For so many nights, I couldn’t sleep

The tears wouldn’t stop to drip as I weep

I just wonder and ponder

What it was that put us both asunder


As these tears

Relay my fears

I ask “would life go on?”

Through this darkness, will I see the sun?



My heart is shattered

Like nothing else matters

I gave all my heart

But now, we are apart


I set my hopes on a beautiful future

Just like a lamb hoping on a beautiful pasture

I had my expectations so high

Hoping we were both heading for the sky

But alas! I was wrong

I am weak though I try to act like I am strong

No matter how hard I try to run

I realize that life must go on


Oh! The time spent

I didn’t know it was to inflict this dent

I believe it’s time to cling to Jesus

My only one savior and my Lord


The only one that can guide me to the right relationship

As he is my shepherd and me His sheep

I will walk with His guidance

And be filled with His radiance

Now I feel God’s strength in my bones

As my heart sings songs and new tones

It’s the dawn of a new day

I see the brightness as I walk in this new way

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It’s time to find my life as a single

Work hard to soar like an eagle

Find out the deep truths about life

And how I am to live and survive

I will give God my heart

And he will direct my path

Through this storm, I will rise

Because I am the apple of His eyes


Listen to me all who care!

You can’t hold on to the burdens you bear

Learn your lesson

And to others be a blessing!


Now I know, hope is not out of sight

Because my future is bright

God will protect me from another heartbreak

For his name sake.

“If your heart is broken, you’ll find GOD right there, if you are kicked in the gut, he’ll help you catch your breath” Psalm 34:18 (MSG)

In our generation and time, many of us have been hurt and broken by different people and situations. And healing seems too far away to reach, as the faces and moments are still fresh in our minds. The scars are still very evident. We go around with this hurt, and let the hurt define us. If we continue like this, we won’t experience true joy and happiness. It’s time to let go, forgive, and hand it all over to God. It has come as a lesson, learn it and move on. The best is yet to come. In the meantime, TRUST GOD and LEARN from him. Since God is LOVE, the best person to learn how to love is from Him.


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  1. Aarrrrgh! Victory, i enjoyed it soo soo much!!!!!!! Great piece, no boring moment. Think i might pick up my pen again. +++ will share it for d broken hearted. 🙂 Xx.

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