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Gbemi (Part 5)

She opened the door which led into a waiting area where they had always met for previous discussions. Mr Kalejaye wasn’t there. His voice seemed to be coming from the bedroom this time around.

‘I have the documents here sir’, she expected him to come out to meet her there as was his custom.

‘Alright, bring them here’, he said as if that had been the norm.

At that point, she knew there was fire on the mountain. She began to pray under her breath as she approached the bedroom. She saw her boss sitting up in bed. He wore his bathrobe and was working on his laptop. She had not seen him in anything other than his usual cooperate wears which was either suit or a shirt with tie and a pair of trouser.

‘Here they are sir’, she extended the papers to him.

‘Thank you’, he took his gaze from his laptop to her. ‘I thought you’d be in your nighty by now.’

‘Excuse me?’, did she just hear him say what she thought he said?

‘It’s late, I assumed you would have had a shower and changed to your nighty.’

‘I had to change after you called’, she wondered how that was his business.

‘So in your opinion how was the trip?’, he put his laptop on the bed and focused on her.

‘I believe it was a huge success sir; you met with everyone you had appointments with and the meetings went well’, she said still standing.

‘Well, I wasn’t referring to the meetings. How was the accommodation, feeding and the likes?’

‘Okay… well to me, both the accommodation and feeding were good’. At this point, she knew she couldn’t afford to remain there any longer.

‘That’s nice’, he got up, walked towards the fridge, brought out a drink and picked two of the glass cups on the fridge. ‘So you mean you won’t have preferred a 5-star hotel?’, he approached her and attempted to open the drink.

Gbemi didn’t want to appear too forward, but she also knew that they were the only two in the room and the second glass was for her. ‘Sir, I don’t take alcohol.’

‘Oh pardon my manners. What drink would you prefer?’

‘I’m fine thank you sir, I’m okay for the night sir.’ She was beginning to feel really uncomfortable, her heart racing and her fingers trembling. ‘I’ll like to take my leave now sir’, she tried to be firm yet still polite.

‘Why the rush? Our flight is not until tomorrow afternoon.’

‘I’ve had a long day and I need to rest.’

‘That’s ok then. However, before you go, I need you to draft a letter of appreciation to our host, telling them how you like the accommodation and feeding. Use my laptop’, he pointed to the laptop on the bed.

Gbemi knew he was obviously up to something. She usually drafted letters on her laptop and forwarded them to his email. He was definitely being cunny. ‘Sir, I’ll rather type it on my laptop and forward it to you.’

‘Are you questioning my order?’, he raised his voice angrily.

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‘No sir I’m not but I’m more comfortable with…’

He cut her sharply ‘and who is talking about comfort here? I gave you an instruction and you are telling me what you’ll rather do. Consider this your last day as my personal assistance if you refuse to do as I say’, he threatened her.

Gbemi could smell alcohol in his breath; she picked the laptop from the bed, sat on the chair and placed the laptop on the table. Just as she was about to start working, she saw that he had been watching pornography on the laptop. She immediately minimized it and opened Microsoft word to start typing. She intensified her praying under her breath, asking God to take control of the situation.

Mr Kalejaye sat on the bed watching her as she typed.

‘Dear Lord, help me out of this situation I have found myself’, she prayed in her heart. She was still trembling with fear, memories of her father’s assault became fresh again. She prayed for a way of escape. Just as she was finishing, she felt him behind her. He placed one hand on her shoulder and acted as if he was reading through what she had typed. As soon as he attempted moving his hand towards her back, she hit it off and stood up at once.

‘The letter is ready sir, good night’, she said with a straight face and left without waiting for his response. She walked out as fast as she could and didn’t stop walking until she got to her room. She locked the door behind her and gave a deep sigh of relief, ‘Thank You Lord’, her whole body shaking and her heart racing. She was grateful it was the last night there. She didn’t bother changing to her night gown. She climbed her bed, covered herself with her duvet and determined she wasn’t going to open the door for anybody even if the building was on fire. She turned off her phone and forced herself to sleep.

The next day, they left for the airport by 12noon. Mr Kalejaye acted as if nothing had happened the previous night. Gbemi, therefore, had no reason to bring it up. She plugged her ears and listened to wonderful gospel music from her iPhone. She continued reading the book she started reading when they flew in. She made sure they checked in differently so that they won’t sit together. When they got to the airport in Nigeria, Mr Kalejaye told her she could take the next day which was a Friday off and resume on Monday.

‘Thank you sir’ she said.

She took a cab home. As she carried her bags upstairs, she wondered if Gbenga was in. It was just a thought, she definitely wasn’t going to check, at least not now that she had just arrived and needed rest. More so, it was late. She got into her flat, turned on the light, dropped her bags in the sitting room and said a prayer. She was grateful for so many things; journey mercies, the productive meetings but most importantly for God’s protection and divine intervention the previous night. He promised her that everything would be fine and despite the incident, she knew God was faithful. She didn’t want to try to imagine what could have happened if it was not for God.

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‘I can’t wait to tell Gbenga what happened’ she said to herself and she took her things into the house. She had a warm shower, had a cup of tea and shortly after, retired for the night.

The next day being Friday, her day off. She slept till 11am. She was refreshed and well rested. She spent quality time studying the bible and praying. As she prayed, she decided to talk to God once again about Gbenga and yet again, just like she did the other time, she perceived God cautioned her.

‘Father, what is this uneasiness I feel every time I pray about Gbenga?’

She didn’t get a response but a Bible passage dropped in her spirit; Psalm 32:8. She knew it off hand but still decided to open her Bible to read it.

“I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go: I will guide you with mine eyes”

She immediately knew what this meant; God assured her His direction and guidance. She opened another passage; Proverbs 3:5-6.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path”

God wanted Gbemi to trust Him and she was determined to do just that.

Towards evening she placed a call to Gbenga, she wanted to know if he was home so she could visit him and tell him how everything went. He didn’t pick up. She decided to call one more time. It rang for a while then it was picked.

‘Hello Gbenga’, Gbemi was happy he picked the call.

‘Hello’, a female voice said. ‘Sorry this is not Gbenga, wrong number’, she hung up before Gbemi could say another word.

‘Useless Nigerian network’, she said to herself as she tried calling again.

After the second ring, she heard the female voice again ‘hello, please you are calling the wrong number’.

‘Na wa for this network o’, she flung the phone on the couch in the sitting room and went into the room to get what she had bought for Gbenga. It was a White Ralph Lauren checked collar shirt. She decided if the network messed her up at least it won’t interfere with her paying him a visit.

They spoke only once while she was in SA and that was when she called him to tell him she had arrived. He didn’t call her throughout her stay, although they chatted a few times and she was the one that initiated the chats. She assumed he was busy and so she didn’t bother to hold it against him. Plus God had told her to be cautious with him so she made sure she wasn’t too forward.

She placed the gift in a nylon. She wore a top and a pair of jeans trousers. She didn’t do any out-of-the-ordinary makeup, just powder and lip gloss.

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She pressed the bell of his apartment. There was no response. She pressed it again and waited awhile. Still there was no response. She was disappointed and was about to turn to leave when she heard the door being opened from inside. She felt excitement well up within her. She didn’t realise when she started smiling. The smile quickly disappeared when she saw who opened the door.

‘Hi’, the pretty young lady said.

‘Hello’, Gbemi tried to conceal her confusion. ‘Please is Gbenga around?’ She noticed the lady wore a wedding ring. She quickly put two and two together ‘you must be his sister’.

‘There is no one bearing Gbenga in this house’.

‘Gbenga Folorunsho doesn’t live here?’ Gbemi couldn’t comprehend what was going on.

‘Gbenga Folorunsho? I’m Mrs Folorunsho but my husband is Felix, not Gbenga. A lady called his phone some minutes ago asking to speak to one Gbenga. There must be a mix up somewhere.’

Gbemi couldn’t believe her ears. Gbenga is married. His name isn’t even Gbenga. It was then everything started making sense; the guy at the park that called him Felix, the Shawarma guy that asked after his family; even the apron he wore that had the ‘best dad’ quote on it. ‘How could I have been so gullible?’, she said aloud as she turned slowly and went back to her apartment. ‘Now I understand why God kept cautioning me’. Gbemi felt duped. Just when she started thinking she had met a man that was different from the rest, she had yet again met another devil in human skin.

She went straight to her room and cried her eyes out. She was hurt and shattered. How could this have happened to her? ‘God, why has all these happened to me? Why?’ she cried aloud. She hugged her pillow tightly and cried. The hurt from her past became fresh again; she remembered the hatred she had for men and why she initially determined to lock them all out.

Her phone rang and she looked at the caller ID. It was John. She put it on silence and flung it on the bed. He called a second time but she didn’t pick it, then he sent a text.

“Hi Gbemi, how are you? I called to check you and to ask about you trip. I guess you might still be resting. Take care of you. See you on Sunday. Cheers.”

Gbemi read it and ignored it. Her phone rang again but this time it was not John.


To be continued…

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