Don’t Forget To Be Human Today

You are already human, aren’t you? I am human too. We are also surrounded by many humans in our lives. Truly, I don’t expect that a random bot scanning through this post will have any business pausing to read or understand what this article has to say. We already know why; it’s because the bot isn’t human, it doesn’t really care and has nothing else to do than do what it was created to.

You, on the other hand, are not a robot, you are a human with blood flowing through your veins, and a mind that can make logical and emotional choices. Your ability to think and feel is one thing that makes you stand out. You are unique whether or not you admit to this.

So why exactly are we having this conversation for you to stay human? That’s a good question. I like that you asked that. This piece of advice is only being given to you because we live in a world where we all aren’t able to see what we are becoming without being told or noticing it on our own. Some of us find it easy to point out what others are doing wrong without being able to see that we do the same things.

Gradually, we are starting to lose a sense of humanity that we should naturally present in our situations. This happens majorly because on some of the negative experiences or encounters we have had. Probably a terrible heartbreak, a huge lie that was told against us, the lack of support that we got from others while in a difficult situation, that we were only lucky to come out of.

For others, it’s feeling on top of the world, like no one can sit with you, everyone is beneath you, and for a special few, it’s called oversabi which is called knowing too much (which makes it very easy to assume you fully understand the situations of others when actually you don’t!)

Whether this affects you directly or indirectly, it’s wise to look in deeply and try to project the lessons from here into your everyday life. We need to be truthful to ourselves, really. The truth helps us see right and it also sets us free.

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When was the last time you saw someone in a particular everyday situation and ask yourself, how does this person feel? How would it feel to be in this person’s shoes? How would I want to be treated in this situation? How would it feel to be on the receiving end of the words or kinds of treatment that this person is experiencing?

Asking these questions is step one, acting differently and treating them like you would prefer to be treated is the next step. But most of us aren’t even in the mood to start the first step of putting ourselves in the person’s situation, talk of treating them right.

We easily say words like “Life is difficult for everybody, this is his own cup of tea, let him deal with it as I deal with my own cup, there’s no extra space to carry another person’s baggage”.

Can life be mean to you and in the midst of it you are able to show others kindness and love? Can you out of the very little you have, do someone a favor that will mean so much to them even though it’s a huge sacrifice for you? Can you choose to not treat others the way you were treated even though you once promised yourself that you’ll never be like the person that hurt you?

I believe these questions are worth answering. I see people who do life like they are robots and no longer humans. No feelings or regard for anyone whatsoever. They see life through a narrow glass and act like they have been programmed by robots to respond only in certain ways.

Can you be human again? Can you not thrash someone’s pain so easily and undermine it because you have been through much worse and survived? Can you choose not to see the mistakes that others have made and strictly define them by that alone? Can you do good to someone who has hurt you, or be gracious enough to say a word of prayer for them if they desperately needed it?

Sorry that I am asking too many questions, but is it really too much to ask? That you can learn to be the unique person who treats others differently, who welcomes people with open arms, regardless of their class or level in life.

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I know of people who rate only people who are on ‘their level or above them’. If it seems that you are seemingly ‘beneath’ them, you’ll be treated like a rag.

I was on a bus recently, and someone else joined the bus and sat next to me. The person was a mechanic, clearly from the grease on his shirt and also the dirt on his body. Oh well, you can tell how uncomfortable I was in my mind. I was almost trying to see how possible it was for me to avoid even the slightest contact with him as the bus moved.

But then it suddenly hit me when I questioned how I felt and deeply examined it. This was beyond me not wanting to get dirty, this was me feeling somehow superior to this man who was going about trying to labor and get paid. I was still going to have my bath that night or the next morning anyway.

Whatever dirt I didn’t get from him wasn’t going to make me any cleaner at the end of the day. Somewhere in my heart, I thought I was better than this man, a fellow man like me who probably would do much better than me if he had the same opportunities that I did.

I shrunk in my heart and thought what it must have felt like to be him, sitting close to someone who was better dressed and was trying to move away from me as if I was thrash or had poop all over me.

I honestly, had to ask God to forgive me and help me treat others better.

It doesn’t just happen that people wake up one day and start berating others around them, it had started within them a long time ago. I immediately adjusted myself on the bus and suddenly didn’t care anymore if this young man stained me or not. God bless his hustle! We are all humans trying to make ends meet even in the difficult situations.

We can all do better, I can, and you can too. Don’t lose your humanity, your ability to connect with others or truly understand their situations. We must wholeheartedly believe others and see that they are serious when they say something means a lot to them.

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There are much deeper levels to the things we see in life. Probably if we were a little less self-centered and more sensitive, there would be a lot we would notice about hurting people around us. We would know when to give a word of encouragement, when to correct, do a favor we were not asked, or take responsibility without being told.

“There is something great in whatever you look at. Many people look but few people see; to leave a distinctive footprint, do not just look but see, for seeing will make you different” – Ernest Yeboah

Let’s leave how social media sometimes disconnects us and untrains our minds from how to deal with the fellow man next to us. And how looking down on our phones will not make us notice those around us who are depressed or don’t have it all figured out.

Social Media can’t be blamed for everything. What we can do is learn to take responsibility for staying human and not crossing those lines that make us wear our human bodies and treat others like robots.

“Because of the privilege and authority God has given me, I give each of you this warning: Don’t think you are better than you really are. Be honest in your evaluation of yourselves, measuring yourselves by the faith God has given us.– Romans 12:3 NLT

I hope you take a thought or two from this into your everyday life, I will do so too.

Thanks for reading.

Victory Odunjo

Can you relate to this post? What things do you do to stay human every day? Do you have any additions or contributions? Drop a comment below. Kindly share this with someone too.

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14 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Be Human Today”

  1. Interesting. Thanks for this.
    It reminds me of the story of the Good Samaritan. To the Jewish audience Jesus was telling, the Samaritan was not an especially ‘godly’ person, just a human who loved his neighbour. Humanity is beautiful at its best and hideous at its worst because of choice. God brings out the best of us when we live on His terms. Still, how we act is a choice that comes from a heart. It influences how we see ourselves and others. In today’s world, this is especially needed.
    Great work!

    1. My brother! I am absolutely in love with your interpretation, it’s really deep. The concept of the story was beyond being godly but more about being human. Living on God’s terms is very key as well. Thanks for dropping a comment Emmanuel. Bless you 👑

  2. Wonderful post bro. It takes a lot of effort to stay human, cos it’ll mean you’ll have to make sacrifices to stay the way you are actually meant to be, human.
    Iss weh. Lool
    God’ll help us

    1. Amen o. It’s weh my brora! Lol. Making sacrifices is an all day long requirement that never ends. We really can’t affect other lives positively if we aren’t willing to look beyond ourselves. Thanks for stopping by ❤

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