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Burning Coles (Part 17)

Seyi ended the call and picked Goke’s call, ‘hello’ she said in a why-are-you-disturbing-me tone.

‘Hi love!’ Goke said.

Seyi was pissed to hear him refer to her as ‘love’. ‘What right did he have to call me that?’ she thought. She didn’t reply.

‘How are you?’ He asked when he didn’t get a reply.

‘I’m busy.’ That was the only response she could think of. She wished she could sound harsher, perhaps raise her voice at him and tell him never to call her again. She just didn’t want to speak to him ever again.

‘Oh, I’m sorry; I’ll call you later then?’ Goke wanted to know if that would be better.

Seyi ended the call without giving him a reply or allowing him to say another word. She knew he’d be surprised at her action but didn’t care. Instead she hoped it would drive home the message that she was not interested anymore.

Immediately the call ended, she heard a knock on the door. She knew it was no one else but her father.

‘Yes?’ she sat up in bed wondering what he wanted.

Mr Cole opened the door and came in. He was wearing a white singlet and a short

‘Good afternoon…sorry morning sir.’ His presence alone made her nervous.

‘Do you know where the iron is?’ He asked.

‘I think it’s in Bayo’s room. Let me check.’ Seyi got up from the bed.

‘Okay’ he said as he stepped out of the room and waited at the entrance of Bayo’s room.

Seyi went into Bayo’s room and immediately came out with the pressing iron, ‘Here it is sir’ She said, handing it over to him.

Mr Cole collected it from her and asked, ‘What did your mum prepare for breakfast?’

‘Yam and fried egg sir,’ she replied hoping that was all. She wasn’t free or comfortable around her dad.

‘Okay’ Mr Cole said and went back to his room.

Seyi gave a sigh of relief and went into her room.


Mrs Cole had gotten to work. She hasn’t forgotten her 2 O’clock appointment with Emeka and so began work early so she could have completed all her task before 2:00pm.

She couldn’t stop thinking about him. She really looked forward to seeing Emeka again. There was this excitement she felt when she thought about him, a feeling she hadn’t had in a long time.

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As she worked on her laptop, tiding up her PowerPoint presentation which she was to make by 11am, she tried to focus and not allow thoughts of Emeka flood her mind.

She heard a knock on the door, ‘Come in’, she said as she looked up to see who it was.

A young lady came in with a document in her hand. She was the MD’s secretary. ‘Good morning ma,’ she greeted as she approached.

‘Good morning Miss Adeoti, how are you?’

‘I’m fine ma. Mr Ogunrinade asked me to give you this,’ she handed the document over to her.

‘Ok thank you,’ Mrs Cole collected it wondering what it was.

‘You are welcome ma,’ Miss Adeoti replied and left.

‘An internal memorandum’ Mrs Cole started reading it, ‘What? No, this can’t be. Why will my presentation be postponed to 2:00pm? What’s the meaning of this rubbish?’ She removed her glasses and flung it on the table. ‘I don’t like this.’ She was upset; her plans had obviously been ruined.

She hissed as she picked up her phone, ‘I’ll have to inform Emeka and perhaps reschedule.’ She said to herself as she dialed his number.

‘Hello Funke, Good morning,’ he said.

‘Hi Emeka, Good morning.’ It felt good to hear his voice again. She couldn’t believe she was calling to cancel their appointment.

‘What’s the problem? You sound dull.’ He could tell something was wrong.

‘I just got a message from the MD that my presentation which was meant to be by 11:00am is now by 2:00pm.’ She told him.

‘Wow, that’s when we were meant to meet.’ He sounded disappointed. ‘That’s not a problem; don’t let it bother you,’ he tried to encourage her. ‘Maybe we should reschedule for another time. Although I was really looking forward to seeing you today.’

‘Well, it’s a 20 minutes presentation. What if we fix our meeting for 3:00pm?’ She suggested. Emeka wasn’t the only one that wanted to see her; she was equally looking forward to seeing him.

‘Oh, is that possible? I hope it won’t be too inconveniencing?’ He said with concern.

‘No, not at all, I’ll leave immediately I’m done.’ She told him.

‘That’s great then, 3:00pm it is.’

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Mrs Cole smiled, ‘Yes, see you later today.’

‘Bye dear,’ he ended the call.

Mrs Cole couldn’t contain her joy. She smiled as she dropped the phone.


Bayo was in Math’s class but wasn’t paying attention to Mr Adeyemi, his Math teacher. Instead he was focused on his phone, chatting with Sijuade who was in a different arm. She was in Art class while he was in Science class. Mr Adeyemi noticed Bayo wasn’t paying attention.

‘What was my last statement?’ He asked him.

Bayo, not knowing the question was directed at him, continued with his phone.

‘Bayo, stand up!’

Bayo was shocked. He quickly kept his phone in his pocket as he pointed to himself, ‘me?’ He asked.

‘No, me.’ Mr Adeyemi answered sarcastically. ‘My friend, will you get up? You’ve not heard anything I’ve said today.’

Bayo slowly stood up. He was embarrassed but knew his teacher was right.

A few of his classmates giggled and made gest of him.

‘You’ll remain standing till the end of the class.’ Mr Adeyemi continued teaching.

Bayo didn’t dare bring out his phone because he knew it would be seized. He consoled himself with the facts the class was almost over and break time was next.

After about ten minutes, the bell was rung and the class ended. He sat down and like he had been dying to, he brought out his phone and checked it for message notifications. Sijuade had sent him messages, he replied them and told her he’ll join her in her class and from there, they’d go for break together.

When he got to her class, he found her at the back of the class, talking with a friend. She saw him and signaled to him to give her a minute.

While Bayo waited for her outside by the window, he could hear her talking to the other person about Jesus being the only solution for what she was going through.

‘Jesus is the way, truth and the life’, she said. ‘Even in your academics, He can help you. just ask for His help, you’ll be surprised.’

‘Thank you, Siju.’ The friend told her.

‘Don’t mention. I have to go now, Bayo is waiting for me outside.’

She came out and met Bayo where he waited by the window. ‘Sorry for keeping you waiting, Bayo.’ She apologised.

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Bayo who was reclining on the window frame, partly eavesdropping on Sijuade’s conversation was startled by her but put up an act. ‘No problem at all.’ He turned to her and stood up straight. ‘How are you?’ They walked towards the kiosk where they bought snacks and drinks during break.

‘I’m okay,’ the pretty girl in her perfectly laundered uniform said. She was same age with Bayo and about an inch shorter. ‘So your sister knows Goke?’ She asked.

‘Yes o, I don’t know if they are close though. I just saw his picture and I recognized him immediately.’ He told her.

‘Interesting. Sister Feyikemi wasn’t really happy yesterday.’

‘Why?’ Bayo asked.

‘When I asked her she said nothing but when I asked her how Goke was, she said he wasn’t feeling too well and was at home throughout’ Sijuade told him.

‘So she wasn’t happy because Goke wasn’t feeling fine?’ Bayo wanted to understand.

‘That, coupled with the fact that their plans to hang out was cancelled.’

Eeya ! I hope she is fine now?’ Bayo asked.

‘They spoke in the night; I guess she is.’ They arrived at the kiosk. ‘What are you buying?’ She asked as she brought out 200 naira from her pocket ready to place her order.

‘Em… most likely meat pie and a drink.’ Bayo said as he put his hand in his pocket to bring out his money. He had forgotten that his mum didn’t give him any money, his punishment for taking her modem without her permission and also lying to cover up his act of theft. ‘Actually, I’m not really hungry. I had a heavy breakfast. Just buy yours.’ He told her, hoping she wouldn’t figure out he didn’t have money.

‘Are you sure?’ She asked.

‘Of course, go ahead and buy your snacks. I’m okay,’ he told her.

‘Alright, if you say so,’ she said then bought two sausages and a bottle of coke.

They sat down on a bench and continued talking, after 20 minutes, the bell was rung and they had to return to their classes.


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