Have A Good Laugh 2

The kinds of status we would be updating on FB, Twitter & Instagram if we were in the times of Moses, Noah, Adam and Abraham:

1. Guys its scary, Lot’s wife just turned into a pillar of salt. #shaking‬

2. Pimping my camel, Jerusalem here I come…

3. Just chilling in first class at Noah’s ark, the view here is fantastic.. But these Lions keep staring at me weird. #Noahsvoyage‬

4. Chilling with Moses by Mt Sinai…miracles be going down here.

5. Eve and hubby got banished, they ate the forbidden fruit. I mean who does that? #smh‬

6. Jacob’s status: Things we do for love, can’t believe I served her father for 14 years just to get her. Love u Rachel!

7. Some people are so cruel! Cain how do u kill your own brother? #RIPAbel‬

8. One of Jesus’ disciples post: What a long day…Walking and preaching the gospel. Now chilling with my brothers. These guys are funny…LLP! (Laughing Like Pharoah)

9. Isaac: Damn, dad nearly sacrificed me… #selfiewithram‬ ya’ll

10. Mary: Joseph is not replying my whatsapp messages. He still thinks i cheated…Grow up duh?!!

11. David: Guys this balcony is da sheeit! …I can see everything. Female anatomy 101 #word‬

12. Jezebel: Victoria’s Secret is da bomb…

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13. Cant believe Elisha just allowed page bears to eat up those children. #Like‬ seriously.

14. Samson: The chick sold me out…I’m going to bring the roof down on this party.

15. Judas did what? That bro ain’t loyal.#smh..

Lol 🙂 Hope you had a good laugh? We all need a little fun and laughter in our lives. The Bible says “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” (Proverbs 17:22). Which of these jokes made you laugh the most?

(A friend sent me these jokes. I laughed pretty hard too!)

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