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Favour’s Love Story (Part 6)

Bible study on Wednesdays starts by 5:30pm but as a worker, Favour had to be there by 5pm to join the workers prayer meeting and help arrange the church. Favour was one of the committed workers in her church, she did all she did with her whole heart and not because she wanted to please people. She loved God and her passion for things of God reflected in her service in church.
This Wednesday was definitely a special one because her new friend would be around. She was looking forward to his coming. As she cleaned the chairs in church in preparation for the service, her mind flashed back to her outing with Emma the previous day, she had already saved a seat for him.

Oh my bad, pardon my manners. How did I omit such a vital gist lol *smiles*. OK so here it is…
Favour had been counting down to Tuesday evening ever since they fixed the date. Days seemed to crawl by. She was so looking forward to it. She definitely wanted to know more about the mystery guy, Emmanuel.
Tuesday morning finally came, she carefully selected her outfit that morning because she knew she would be going from work to meet Emma and won’t be coming home first to change. She wore a baby pink chiffon blouse with a black blazer, a grey skirt and a pair of black heels which gave her that confident look.

She kept checking the time, waiting for 4pm. Her mind wasn’t at work anymore. By 3:30pm, she packed her bags and told her colleague she had to leave earlier that day. When she got into her car, she touched up her make up, said a word of prayer, committing the outing into her heavenly Father’s hand. She didn’t want to get to the restaurant before Emma, so she decided to place a call to him to find out where he was because they had planned to meet at 4:30pm in a restaurant close to Favour’s place of work. He told her he would be there in another 30 mins. It was after she hung up she realized how early she was and decided to be ease of the tension; she turned on the AC in her car and slipped in a music album by Chris Morgan which she bought the previous day on her way home.

The first track was ‘I Do’. She had not heard this gospel song before but the lyrics, for some reason, really got to her; ‘I’ll do anything, for You, I’ll do anything You want me to do, cos I love You more than anything cos I love You more than anyone and I’ll live my life for You, no matter what it take I do…’

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As the song played on, she could hear the Holy Spirit ask her ‘can you really do anything for me? Can you let go of Emma if I tell you he isn’t My will for your life? There was silence from both her and the voice she had just heard, she could feel her heart racing again and sweat droplets gather on her face despite the AC. The question, all of a sudden made her feel really uncomfortable. At that point, she realized Emma was her Isaac that had to be placed on the altar.

With a heavy sigh and tears rolling down her cheeks, she placed her head on the steering and said ‘Lord, You know I love You more than this. If Emma is not Your will for my life, then let Your will and Your will alone be done. You have brought me this far and only You can see me through. Father, I love You’. It was similar to the statement Esther made when she told Haggai to choose the jewelry she was to wear to see the king, a choice she knew she couldn’t adequately make herself. Favour was completely willing to follow God’s choice.
She immediately felt this perfect mixture of peace and joy. She had strength to put her feelings under subjection and no longer allow them control her. She was still attracted to him but now had laid it all down at the Master’s feet; it no longer took over her whole reasoning. At this point, if God says ‘NO’, she will be perfectly fine. She checked the time and realized she needed to be on her way else, she would be late.

As she packed her car at the restaurant, she noticed Emma’s car was already packed. She looked at her reflection in the rear mirror and spoke aloud to herself ‘Favour, its God’s choice that matters the most. He will lead you aright’.
As she entered the beautifully furnished restaurant, she was welcomed by smell of well cooked food. It was at that point she realized just how hungry she was. She had barely eaten all day cos of how nervous she felt earlier that day. She looked closely at those sited and noticed a guy siting alone, backing the entrance. From his frame, she knew it was Emma.

She confidently walked towards him and on approaching him smiled and said ‘Hi Emma, I’m so sorry for coming late, it’s not my usual nature’
Emma’s face brightened up as he saw her, he got up to give her a side hug and said ‘it’s no problem at all, I got here less than five minutes ago myself. There was a little traffic but that not withstanding, I thank God I am here. You look beautiful, I must say’ he smiled
‘Thank you’ she couldn’t help but smile back ‘you look good too’ she added
‘How was work today?’
‘It was good jare’ she said as she took her sit, placed her bag on the corner of the table and unconsciously placed her free hand on her tummy cos the hunger pangs began to set it. She could tell she was getting freer with Emma, not the usual forming like ‘fine girls no dey eat’

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Emma, being the observant type, noticing she must be hungry quickly said in a gentlemanly fashion ‘why don’t we place our orders’ and added ‘I’m starving’
‘Me too’ Favour said with a smile, elongating the ‘too’ to show the intensity of the hunger.
Emma signaled to the waiter, the placed their orders and after about ten minutes, their foods were served.
‘Alright then, tell me about yourself’ Favour said with a smile
‘What will you like to know anything about me?’ Emma asked cheerfully
‘As much as can be told’ she replied as she took a sip from her glass.
He spent a few minutes talking about himself, Favour listened with rapt attention. She nodded from time to time to show she was following him even though she didn’t stop eating.

‘I am the first child of my parents and I have two sisters; Omolara and Omolola. I’m currently based in the United states, will be rounding off my PhD in another six months after which I plan to return to settle down here in Nigeria. Despite how tempted I have been, I’ve not had the go ahead from God to remain there after I’m done. I’ve learnt that the only way one doesn’t miss it in life is to follow the leading of God’.

Favour was impressed but constantly reminded herself not to get emotionally attached till she was sure that was what wanted for her.
The evening was a blast. Favour told him about herself too. She loved his sense of humour which he balanced perfectly with this depth in God she could literally palpate. She however made up her mind to pray about him and know specifically what God was saying about him.
‘Tomorrow is Bible study, if you’ll be able to make it’ she said
‘Definitely ! I’ll be there by God’s grace. What time is it again?’

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‘5:30. I’ll save a sit for you’ she smiled ‘It’s not because I enjoy siting beside you o before you start feeling yourself, it’just because I just want to pity you ni’ she said jokingly
‘Yeah right, we both know I’m fun to be with. Just agree that you enjoy my company’ he smiled and added ‘don’t worry, beebee I’ll sit beside you. Beebee ni o so that it won’t say I am proud’
They both laughed.
He paid the bill and they left.

So that’s how the Tuesday’s outing went. Back to Wednesday evening as she cleaned the chairs at church…
Emma kept to his Word; he made it for Bible study and was also in time. He sat beside Favour as they had both agreed. Bible study that day was on ‘The need to Always Enquire’. It was an interactive session after which the pastor rounded off and summarized the key points. He spoke about the fact that as Christians, we cannot but be led by God at all time. He made reference to David who always sought that face of the Lord before embarking on any task and gave a scriptural reference 1 Sam 23 verses 2 and 3. He enjoined the church to make it a regular habit to ask God for His will concerning every issue. Emphasizing that nothing is too big or too small to talk to God about.
This for Favour, brought a stirring in her heart of a need to take out time to pray properly and allow God let her in on His plans for her especially with regards to Emma. After service, she explained to Emma that she wasn’t going to be able to see him that Saturday as they had earlier planned.

‘I needed time out to trash out somethings. We’ll see on Sunday if that’s ok by you’ she said.
‘No problem, that’s fine by me’ he said with a bit of concern. Sensing that she needed time to pray about what was beginning to transpire between them, he perfectly understood. He however, had already started the process of ‘trashing things out with God’ but knew the matter could not be over flogged so he made up his mind to keep at it during the period that they wouldn’t be seeing each other. He needed to be absolutely certain before he took a step especially one this crucial.

Are they both going to come back with the same or different word from God about the matter and what exactly is the word going to be?

To be continued

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