Dear Future Wife, Here’s A Poem For You

I have watched the sunrise,
Slept under the stars.
I have climbed on high mountains,
Swam in deep waters

I love the experience that comes with life
And living to bask in every moment.
I have felt pain
And have had the worst beatings

Through all this, I never knew
That there could still be
Anything more pleasurable,
Anyone more delightful

Until I found a jewel
Which was rare and difficult to find
As finding a black diamond among the black rocks
But my eyes were opened and I could see you, the real you

And in that very moment
It made all the sense
That you were the one for me
And that I could never leave

For you are more addictive than cocaine
And the spark of your lips on mine
Joins me to fly
With the pilots on cloud nine

I could never understand how someone could be tender
Yet so strong
But every strong thing has built its strength
To be able to protect what is soft within

The heart is what you protect
Your tender heart is what you keep close
Your heart differentiates you
And makes you special

Your heart will not be toyed with
Neither will I allow anyone to come close to it
For I have seen its beauty
And its ability to change a life

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It has grabbed and embraced me,
I was stung and overtaken
By the blood your heart pumped
Love love and more love it was

And it now is natural
To love you.
It feels just okay
To be hopelessly in love, with no way out

With you forever looks doable
Laying on your chest feels so exciting
Feeling your breath is so overwhelming
And a kiss from your lips heavenly

I want to stay with you forever and never leave
For when I met you I was a normal man
But you have made me a King
As you are my crown 👑

My love
The one who plays the strings of my heart
And commands the tune it dances to
It is you and me forever ❤

Yours Faithfully in Waiting,
Your Future Husband & King


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