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Four Months After…

I couldn’t believe that the Twelve words I heard came from Matt, my ever understanding husband.

We’ve been together in the house without a third party for weeks and I didn’t seem to really understand what he was talking about.

All I knew was that I’d been trying to get some things done on my PC for almost six hours in my room that day.

He asked the question again, “Why do I feel like you are so far from me, Marv?“

“How have I been far from you?” I tried defending myself with a question.

“What have you asked me to do that I’ve not done? I continued

“Our marriage is just four months and it looks like you’re getting tired already, Marv. I understand that you have a lot to catch up with so you don’t lag behind in your career but how about we work things out between us cause we’ve just started this journey ” His soft voice got me. I became very calm, closed my PC and gave him some attention.

“You’ve stopped communicating with me as your Best friend , we’ve lost the connection that once existed between us. The Strong Cord of love is weakened and is almost tearing apart. You have given more priority to your PC and friends on the Virtual Space than you are giving me.”

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He leaned forward to hold my hands and I could feel his sweaty palms on my skin.

“All along, I’ve tried to understand you but now I feel that keeping quiet is only worsening the situation.” At this time, my eyes became glassy with tears. I knew my husband must be deeply hurt for him to come out pouring his heart to me.”

Guilt unveiled itself, telling me that I had made the man I promised to make happy all the days of my life so sad and hurting.

“Please forgive me, My Heart. I truly allowed myself to be so insensitive to your needs and our needs as a family. Find a place in your heart to forgive me and I promise to stay true to you forever and ever and ever.” I was going down on my knees and he lifted me before my knees could touch the ground.

Something fresh, indescribable was restored to my heart and whatever it is, that was what I needed at that time.

He carried me in his arms and all I saw was LOVE

This is true of some Christians today who made a vow to love God forever and obey all His commands but along the line got distracted with the side attractions that the Devil throws at them.

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Since the best way we can stay above the world is through constant communication with God and fellowship with the Holy Spirit, our greatest enemy has successfully given us things that we can use as excuses for not being committed to the One who loved us and gave Himself for us.

Think about it, how many hours do you communicate with God compared to the hours you spend on the virtual space?

How many hours do you spend, getting your spirit charged compared with getting your smartphones charged?

Have you forgotten that God is more interested in you communicating with Him than you just being full of activities?

The Bible says that “The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous man avails much”. The Devil knows this truth and would want to stop us by every means cause Prayer is our greatest weapon as Believers.

This is only a wake up call to those who are relaxing as this is not a moment to retire but refire. And for those who are standing not to let down their guard.

And just like Matt, HE is ever ready to have you back in His arms, always speaking with you. The best time to sort things out is just right now.

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Put on the whole armor of God, Pray to the Father without ceasing for this is the Path to Victory.

I trust this blessed you, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

And don’t forget this- Spread the message by sharing with friends and loved ones.

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Priscilla Rereloluwa Ekundare

A writer and speaker whose goal is to be an inspiration to all

13 thoughts on “Four Months After…”

  1. This is far away from gibberish. I saw a true picture of maturity, submission, humility and godly character by saying “I’m sorry being displayed by the action of both Marv and Matt.

    What makes relationship blissful is champion by CHARACTER. what makes a woman a virtuous woman is GOOD CHARACTER then MATURITY comes to play a second fiddle.

  2. This is the perfect description of Gods nature and Language “Love”. God is Love and nothing can separate us from his love but we have to be careful of distractions from what you stated, so we don’t lose our Focus.

    Thanks for sharing.

    More Grace and stay connected

  3. Hmmm…intrigrante
    Really love this and it worthy of note from here to understand the place of been sensitive to each others needs per time especially in all relationships(not only in marriage)which is the key to it success and growth.
    Thank sis….mas inspiracion

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