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God Wants To Speak To You

It seems that the only way to hear God at the moment is when a Pastor in church or on TV says “God is telling you right now that he loves you, your situation is temporary, and that you should hold on and not give up.” If those words can relate to our situation at that very point in time, God just spoke to you. If by any chance those words did not relate to you, it is easy to assume God doesn’t have anything to say to you.

Many people believe God only speaks when He wants to, and it could be once a year, or maybe once in six months. Most of the time, they are actually hearing God’s words to them from another person and not from God himself. How can you hear from God if another person who hears from God doesn’t tell you? Can one really be certain that God’s voice one is what is being heard and not any other random voice?

Truthfully, the answer to these questions begins with truly understanding the person of God and His character. Looking at the events in the Garden of Eden, we can notice a clear pattern and flow of thoughts between God and Adam. We’ll notice that Adam seemed to do everything that God wanted long before we later found out that God walked through the garden every evening and to discuss with him. It seems Adam was regularly in touch with God without making a fuss about it.

This means that God actually has thoughts and ideas he wants you to know, thoughts and plans just for you! Why should it be such an issue to hear from God, if the heavens are his seat and the earth (where you reside) is His footstool? Why should his voice be scarce like an eclipse when His Holy Spirit dwells in you? There really shouldn’t be a communication gap.

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I can’t remember anyone in the Bible that made a scene of hearing the voice of God. It was always stressless and a part of their lives. We shouldn’t cast a veil on what the voice of God is and what it should sound like. Many times, the voice of God is an instruction, sometimes it is the comfort for your soul.

So where do you start?

You start by knowing that God has been trying to get you to hear Him all this while, and there is a huge possibility you have heard Him speak to you. You have most likely obeyed His instructions at some point.

Someone once complained to another person about not hearing the audible voice of God before, the other responded: “Go and read the Bible out loud, that’s the audible voice of God.” Though it sounds like a good joke or response, it is actually true.

The Bible is actually the ‘Word of God’. When you speak, you speak words, same as God. If you took out time to write all your ideas and thoughts on paper, whose words would it be? Your words of course! So the word of God and the thoughts of God has been closer to you than you think, right there in your Bible.

How then will you approach the reading of the word? You must choose to go with an open heart willing to hear God speak to you. Too many people go to the Bible with this “I already know what is inside it mindset”, “I have been a Christian all my life”, or “my Pastor is very ‘worded’”. Meanwhile, there are God’s words waiting to minister to them in their situation, the Holy Spirit is there to expound the word to them. The voice of God is actually in the pages and they just need to hear it.. The words of Jesus that you’ve been seeking are basically written in the Bible for you, will you read it up?

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I know the next question is “what if I don’t have the Bible before me and I need to make a quick decision, what do I do?” The word of God should abide in you richly, meaning for whatever situation you are in, you should not have to struggle to remember what God’s word for you is. You can also be led by the inward witness, who is the Holy Spirit. To me most times, he is the informal God, He speaks to you at your level, you would be able to understand how he speaks and He will share God’s mind with you. It is easy to discern His voice through the word of God. He will give you instructions, many people call him the “mind that told them what to do” when they get some a miracle. It was the Holy Spirit.

When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come. John 16:13

God is always speaking to you, even though He can alsoo reache out to you through others too. You can hear His voice consistently too, once in a while is not enough. His voice will lead, guide, direct, instruct and teach you. You also have the written word for Him to instruct you easily through. All He will tell you will be in line with the Bible’s principles, He will not confuse you.

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Finally be very open to God, a lot of us feel we don’t need to say much to God because He already knows our needs before we ask. Oh well, we should not need to pray any prayers then, if he knows what we want to ask before we do. Tell God the desires of your heart concerning everything. Tell him your joys, your hopes, fears, disappointment and the likes, He cares and wants to know. It frees you of any negative vibes or anxiety, you too can share the gospel because you know he has handled and is handling all that concerns you and will make it perfect.

Expect to hear from God from this very moment henceforth, anywhere you are. Don’t go into prayer without expecting to hear Him speak to you. It is every father’s desire that his child hears from him and learns too.

“His voice is not too soft that you can’t hear Him, neither is his leadership too vague that you can’t follow Him”

Live free, talk with God today, and every other day!


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