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God Stuck Me In a Rut

God stuck me in a rut
My eyes were shut when I landed there
I complained because I wanted to be free
I didn’t want to be stuck somewhere and have nowhere to go.

God stuck me in a rut
And I didn’t open my eyes
What was the difference between a dark rut and having my eyes closed?
I didn’t want to know

Until after a while a fragrance hit me!
It was the sweet perfume of depth and knowledge.
It was the sweet perfume of His presence.
I couldn’t believe it

I realized I was stuck in a perfumed rut,
Soaked in it was my position
I shuddered as I felt it seep into my being.
Suddenly, I could no longer smell myself

The perfume was so strong!
I knew, I would never smell the same.
The beautiful fragrance was so charming
I knew, His fragrance will follow me wherever I go, for the rest of my life

I was stuck in a rut, oh yes I was
And then I realized,
That only my nose had been active,
Taking in the precious transforming fragrance

My eyes were still shut,
As I never wanted to look out into the dark.
I decided against my fear,
And decided to look into the rut I was stuck in

At that moment, I was blinded!
Not by the darkness of the rut
But by the level of light that came into it
Ohh, I was clearly mistaken

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I thought God stuck me in a dark rut.
But unknown to me he gave me a pinnacle view
I could see from a vantage point, all life was and is meant to be.
I was high in vision and deep in wisdom

This rut must be unique
Because by being stuck, I learn more
By being unable to run, I am being grown
By being contained, I can see things for what they really are

My complaints have changed to thanksgiving.
Even though it’s painful to be here,
And to watch all of nature move along,
It is clear that I am way ahead!

His fragrance will never leave me
Neither will His vision for my life
I will always return here
Because I know, I am only stuck to one day be free..


Have you ever felt like God led you to a tough spot and you don’t know why? You may be doing everything right and the results aren’t looking like it. It’s okay to seek to know God’s purpose for you in it, there may be lessons He needs you to learn and things He wants you to overcome first before moving you on to greater things. If you feel stuck in a rut or a cave, it just may be time to open your eyes to understand His plan!

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Thanks for reading ❤

Victory Odunjo

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4 thoughts on “God Stuck Me In a Rut”

  1. Thank you so much,
    i cant agree less there are even times when God is leading you somewhere and you are seeing deadhead but He is saying keep moving that is where i would make you. It is so refreshing to know his purpose for my life even when it doesn’t look like it

    1. That couldn’t have said it better 🙌 It’s really refreshing to know that God’s purpose still comes to pass even when it doesn’t look like it. This is more reason why we must walk by faith and not by sight 🌟 Thank you Jessica

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