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Can Someone Be In Love With More Than One Person?

Well someone asked me this question recently, it was simple and straight to the point.

Can someone be in love with more than one person at the same time?’

I really had to give this question a rethink, because there is a popular answer to this question. So I have decided to throw the question open to everyone here. Let’s think about it first. What makes it possible, and what makes it impossible? Does love shared with someone block other chances of loving another?


Can someone be in love with more than one person at the same time?

Please give your reasons with some facts, observations or a  true experience.

I’ll be expecting to see your comments. The more people you share this post with, the more brilliant minds we’ll get to discuss this matter with. Someone needs the help.

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4 thoughts on “Can Someone Be In Love With More Than One Person?”

  1. To be very sincere with you without trying to be sentimental… No matter the definition we give to love in this context whether spiritual, emotional, sensual or intellectual…it can exist for more than one person. In a world filled with over 6 billion people?!
    Cmon?!…its just enlightenment and self discipline that tames our conscience to determine how we express the love and to whom we express it.
    The question is not in whether it exists, that’s involuntary, the question will eventually be in how we express it and to whom we express it.
    In my case and searching the deepest path of my soul I have found this natural affection for more than one person…Its my discipline and maturity towards life that makes me determine howbI eventually express the love that I feel.
    U don’t fight it…u only express it according to Gods standard as the case may be.
    Love is a feeling
    Love is also a knowledge.
    We express love according to KNOWLEDGE!!!

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