But Those Doing Well Don’t Have Two Heads

Remember how our parents used to say “Look at your mates that are doing well. Do they have two heads?”

Yeah, I heard those words too myself, at some point, one adult or another must have made that statement to a young child.

It is funny how Adekunle Gold & Teni’s songs that contain the words “Dangote o lori meji” are very popular as heard in ‘Pick Up’ & ‘Billionaire’. The statement means Dangote, the billionaire doesn’t have two heads yet he is making such crazy money.

We all find it very easy to relate with Dangote not having two heads and don’t have issues with singing it in a song. We don’t feel depressed about the comparison because we have definitely seen the money and what comes with it. Yet when our parents told us that those kids getting A+ in class don’t have two heads, we were feeling judged.

People came up with very valid argumentative points that showed that many of us have different areas we thrive in and do better at that than others. Yes, that’s fine and good. But have you ever thought that for the areas you tend to be very good at, others probably aren’t as good as you are, yet you don’t have two heads? 😂

No one has two heads at the same time and would live long. It is with this same one head and one brain that they have been able to figure out the things they need for their lives.

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So to be honest, I think saying that someone doing well doesn’t have two heads is trying to get it into your mind that nothing is stopping you from doing those big things too. I guess it is the context of the use of words as an abuse and the timing of when the words are used that have caused the most problems.

Most parents used to say these words during moments when their children were in vulnerable emotional states. The child just didn’t do so well at school, the child without your words already feels bad enough and then you go “Is that not John and Jessica winning the best prize and topping the class? Do they have two heads?”

That’s not the best time to be saying that. I believe that’s why people have associated a wrong feeling with this saying.

Now, if you take a look at your life, your goals and the achievements you want to get done, you’ll find out that you have those ahead of you doing much better than you are.

You may even look to start something entirely new that you are wondering to yourself how to go about it. The truth is these folks in those top positions don’t have two heads, so it is something you can also get done.

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As long as you are willing to be teachable on your journey, to execute and stay for the long term, you are good to go.

Ever met people who had the chance to access unique opportunities that they did not merit? Maybe you know other people who even produce better results than them too. But they aren’t in those huge positions. Oh well, those people that had those unique opportunities don’t have two heads, meaning you can access unique opportunities too.

It is time to flip the script!

The issue is we close our minds from possibilities too easily. We quickly say these things are not for us. We write ourselves off too quickly.

You listen to wonderful testimonies, you have seen miracles happen the lives of others, people have been lifted from nothing and now they are a force. It should happen to you too you know? Why not you? They don’t have two heads and neither do you. So don’t stop believing because it hasn’t come your way yet.

At the end of the day, you must note that there are no superhumans anywhere.

There are no extra brains for smartness, no extra hearts for loving, no extra livers for courage. There are no extra eyes for seeing visions, no extra tongues for speaking in public or speaking in tongues and definitely no extra head for getting things done.

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It all boils down to one thing, believing you are special enough to do big things and putting in all the effort, principles, sacrifice and learning to make things happen.

Your head is good enough, so is mine, and so is every other person’s. At the end of the day, we are all normal folks with the capacity to do great things.

So go on and do great things. I believe in you!


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