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Favour’s Love Story

“Daddy, all men are the same. I’m never going to trust any of them again. Never!” Favour said as she stood up and left her father’s sitting room. “I’m going home, dad.” As she drove off in her red Kia Picanto, tears rolled down her face. She had been hurt real bad.

*******************************    SIX MONTHS AGO         *************************************

Favour, a 26-year-old banker, had the shape and face that made men take a second glance in admiration; she also had the brains that paved way for her in her profession. She was an easy going young lady that had every other thing in place except one – a good relationship. Favour had literally found favour in about every area of her life save this. She had a cheerful heart with an ever smiling face which attracted all kinds of guys; the good, the bad and the ugly. When it came to relationships, she had standards, not the unrealistically high ones that many ladies these days have, but ones based on biblical principles. She was not for anything or anyone going to lower them.

She loved God and was a committed Christian. She had a growing intimate relationship with her heavenly Father and her love for Him helped her not to compromise or settle for less than His will for her life. She was certain that His will be the best for her.
Her life had not always been without flaws. Before she met Christ a few years back, she had been in three relationships, the latter two of which were really serious and she hoped will end in marriage but instead led to heart breaks. The last one ended it with a text message stating that he was just not ready for a relationship and wanted them to just be friends. Talk about friend zoning after months of intimacy, that’s heartbreaking. She met Christ not too long after, gathered the broken pieces of her heart, gave it to Him and allowed Him to fill the void in her heart.

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For a while, she was fine, she didn’t see a need for a man in her life but like every young lady, the desire began to grow. She began to crave the company of one who will love her and take care of her. Nevertheless, she still wasn’t going to lower her standards. This made her turn down many offers and people began to ask her if she knew what she wanted. Others said her standards were too high but she tried not to let these comments get to her.

The pressure started increasing and in her alone time, she found herself asking questions like “Are my standards really too high?”, “maybe he doesn’t have to be so spiritual after all”, “it may not be all that bad if all he does is go to church only on Sundays at least, he sha goes to church”. But quickly she would go back to God’s Word and remind herself that God promised to grant her the desire of her heart if she delights herself in Him (Ps 37:4) and that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all she can ask or think (Eph 3: 20).

Like every other day, she went to work. A young man properly suited up walked into the bank. He was tall, well built and good looking. As her eyes got a glimpse of him, she could not take them off. She could feel her heart beat faster as he walked towards her desk at the customer care section.

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He greeted her warmly, “Good day ma’am, I have a complaint please.”

‘Please have your sit sir, how may I be of help?’ she could hear herself stammer as a result of her nervousness but she tried hard to compose herself.

He went on with his complaint and all she could see as he spoke was his beautiful smile that revealed his perfect set of white teeth and bilateral dimples.

“So is there anything that can be done?” he asked politely.

Favour was miles away, lost in her thoughts.

He cleared his throat to get her attention. “The BVN, is there anything that can be done about it?” he repeated himself.
“Oh sure, yes. I’ll work on it right away” she jerks back to reality and begins to enter somethings into the desktop that stood between her and the handsome dude. “Sir, please I’ll need your name, account number and phone number” As she imputed them into the system she prayed he would ask for hers.

“So Favour, if you don’t mind me asking, aside from work in the bank do you go out to unwind from the day’s stress?”
‘What? Is this guy hitting on me?’ She asked herself. “If you don’t mind me asking, how did you know my name?”
He chuckled and pointed to the tag hung on her neck, “I believe that’s you”.
“Oh my bad, I forgot” she smiled, a little embarrassed. “And your name is?” she asked trying to cover her embarrassment.
“Bayo, I just gave you my details” he added with a smile.

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“Oh that’s true. Your complaint has been rectified. Thanks for using First Bank” she tried to change the subject of discussion back.
“Thank you but you haven’t answered my question. Can I see you some other time?”

To be continued…

What happens next? Watch Out For Favour’s Love Story Part 2 next week Sunday. Don’t miss it.

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