Grab The Wheels of Your Life

Hey people. Happy New Year! It is going to be a massive year for you so make sure you prepare!

One thing that definitely comes with every new year, apart from the general feeling of having a clean slate to start things over with and set new goals, is that you also grow older!

Yes! I know you surely didn’t want to hear that age part. How old are you going to be this year though? 23, 25, 28, 30, 35, 39, 50 years old? Oh well, there’s that sense that comes with birthdays when you just realize you are actually growing older this year.

These lines of thought cause some people to not want to celebrate their birthdays. Others don’t even want to be reminded that they were born on a certain day. Quite a number of folks go through their birthdays smiling and looking happy, but right underneath that, they are sad because there are many things still hanging in their lives.

Do you feel like this too? Do you feel like where you currently are in life is not where you estimated you will be? Do you find yourself waiting for when you will get the chance to do all you are supposed to do?

Do you kind of blame life for your circumstances and then sit on your hands, waiting for everything to change so you can really live your life?

Well, if that is you then I want you to know that you are not alone. We have all had this rude awakening with life especially since we became adults and got all grown up. There is this clear distortion in reality from what we expected and what we are seeing.

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Many of you have faced delays and quite a number of things haven’t worked as you would have liked. What then makes it worse, is that there are people around you who seem to be getting everything easily on a platter of gold.

It seems they have no struggles or maybe they have a better relationship with God is why their lives are working so well. Well, that may not be particularly true, because everyone faces challenges, you just don’t know what those challenges are.

You may find yourself sitting idly on your hands singing “Pass me not oh gentle saviour, hear my humble cry, while on others thou art calling, do not pass me by.”

Oh well, I want to beg you today to not let your own life pass you by, don’t let time pass you by, don’t let failed expectations, difficulty make life pass you by.

I want you to wake up and stop waiting for scraps and handouts. Jump on the bull and take the bull by the horn. This is your life and you are already living it.

Ask those who are 50, 60, 70 years old now, on how it felt to grow older. Ask them if they even noticed that they grew. They’ll tell you that their twentieth birthday still feels like yesterday. You’ll find them narrating the things that happened in their lives and in what year it happened with so much detail you wonder how they didn’t forget.

I’ll tell you how come they are still able to do this, the truth is they are still who they are. Their person didn’t change, only time did and the responsibility of life too!

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So if you are expecting something entirely different to happen to you in your life, you have to get out there and start living your reality once again. Wake up and make the most of where you are right now!

Yen yen yen yen yen! Stop complaining already. You are no longer a kid. You can choose to create your reality and go to meet the opportunities you are looking for where they are. Or you can wait for them to come and meet you where you are (maybe they’ll find you when you are 55 years old, who knows?). I won’t even advise you to wait.

Oh well, the choice is up to you.

Accept where you currently are in life and start to move forward from there. Don’t stay hooked on “I should be bigger than this. I am more than this” and then you don’t do anything to become bigger or more than who you are. Life requires that you put in time and effort.

There are people doing far more in their lives with less than what you have. Have your eyes seen all the opportunities that abound around you? Are you actively working on your mindset and how you see life so you can stop walking with chickens and start flying and feasting with the eagles in high places?

If you’ve waited on God enough and you aren’t seeing much, it is only evidence that God is waiting on you to make things happen.

Time is life and life is time. If there was no time, there’ll be no way to gauge the quality of your life. So as long you see dates on the calendar changing and time ticking, realize that you are already living your life. The day your time stops ticking is the day it all ends.

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Grab the steering wheel of your life right now and don’t leave it to chance, stop waiting! This is your life we are talking of and not anyone else’s.

If you feel confused and you are wondering if you can do big things in your life, simply remember that the great God that created the entire world lives in you. You are unstoppable.

Cheers to seeing the emerging you!

I hope you learnt something from this post. Be sure to share what step you are most likely taking as regarding turning things around this year

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