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Burning Coles (Part 19)

When they got home, Seyi had prepared lunch. She opened the gate and welcomed them as Mrs Cole drove into the compound.

‘How was your day, mummy?’ She helped her mum carry her handbag and laptop bag.

‘It was good, thanks. How are you?’ She unhooked her seatbelt and came down from the car.

Bayo and Bimbo were already out and on their way into the house.

‘I’m fine.’ Seyi hung the bags on her two shoulders.

‘What did you cook?’ Mrs Cole locked the car and followed Seyi behind as they went into the house.

Eba and Okra’ She dropped the bags in the sitting room. ‘Are you ready to eat now?’ she asked her mum.

‘I’ll eat later but I’m sure your siblings are starving.’ Mrs Cole threw her body on the cough and removed her shoes and jacket. ‘Please turn on the fan, I’m feeling hot’ she told Seyi.

‘Ok ma’ she turned it on then went to the kitchen to serve her siblings’ food.

Bayo had already gone to the kitchen to see what his sister cooked. He was happy when he saw the pot of soup and the warmer containing hot eba. He quickly ran to his room to change out of his uniform into a homely cloth. Bimbo did the same. Their mother had made a rule “No eating in Uniform.”

Mrs Cole raised her voice and asked Seyi who was in the kitchen dishing out the food for herself and her siblings, ‘Has your dad come back?’

‘No ma’ Seyi replied.

Mrs Cole wasn’t surprised. Most times, he went straight to the bar from work and didn’t return home till late at night. However, occasionally, he came straight home. Their children barely knew their father because he was hardly ever around and whenever he was, they weren’t free with him. They preferred him being absent. Their mother had filled the void as much as she could.

Mrs Cole stood up, took her bags and went into her room. She felt tired, needed to rest and get the day’s stress which was largely emotional off her shoulders.

Bayo and Bimbo collected their food from Seyi in the kitchen and went to the dining table where Seyi joined them. She had waited for them to return before eating.

‘So did you see that your friend today?’ She asked Bayo.

‘Which one?’ Bayo asked as he devoured the food like a hungry lion.

‘The one whose sister is Goke’s girlfriend.’ Seyi couldn’t remember her name.

‘Yes I saw her, why?’ Bayo wondered how that was of any importance to Seyi.

‘Nothing, just asking’ she continued eating. After a minute, she asked, ‘Did she say anything about her sister or Goke?’ She hoped she didn’t appear too nosy.

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‘Yeah, she said he told her sister that he wasn’t feeling well throughout yesterday and so they could not hang out. They spoke last night and I think he is now better’ Bayo was more interested in his food than the summary he gave.

‘Hmm.. interesting. He wasn’t feeling fine?’ Seyi looked straight into space, her fork toying with her food. ‘It’s that sickness that will kill him.’ She hissed.

Bayo and Bimbo immediately turned to her, surprise and disdain written all over their faces.

‘Ha, sister Seyi! Why will you say that?’ Bayo asked with concern.

‘If you like your friend or her sister, better tell them that that idiot is a cheat. He wasn’t sick yesterday.’ Seyi told Bayo point blank pointing her fork at him.

‘How did you know? Bayo asked. He had now paused his meal and was more interested in what was going on.

Seyi didn’t want to expose her secrets about how she didn’t go to Sope’s house the day before and how she had had a crush on Goke. ‘He was with my friend yesterday. He even asked her out.’ She hid her identity by adding a twist to the story.

‘Ha!’ Bayo exclaimed. ‘Siju has to hear this.’ He resumed his food. He was in a hurry to finish eating and call Sijuade. He’d have done so right away if his phone had been with him. He was charging it in his room.

‘Sister Seyi, what that man did is not good o.’ Bimbo said as she struggled to finish her food.

‘That is why you have to be very careful of boys.’ Seyi said still looking straight in space then turned to Bimbo who was sitting to her right. ‘They are a wicked species.’

‘It’s not true jo; it’s not all guys. I’m not wicked.’ Bayo argued as he took a bite of his meat.

‘What do you know? You are still a small boy.’ Seyi was convinced all guy were the same- evil.

‘That’s why mummy said we should not have boyfriends.’ Bimbo innocently pointed out.

Seyi became defensive, ‘Who is talking about having boyfriend now? We are saying guys are wicked; you are talking about not having boyfriend. That’s why we don’t like saying adult gist in front of you.’ She eyed her sister and hissed.

‘I’m sorry’ Bimbo apologized.

Seyi felt guilty. She knew her reaction was uncalled for and that there was truth in what Bimbo said. ‘I didn’t mean to sound harsh. I’m sorry too.’ Seyi apologized.

Bimbo smiled. Her smile was so innocent. ‘Please I can’t finish my food,’ she opened up. She had been struggling since.

‘I want! I want!’ Bayo joyously rushed at it.

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‘I want my meat,’ Bimbo removed the meat and tossed the half finished plate of food to him.

‘Thank you,’ he poured the food into his plate then returned the empty plate to Bimbo who put her meat back and took her time to enjoy every bit of it.

Seyi took her plate to the kitchen, washed it and came back out. ‘You guys should wash your plates o, no dirty plate please. I’m not your house girl.’ She told them then went to her room.

Bayo finished his food, washed his plate and went to his room. He turned on the fan to cool his sweaty body then picked his phone and dialed Sijuade’s number.

She picked on the third ring.

‘Hello Siju, how are you?’

‘I’m okay, you?’

‘I’m good too. You won’t believe what I just heard.’ His eyes widened with excitement, ready to share the information he had just had with Seyi.

‘What?’ There was anticipation in her voice.

‘It is Goke o,’ he paused.

‘What about him?’

‘My sister said he is a cheat.’ He lay down on his bed, getting a more comfortable position.

‘Really? Why did she say so?’

‘She said he was with her friend yesterday and even asked her out. You were right Siju, the guy isn’t a good guy.’ Bayo confirmed.

‘You know I said it? I just was never comfortable about him.’ She told him.

‘Yeah, you did.’ He agreed with her.

‘Thank You Holy Spirit.’ She said under her breath.

‘Bayo heard her but didn’t say anything. He had always felt she was a bit extreme with her Christianity. He was a Christian too but didn’t make everything about God or the Holy Spirit the way she did.

‘I pray God will give me wisdom to know how to tell my sister. I know God who has started this will perfect it in Jesus name.’ She said and waited for Bayo to say ‘Amen’. When she got no response, she asked, ‘Hello, Bayo are you still there?’

‘Yes I am’

‘Thanks for the info; see you tomorrow.’ She wrapped up the call.

‘Alright, bye’ Bayo ended the call. He didn’t understand what just happened. He knew he was meant to say ‘Amen’ to Sijuwade’s prayer yet there was something in him that made him feel “too big” to stoop low to say ‘Amen’. He just didn’t think everything had to revolve around God or end up in prayer or something spiritual. Couldn’t he just gist with her normally without her bringing up something spiritual? The thought pissed him and made him upset. He decided to watch a video on youtube to take his mind of it.

He went to his saved videos which were 90 percent pornography and clicked on the first one. He had beenintroduced to masturbation and watching of pornographic videos by his uncle, Gboyega a month ago, the very same period he tried to molest Bimbo. Unknown to anyone, Bimbo wasn’t the only victim of their uncle’s notorious lifestyle, Bayo equally was.

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Unlike Bimbo however, there was no one to intervene and save Bayo that fateful day. Their uncle’s one week visit left Bayo an entirely different person- a prisoner to porn and masturbation. Gboyega slept in Bayo’s room and every night, he will hear his uncle making sounds and watching something on his laptop. He uncle would sit on a chair backing the bed and put the laptop on a stool in front of him. Bayo was always too scared to look and had to always force himself to sleep.

The night before his departure, like an angel of doom sent to destroy the lives of the innocent children, he tapped Bayo who had already succeeded in forcing himself to sleep.

Bayo woke up, wondering what his uncle wanted from him.

Gboyega put his index finger on his mouth, ‘shhhhh’ he hushed him and signaled to him to get up that he wanted to show him something.

Bayo sat up and watched as his uncle turned on his laptop and played a pornographic video for him to watch.

He initially resisted, ‘Uncle I don’t want to watch,’ he shook his head and shut his eyes.

‘Shut up and open your eyes, my friend.’ Gboyega said in a hushed tone. ‘Do you think I’ll show you a bad thing? I’m your uncle, trust me.’ He was very manipulative.

Bayo innocently believed him and opened his eyes to watch it. Something in him knew it wasn’t right but because his uncle had told him it wasn’t bad and no one else had mentioned anything to him about pornography being a sin, he struggled with his conscience and continued watching.

‘See, Bayo you are old enough to know these things.’ Gboyega told him. Your parents will not tell you; no one will teach you. At this age, your body will start experiencing some changes which are absolutely normal. You might notice you feel attracted to the opposite sex. That too is normal. As you watch these naked people, you may feel somehow in your body, don’t resist it, instead, put your hand into your boxer and fondle with your private part. That is the way to enjoy it. Like I said it is normal and nobody will teach you these things. Do you understand?’ He asked him.


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