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Burning Coles (Part 26)

She went to pick Bimbo and Bayo and headed straight home.

‘Mummy’ Bayo called his mum. He had allowed his sister take the front seat while he sat directly behind his mum. He observed her incessant smiles through the rear view mirror.

‘Yes honey.’ She made eye contact with him through the mirror. She only called her children that either when she was so pleased with them or when she was in the best of moods.

‘You seem happy, what’s going on?’ He asked with a smile.

‘Is it a crime to be happy?’ She smiled.

‘No o, I’m happy you are happy.’ He told her still smiling.

‘And me too.’ Bimbo said. She was more happy that her brother had allowed her to seat in front than she was that her mum was happy.

Her mum gave her a brief sideway glance. ‘Thanks dear.’

Mrs Cole got home but didn’t drive into the compound. ‘Children, I have to briefly get somewhere. Go in and meet your sister. I’ll be back soon. Okay?’ She turned to Bayo and Bimbo.

‘Where mummy?’ Bimbo was always inquisitive.

‘No too far from here, dear.’ She rubbed her daughter’s cheek.

‘Okay mummy.’ Bimbo and Bayo said simultaneously, came down from the car and went to knock on the gate.

Mrs Cole waited for Seyi to open the gate. When Seyi  did, she peeped and saw the car outside.

‘Why is mummy not coming inside?’ She asked Bayo.

‘I don’t know,’ he shrugged, ‘She said she has a place she quickly wants to get to.’

Seyi came out of the compound and walked towards the driver’s side of the car. ‘Mummy good afternoon,’ she greeted her mum.

‘How are you Seyi?’

‘I’m fine ma. Bayo said you want to quickly get somewhere?’ She needed to clarify.

‘Yes I won’t be long.’ Mrs Cole didn’t want to divulge too much information.

‘Okay ma, I prepared beans and sweet potato.’ She told her mum.

‘That’s good, serve your siblings. I’ll have mine when I return.’ She started the car.

‘Alright ma. Don’t be long.’ Seyi went into the compound.

Mrs Cole waited for her to leave then turned off the car. She reached for her bag to call Emeka. She saw a missed call from Mrs Dedeke.

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‘This woman should leave me alone.’ She snapped. ‘What is it sef? Is it by force?’ She hissed and dialed Emeka’s number.

He picked almost immediately.

‘Baby,’ His smile was audible.

‘Hi dear. Can we meet there now? I just dropped my children at home.’ She had quickly forgotten what made her upset a few seconds ago. Emeka made her happy and that was all that mattered to her. She wasn’t going to allow anything take that away from her, not even a missed call from the woman that has in recent times appeared to Mrs Cole as overbearing.

‘Okay dear, I’ll be there soon.’

‘Alright dear.’ She ended the call and started the car. She didn’t want to spend another minute there just in case her husband or anyone showed up.

She got to the street they planned to meet and parked her car. She reached into her bag and brought out her Classic brown powder and lipstick. She needed to touch up her looks for Emeka. After she was done, she rested back in her seat and waited for him. She picked her phone out of her bag and turned it off; she didn’t want any Mrs Dedeke or pastor calling her. The war with her conscience was intense enough. She needed some peace but with the path she was threading; there was no way she was going to have that. She placed the phone back in her bag and looked at her side mirror every time she heard the sound of a car coming and after about fifteen minutes of waiting, there he was in his black SUV. Her excitement heightened as he parked his car and approached.

He wore a navy blue T shirt and Jean short. He opened the passenger’s door of her car and sat beside her. ‘Sweetiepie, how are you doing?’ He smiled.

His smile was perfect. Mrs Cole took in his smell which always made her feel so comfortable and relaxed. ‘I’m fine.’ She smiled, a little bit shy. She avoided prolonged eyes contact.

Emeka smiled.

‘Why are you smiling?’ She asked with a smile.

‘I have every reason to smile, my dear. Seeing you and being with you after these many years. You are the reason I’m smiling.’ He moved closer to her.

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She knit her brows. And looked down.

‘Did I say something wrong?’ He appeared confused.

‘No it’s not that. I have a question.’ She looked worried.

‘Okay…What is it?’ He showed so much concern.

‘Do you love her?’ She looked at him, searching his eyes for answers.

Emeka sighed. He didn’t appear thrown off balance by the question instead he seemed so confident and prepared for it. ‘Funke,’ he held her hand and looked into her eyes. ‘After you left me those eighteen years ago, I was shattered. My life became a mess. I went into drinking, something I had never done before. One day, in the bar when I was very drunk, a lady walked up to me and began to engage me in a conversation. I had no idea what she said that night but what I knew was when I woke up the next morning, I was in her house. We apparently had sex that night. I told myself, such was never going to happen again. However, a month later, she sent me a message that she was pregnant. Long story cut short, we had to get married and I’ve been stuck with her since then. So to answer your question, Funke I have never ever loved any other woman but you and I still love you.’

Mrs Cole could feel her head spinning. She didn’t see this coming. Her heart began to race. She felt so sorry for Emeka and began to blame herself. ‘I’m so sorry Emeka; I put you through all this.’

‘No, no please, you don’t have to be. I have you now and that is what matters most. Let’s not cry over spilled milk instead let us be thankful for where we are now.’ He smiled and placed his hands on her cheeks.

Mrs Cole felt some relief but the uneasiness she had been battling with ever since Emeka walked back into her life persisted. Deep within her, she knew what she was doing with Emeka wasn’t right but she couldn’t care any less. She felt she had hit rock bottom and things could not get any worse than they were.

Emeka moved closer ‘I love you Funke.’ His warm breath brushed her face.

Mrs Cole could no longer speak. No words were going to come out even if she tried.

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He kissed her lower lip.

She closed her eyes and struggled with the antagonizing thoughts in her head. She couldn’t resist him anymore. He placed his hand round her. She kissed him back and chose to damn the consequences of what she was doing. She had missed being loved and kissed the way Emeka did.

‘You know what?’ Emeka moved back just a little bit and looked into her eyes.

‘What?’ She searched his eyes.

‘I did a little search and found a hotel just a few blocks away. What do you say we go there and you know…?’ He smiled.

Mrs Cole sat back in her seat. ‘A hotel?’ She knew what that meant. Although Emeka and her never had sex when they courted, she was a married woman now. She tried to remind herself that fact but the more she did, the more she remembered the hurt that being married had caused her. Her body wanted to be with Emeka but her spirit resisted so hard.

‘I’m sorry I even brought that up. What was I thinking?’ He ran his hand over his head. ‘I’m really sorry, Funke. I’m not usually like this. I promise. It’s just that when I’m with you I…’

Mrs Cole cut in. ‘Let’s go.’

‘What? Are you sure?’ Emeka asked, surprised but excited.

She looked into his eyes. ‘You want to go or not?’

‘I…I do.’ He stammered. Excitement written all over his face. He looked like a little boy who had just been given a gift he had earnestly craved. ‘It’s just down the road.’ He pointed.

Mrs Cole started the car and headed to the place. She was no longer in control of herself anymore.

‘Here it is.’ Emeka pointed out.

They came down and went inside. The hotel wasn’t all that nice but neither of them minded. All they needed was a place to be together alone.

Emeka made enquiries about the prices of the rooms and paid for the cheapest one. He collected the key from the receptionist and they headed to the first floor.


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