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Burning Coles (Part 21)

He dropped his finger from her lips to her shoulder rubbing her arm softly as his hand slid down to her elbow. ‘Funke, I love you,’ he said, his eyes still staring straight into hers.

Funke could feel the hair on her body rise. She had not felt that alive in a very long time. In the past months, she had had sex only when her husband demanded for it. He never cared if she felt like it or not. When he wanted it, he always had his way irrespective of how she felt.  She always felt used. There was no spark in their love life, no spontaneity, nothing. The frequency gradually declined until they completely stopped having sex. Many times her body had craved it but her husband was either out in the bar or at home but drunk. In recent time, everything about him repelled her. She had no desire whatsoever to be with him.

‘I’m frustrated Emeka. My life is so messed up.’ She opened up to him.

Emeka listened as she spoke. He was a great listener.

Mrs Cole went on to tell him all that had been going on in her home up until the point when she broke down in tears roughly an hour ago. ‘Why me Emeka? Why?’ She hit the steering wheel in frustration. ‘I can’t take it anymore. I feel like I can’t survive this. My children are the only reason I’m still in this marriage, Emeka. You know?’ She looked into his eyes searching them to know if he understood what she was saying.

He nodded and wiped her tears with his hand. ‘I’m sure this must be hard for you.’ He said as he pushed her closer to him and hugged her, allowing her rest on his shoulder.

‘It’s unbearable.’ She cried, her voice barely audible.

Emeka patted her on the back softly as she cried, ‘This is too much for a human being to bear. No one should ever go through this horror,’ he whispered into her ear.

She pulled back a bit to look into his eyes. His lips were very close to hers.

He moved closer and planted a kiss on her lower lip. She struggled in her heart and mind to resist and pull back but her weakness had the better side of her and she kissed him back. When she felt his arm caress her body, she began to feel really uneasy. She pulled back and rested her back in her seat. She was so embarrassed, buried her face in her hands ‘I’m so sorry Emeka. That was very wrong of me. You are a married man. I’m truly sorry.’

‘Oh please stop it, Funke. Don’t apologise’ Emeka frowned a bit.

She looked at him ‘I better get going. We both have to return to our different homes. Thank you for being available to talk to.’

‘Funke, I’m always here for you. You want to talk? You need a shoulder to cry on? I’m just a phone call away. Okay?’ he planted a kiss on her forehead.

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She nodded. ‘Thank you’ she was grateful but she hoped she won’t have a reason the call him the way she did. She watched him alight from the car.

‘Take care of yourself,’ he bent over and told her.

‘Thanks, I will.’ She smiled and started the car. She made a U- turn in front of one of the houses and honked at Emeka as she drove past him.

She got home around 8:30pm.

Immediately Seyi and Bayo heard the honk of the car, they rushed to open the gate for their mum. Their minds had not been at ease since she left. Bayo was the first to get to the gate. He opened it and greeted, ‘mummy welcome’ as she drove in.

‘Mummy, how are you?’ Seyi opened the car door as soon as her mum turned off the engine.

‘I’m fine, Seyi. Thank you’ she smiled a bit and unhooked her seat belt.

Bayo locked the gate quickly and ran to the car. ‘Mummy, how are you?’ He asked panting.

‘I’m fine’ she sounded tired and exhausted. ‘I’ll be going to bed early tonight.’ She told them as she alighted from the car.

‘Okay mummy, please take it easy,’ Seyi said, concern written all over her face.

‘I will. Please help me take care of your siblings. Diner and everything they’ll be needing.’ Mrs Cole walked into the house, taking each step carefully and placing her hand on her forehead.

‘No problem mummy, I will.’ Seyi wanted to do all she could to ease the stress off her mum.

‘Mummy, do you have a headache?’ Bayo asked observing her hand on her forehead.

‘Yes a little. Don’t worry. I will be fine’ Mrs Cole went into the house. Seyi and Bayo followed after her.

Bayo went to his room feeling terrible about everything that happened. He blamed himself for what happened to his mum. As he sat on his bed, he recalled the awful site of his mum on the floor of his room crying like a baby. It was a dreadful event he never wanted to experience again. He remembered what led to all this was his response to Sijuade’s harmless attitude of always bringing God into her conversations. It was because he got upset about this that all that happened happened. As he ruminated about it, like scales falling off his eyes he realized he was the one with the problem not Sijuade. An overwhelming feeling of repentance came upon him. He told himself, ‘There was absolutely nothing wrong with what she did. I was just upset because I don’t have a close relationship with God the way she does. He realized it was pride that stood in his way.

He knew the only solution was to turn back to God and ask for His help. He knelt down by his bed and began to talk to God like he would a friend who he had cut off communication with. He closed his eyes but imagined God was physically present in his room.

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‘Dear Lord, I acknowledge that I have been wrong all along. I messed up big time. Now I have seen how much I really need You. My life is so empty without You. It’s a mess. I have struggled with masturbation and pornography these past weeks and I don’t like it. I know you are not happy with me and I am so sorry. I have had no one to talk to but I never realized You have always been here. Please, I ask that from today you help me to be a better person. I want what Siju has and I want to stop watching porn and masturbating. Help me with these and I promise to be a good boy. Thank You because I know You have heard me and I am confident that You will help me in Jesus name I pray, Amen.’

He stood up from his knees and sat on the bed. He felt this overwhelming joy flood his heart. He knew the next thing to do. He immediately picked his phone, went straight to YouTube and deleted all the pornographic videos. He felt that was not enough, he decided to uninstall the app. ‘It’s been a huge distraction anyway. I can do without it for now.’  He told himself. He went through his picture gallery and deleted all the pictures and videos he knew God wasn’t proud off. Finally, he went through his songs and deleted every single one of them. He knew they didn’t edify his spirit and he had just made a promise to God which he was by all means willing to fulfil. He made a mental note to collect gospel songs from Sijuwade the following day.

He heard a knock on the door.

‘Come in’ He knew it was either of his sisters.

Seyi opened the door and came in. ‘I want to prepare spaghetti for dinner. Is that okay?’

‘Yes please, that’s fine.’ Bayo told her.

‘Alright.’ Seyi turned to leave.

‘Do you need me to help you?’ He offered.

Seyi wasn’t expecting that. She turned around and paused before asking. ‘You want to help?’

‘Errr yeah. I do. Something wrong with that?’ He shrugged his shoulders.

‘No. not at all.’ Seyi figured it must have been because of what happened to their mum. ‘You can join me in the kitchen.’ She told him, then left. ‘Bayo offered to help in the kitchen. Wonders will never end.’ Seyi clapped her hand as she walked away from his room.

‘I can hear you.’ Bayo told her, raising his voice a little so she’d hear.

Seyi giggled, ‘sorry.’ She went to the kitchen and brought out a pot to boil the spaghetti. She could still not wrap her mind around what happened to her mum. ‘Did she get a call from work? Did someone she knows die? Is she broke? Seyi was tired of guessing what could have been wrong with her mum. Whatever it was, Seyi hoped her mum would snap out of it and bounce back to her feet.

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Bayo came to join her in the kitchen as he said he would. ‘Where is Bimbo?’ He asked.

‘She is doing her home work.’ Seyi opened the cupboard above the ceramic counter where Spaghetti was kept. She tiptoed to see if it was there and when she couldn’t find it, she stretched the length of her body and used her hand to feel for it.

‘Let me help you sis.’ Bayo was about 2 inches taller than his sister.

Seyi stepped aside giving room for Bayo to check the cupboard.

He smiled at her as he approached, ‘Let me show you how it is done.’ He teased her as he effortlessly placed his hand in the cupboard and brought out a pack of Spaghetti.

‘It’s not your fault.’ She eyed him playfully and snatched it from his hand.

Bayo laughed. ‘Is that all you need?’ He asked with sarcasm in his voice.

‘You are just a proud boy.’ Seyi forced herself not to laugh.

Bayo smiled. ‘That’s just me rendering help.’

‘Thank you beebe,’ she smiled as she broke the spaghetti into the pot of boiling water.

In another 20 minutes, dinner was set. They all ate on the dining table and afterwards retired for the night.

When Bayo got to his room, the thought to masturbate crossed his mind but the urge was gone. He changed into his pyjamas, said his night prayer and slept off peacefully.

Seyi stayed back in the sitting room till her father returned. She opened the door for him. His shirt was unbutton, one sleeve rolled up to the elbow while the other was down. His tie loosely knotted on his neck and he carried a briefcase on one hand.

‘Welcome sir.’ She knew better now. Even the Bible says a soft answer turneth away wrath. She stepped aside and allowed him stagger into the house.

‘Where is your mum?’ He asked wondering why it was not his wife that opened the door for him.

‘She wasn’t feeling too well.’ Seyi explained to him.

‘When she will not stay in one place, how won’t she not feel unwell?’  Mr Cole hissed as struggled with his balance.

Seyi shook her head and felt so sorry for the wasted life her father was living. As she locked the door, it occurred to her that her father can be given a copy of the house key so no one had to do vigil while waiting for him to return. She made a mental note to discuss the idea with her mum the next day.


To be continued…  Next Week Sunday! Please drop a comment on your thoughts on this so far.

What things have you learnt, and what do you think happens next?

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  1. Hmmm, really interesting.. So, one can have his deliverance by just praying and not laying of hands. Lord, please help me

  2. This has been an amazing story so far and I have learnt more than expected to. Was looking for this site for almost a month, I almost gave up but that Gbemi story was an encouragement and the help of the Holy Spirit. This story is truly a burning family may God help our families and those families out there that needs God’s help

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