Have You Felt Like All Was Lost & Gone?

Have you ever felt like the walls around you were closing in?
Have you ever felt like all was lost and gone?
Have you ever felt that God was wicked, heartless and didn’t care?

I’ve been there and I know how it feels. I can’t say I’ve had it worse than others but in my own way I went through hell and came out the other side with guns blazing.
I remember sitting awake and wondering why we existed, pondering the reason behind my life on earth. I remember waking and feeling like it was all just worthless.
But His mercies prevailed on me.

I walked with Him and woke up one day with burdens lifted off my shoulders, I woke up and it was pain off of my heart, I opened my eyes and the sorrow was gone.
I know some of you wonder why He allows you to go through hell like you’re going through or you’ve been in.

Some of you wonder why He allows you to lose that special someone,
You wonder and blame Him for the pain going on around you and ask where His hand is.
But He is there right beside you going through it with you. It might all be just the labor pain ushering in your bouncing baby testimony. It might just be the birthing pain leading to your divine success.

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David lost everything and his men almost killed him for it, but he strengthened himself and looked onto his maker and he got back all that was his and much more.
The Israelites went through 400 years of humiliation and slavery, but when the Lord took them out of the hands of their oppressors, they went away with the riches of Egypt.

The God that I serve is a God that keeps His promises no matter how long.
Joseph was given a vision that he was going to be lord over his brothers and be great, but he was sold by the same brothers; accused of rape and thrown in prison by his employer. When his time came though, he was given an office that never existed before him and didn’t exist after him.

His time is best!

Thanks for reading.
Oluwaseun Ojewale

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