks’ she didn’t want them going down that lane.

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‘You know it won’t be a bad idea for us to see again, say discuss what’s up with us and the likes. What sayest thou?’ he asked.

Mrs Cole remembered the funny way he always spoke, composing his sentence after the pattern of the Old Kings James version of the Bible. ‘So you have not changed this your way of speaking?’ she chuckled.

‘No my lord, thy servant changest not his way’ they both burst into laughter.

‘In that case, they handsmaiden shall be so delighted to honour thine invitation’ she said.

‘That’s good, I’ve always known you to be a good learner’ he complimented her.

‘Thanks dear’ she had said ‘dear’ before she realized it. She covered her mouth wishing she could take it back. Although ‘dear’, these days was a general term used to refer to friends and meant nothing, she hoped it wasn’t going to bring back memories because it was one of the pet names they used for each other.

‘We could meet at Evelyn’s Kitchen. I hear the food there is really nice. It’s not too far from where we met. Is that okay’ he asked.

‘Oh I know the place, haven’t been there before though. I guess we could try it out.’

‘Okay great, is tomorrow okay?’ he asked.

‘Yes, what time?’

‘You’ll be the one to decide that, my work is very flexible as a matter of fact, I work from home most times’ he told her.

‘Okay, I usually leave the office by 4pm but I could leave earlier. I usually pick the children around 4:30 so let’s work towards 2pm. That should be fine’ she said.

‘Okay cool. Tomorrow 2pm it is then.’

‘Yes’ she smiled.

‘Thanks for the call, you made my day’ Emeka told her.

‘Well it was actually you that called’ Mrs Cole said.

He laughed ‘oh that’s true, anyway it was so good hearing from you again. Take care of yourself. See you tomorrow’ he told her.

‘You too, bye’ she gradually dropped the phone, smiling as it dawned on her that she was going to see Emeka the next day. She was so excited and really looking forward to it.


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