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Burning Coles (Part 5)

She was eager to check if it was Goke but was more disappointed when she realized it was just her 5:00am alarm. She had intentionally set the same ringtone for her alarm and her incoming calls because she really loved the song ‘Blinded by Your Grace’ by Stormzy. She snoozed the alarm and turned to resume her sleep when it occurred to her  ‘if Mohammed won’t go to the mountain, I can take the mountain to Mohammed. Goke has probably not sent a message because he feels he  shouldn’t disturb me.’ She decided to pick her phone and send him a message.

As she opened their chat on whatsapp, she realized he was online. The mere sight of him  online, filled her tummy with butterflies. Her excitement grew. She sent the message,

“Hello Goke”

She waited for a very long minute but he didn’t reply. She checked the chat and saw that he had read her message. This made her upset, ‘what is wrong with this guy?’ She decided to call him.

The line was busy. She waited for some minutes and tried calling again, the line was still busy.

What could be going on?’ Seyi reasoned. She decided she wasn’t going to try again. She instead decided to open Instagram and check what it had to offer. Some minutes after, her phone rang. It was Goke.

Her heart missed a beat. She picked the call, ‘hello’ she said eager to hear his charming voice.

‘Hi dear. How are you?’ He said and waited for her response.

‘I’m fine, I haven’t heard from you in a while.’ Seyi could not hold it back; she had missed him.

‘Yeah, I’m so sorry dear; I was on the phone with my project supervisor. It’s been taking so much of my time,’ he explained to her.

‘Project supervisor at 5:30am? Isn’t that pretty early?’ she asked.

‘Well, yeah it is but he’d be travelling out of the country today and I needed to tidy up some things before he leaves.’

‘Oh Okay,’ Seyi didn’t ask any further question.

‘So how have you been?’ He asked.

Seyi smiled, ‘I’ve been okay except that I had a minor domestic accident yesterday. Hot oil poured on my thighs but I’m better now,’ she told him hoping to receive some comforting words from him.

‘Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry about that. How are you now?’

‘I’m much better, thank you,’ Seyi replied smiling.

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‘Please, take it easy; nothing must spoil that your fresh skin,’ he said.

Seyi couldn’t help but smile some more when she heard his words. ‘How did you know my skin is fresh?’ She asked ‘all you’ve seen is my hands, legs and face.’ She knew her words were about to provoke something she didn’t bargain for. She was heading towards an erotic dimension and she knew it.

Goke chuckled, ‘I know; I don’t have to see it. I imagine it every time.’ He told her.

‘Hmmmmm, really? You want to see more?’ She asked, not sure exactly where she was heading with that question.

‘You want to show me more?’ He responded. Goke wasn’t new to this but he knew Seyi was so he had decided to take things slowly with her. He didn’t want her to feel rushed.

‘I don’t know; I haven’t done this before,’ she opened up to him as she began to feel shy.

‘No pressure dear,’ he told her.

‘When next are we going to see?’ She asked him. ‘It’s not likely I’ll be going out anytime soon because of my thighs but I was hoping you could come to my church so we’ll see after service’

‘Hmmmmm,’ Goke wasn’t so comfortable with that arrangement. ‘How about I come pick you after you get back from church and we’ll hang out together?’ He suggested. ‘Will your parents be okay with that?’

‘They don’t have to know. I’ll tell my mum Sope’s dad’s driver will be coming to pick me to take me to Sope’s house. I’m sure she won’t have a problem with that.’ She conspired.

‘Cool then, sounds like a plan.’

‘Yeah’ she smiled. She was really looking forward to seeing Goke, despite the state of her thighs. She wanted nothing more than to spend time with him.

‘Alright dear, take care of yourself. See you later today,’ he told her as he wrapped up the conversation.

‘Bye’ she replied and ended the call. ‘Yes!’ she exclaimed with excitement as she dropped the phone and jumped out of bed to dance. Immediately she stood, the sharp pain she felt in her thighs brought her back from fantasy to reality. ‘Ouch ouch!’ She groaned and gently sat back on the bed.

What am I going to wear? I have to look good for Goke.’ She thought, searching her wardrobe in her mind. ‘I’ll have to wear a skirt because of this wound,’ she said to herself.  She stood up and opened her wardrobe, brought out a black and white polka-dot flare knee length skirt and a baby pink bodycon top.

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Bimbo turned towards her and asked, ‘has mummy said we’ll be going to church?’ She wondered why her sister was already getting set.

‘Does she have to say so before I get ready?’ Seyi replied.

‘Sis Seyi, who were you talking to on the phone?’ Bimbo was always inquisitive.

‘What is your business with that?’ Seyi ignored her.

‘Hmmmm, you know mummy said we should not have a boyfriend’

‘Ehn, who now said I have a boyfriend? He is just my friend that is a boy. It’s not the same thing.’ Seyi knew that was not entirely true. What she had with Goke was definitely more that ‘just friendship’. ‘You are too young to understand,’ she told her.

Bimbo, though young, was very intelligent. She knew something fishy was going on but decided not to press further.

Mrs Cole went to Bayo’s room to check on him. He was still fast asleep. She walked closer to his bed and noticed he was sweating. The fan was off and the room was quite stuffy. She decided to remove the blanket that was covering him and adding to the heat he was experiencing. As she removed it, she noticed he had no clothes on aside his T-shirt.

‘When did this boy start sleeping without his boxers?’ Mrs Cole wondered as she searched around for his boxers. ‘This place is just too stuffy,’ she walked towards the windows and opened them. ‘It’s bad enough that he locks himself in, does he also have to close the windows?’

The time was 5:40am, usually she would still have allowed him to sleep till 6am before waking him but she decided to wake him notwithstanding.

‘Bayo… Bayo!’ She tapped him, ‘wake up’

Bayo tossed on the bed for some seconds.

She tapped him harder. ‘Wake up, Bayo. It’s morning. Where is your boxers?’ She asked him.

The sound of boxer rang an alarm in his head and jolted him wide awake. He immediately pulled the blanket over himself.

‘Mum! Do you mind?’ He asked, embarrassed.

‘What is it? What are you hiding? Am I not your mother?’ Mrs Cole asked.

‘Mummy now, can’t I have some privacy again,’ he said feeling really embarrassed.

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‘Sorry oh, sha put on something. When did you start sleeping naked?’ She asked him.

‘I’m not naked, I must have removed it when I went to urinate in the night,’ he replied her.

Iwo lomo (suit yourself). Today is Sunday; I’ll speak with your father and ask him if we can go to church today. If he says ‘yes’, then you’ll need to get ready. You know Sunday school is 7:30 am.’ She reminded him.

‘Ok ma,’ he replied and turned to the other side to continue sleeping.

Mrs Cole left the room and went back to her room which she shared with her husband. She prayed that as she asked him about their going to church, he would oblige.

She gently walked to his side of the bed and tapped him on his shoulder. ‘Daddy Seyi,’ she called in a hushed tone. ‘Daddy Seyi’ and ‘Mummy Seyi were the names they called each other on the best of days. When they have arguments, Mr Cole mostly referred to her as ‘woman’. Gone were the days when they used pet names like ‘sweetheart’, ‘baby’ and the likes.

After tapping him twice and calling his name once, she didn’t get any response then decided to make another attempt. ‘Daddy Seyi, good morning,’ she said still with a hushed tone.

‘Yes, what is it?’ He asked as if he was being bothered.

‘I didn’t mean to bother you; I just wanted to know if the children and I can go to church today? Mrs Cole said, hoping he would not flare up.

‘You people should go and not disturb my life..jare,’ he said and turned to the other side to continue sleeping.

‘Thank you,’ Mrs Cole said trying to contain her excitement. She really desired to be in church. There was this love and attention she received whenever she was in church especially from Pastor George, a new pastor that was recently transferred to their branch. He’d call every time he noticed she wasn’t around and he’d always compliment her appearance every time she came to church. She decided to always look good when going to church for no other reason than to be complemented by Pastor George.

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