Dear Egungun, Please Be Careful

With the latest trending song being an old song by Obesere including the lyrics ‘egungun be careful’ (masquerade be careful). It has been interesting to watch how a lot of folks have jumped on the song and made it a thing, there are remixes and other covers.

The lyrics actually mean something like a warning to a masquerade saying:

“Masquerade be careful, you are going to the expressway.” A warning sounded out by an observer.

The observer later exclaims that an accident has happened on the expressway involving the same masquerade man, who was warned beforehand. Now the masquerade has been hit by a car on the expressway.

The story has now become a thing of “I told you so.”

The song is so hilarious that you will actually laugh at how the song was performed and the dance too.

But thinking deeply about the concept of the song, I realize that there is something to learn from it that we may not be taking seriously.

It is how easily we love to wave off warnings from those around us concerning the moves we have made or are about to make. Especially for those of us who are youths in this generation, we have a thing for pushing aside the concepts of our elders, terming them as ‘old school’, only for us to get on in life and realize a couple of years later that we were wrong and they were right.

I have seen this happen time and again. The difficult reality we are facing is being unable to accept is that we are the egunguns (masquerades) who are being warned. We want to be the person who is warning the masquerade.

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While that seems to be very noble, it contains an element of blindness and deafness to the right voices in our lives, these voices leading us and instructing us to do the right things.

Reminds me of how in the book of Proverbs a story is told of how Wisdom was shouting in the streets, for people to come unto her and listen to her wisdom. Many walked past her and some mocked her. Wisdom then warned them that a time of difficulty will come to them because they did not listen.

Maybe right now in your life, you don’t know who wisdom is, but there is wisdom somewhere around you. It may be from the person you least expect, a friend, a colleague, a family member. And most of all, the Holy Spirit is in your life.

A large number of us hear from God through His various mediums of speaking to us, but we fail to be careful. He shows us dreams, his Word that reveals his plans for us, and we take it for granted. That’s definitely not the best way to go about life.

Can you accept already that you are the egungun and you have to be careful? There are too many dangers in life and some of these things don’t always require experience to find the answers?

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This has happened to me quite a number of times. One happened to me one fateful day, where someone gave me a piece of advice, telling me to do something and go in a certain direction.

I nodded my head and didn’t do enough about it. Guess what? About 3 years after, I came to the point where I realized that I needed to start off on what I could have done like 3 years ago. This Egungun was not careful and wasted time. Maybe this Egungun is lucky to have another chance to try again.

What do you think? Do you think you are sensitive to know what to work on in your life? To know who to listen to? Can you sit down and think deeply and retrospectively about the advice you receive and know when to heed? Or are you resistant to anything that isn’t within your plan? Are you used to only having your way?

Do scriptures still correct you or you have become so immune to them that you are comfortable to do what says you shouldn’t?

The Bible’s way of saying egungun be careful is “There’s a way which seems right unto a man, but the end is destruction”. It is not every time that because it looks or feels good means it is right. Some of you have pushed your luck to the end and the next move would not be favorable.

Be careful. Be attentive. Pause a bit and be still for once, listen! There is more to be gotten, and you don’t have to have all the negative experiences to learn.

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Learn to discern and sift through discussions with older folks and pick their best intentions and wisdom over the years. As the Yoruba adage says, you may have many more clothes than an elder, but you can’t have as many rags as an elder would.

It’s definitely easier to warn other egunguns to be careful, very kind of you to not be afraid to correct in truth and in love. Mostly it is easier for people who are not in situations to see better than those actively involved.

There’s the need for you dear Egungun, please be careful.

Victory Odunjo
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4 thoughts on “Dear Egungun, Please Be Careful”

  1. Are you saying people that are not in the situation gives the best advice or better still knows when the egungun should be careful?

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