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My Daughter, You Are Not The First To Grow Breasts

Dear Daughter,

Since you were a little baby, I have watched you. I carried you for nine months. I was your eyes when you couldn’t understand what you saw, I protected you when you couldn’t protect yourself. I saw the evil world and how things were run in it. Immediately I saw these things happen, my thoughts ran back to you. I said “My little, beautiful daughter must not fall into the arms of the evil I see.” I promised to never hold back the truth from you. This was many years ago, before you could utter your first words.

I just watched you walk past me after cleaning up the dishes as I write this letter to you. I must confess that you have become a woman. I want it to be on record that I wrote this to you, not being the mother who hated you but the one that wanted the best for you. I know wisdom comes with age, so you’ll understand my words better in the future.

You are now at the phase where you are like a magnet, attracting everyone, especially young men. I see myself in you many times, the excitement I felt being your age. I may have aged now, but I remember how hot I was back then, don’t laugh at me. You are beautiful, you have my exact body shape and figure, and it is natural that I feel that you will face similar challenges like I did.


My daughter, this is the most important phase of your life that you must take very seriously. Once a young lady starts to grow breasts and a bigger butt, she is guaranteed more attention not just from men her age but even older men. I want you to focus on yourself and your development. What are your dreams and visions? What do you want to do with your life, what skills do you need to learn? Now is the time to focus on them.

I know you’ll say mum just has an odd way of looking at life, but truthfully I’ll tell you what my mother told me “You Are Not The First Lady To Grow Breasts.” Yes, my daughter, times may have changed but we remain humans. The times we live in even encourage more human perversion and expression, but we are still humans.

Don’t believe what any young man says to you about how beautiful you look and how he just wants to spend time with you. How about you remaining his friend, and you get to know him better? Most young people that come to you would have no plans for you but will want to access your body and what you hold dear.

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Do not let any man pressure you till you are ready. When I was younger, I let the pressure get to my head. I became dependent on the young men that came to me, I unconsciously became bound to them for joy and happiness. After a while one man was not enough, I needed two, then three.

I lost myself, my person amongst others, I had stopped focusing on who I was and my development. I couldn’t bear a single moment with myself alone, I always felt empty. Until the day I accepted that I needed help and self-love. I had to break most ties I had with friends to take care and love myself. My dear daughter, learn to love yourself.

You must above all things be a woman of good character. You have to learn to be the woman that stands out from the crowd. This will not come easy, or by wishing it, it will come by hard work and diligence. Make up your mind to learn from the experience of others, just like I am sharing with you. Don’t wait to go through experiences yourself before you learn from them. There will be experiences that will be yours, but don’t make the mistakes you could have avoided by seeking wisdom. Desire to be a woman of sincerity, truth, and virtue. You can’t be a lady that can’t be hospitable, accommodative or freely giving. Also, be willing to share wisdom with people around you, it is important.

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Please think of the things I have mentioned in this letter. They would help you and give you life. I love you my dear daughter and I want the very best for you. Pardon my excesses sometimes, a lot of them stem out of love as I am working on myself too.

Until my next letter to you my dear, keep being the strong lady that you are.

Your Mum.


Written by Victory Odunjo


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