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Help, My Fiancée Is 3 Months Pregnant For Another Man 4

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I had to choose an option. I could feel the sweat in my palms increase. I chose to surprise the robber silently, it seemed more effective to me. I silently said a prayer “Lord, keep me safe. I’m not ready to die right after I just got out of a long term relationship.” I then moved towards the door. I placed my ears on the door and tried to hear sounds, all I could feel was that there was someone behind the door.

As I opened the door, and stepped in, I saw a huge ball of light the same moment my face kissed the ground. I was hit!! Probably stunned so that he could have easy access in my motionless state. As I tried recovering, I found out that I was stiff from my head to my feet. I was then able to look sideways, I saw the kitchen brighter than I had seen it even on a sunny day. I then could see big golden sandals right in front of me. I could also see the huge feet wearing them. My body was then partially released so that I could see the tallest being I had ever seen, with a fierce and loving look at the same time. He smiled at me, then I perceived that he was an angel of God. I couldn’t move to pinch myself, because the glory and power being emanated from this being made me weak. This wasn’t about a robber intruding into my house, it was about a wanted guest I didn’t expect to see. The last words I remembered hearing were “Peace Be Unto You”.

I was suddenly back on my bed in the dark with no source of light anywhere. I didn’t remember walking back to bed after the encounter that left me stunned. Placing my hand on the bottle of water, I realized it was full, like I never drank it, I just thought I did a few minutes ago! I placed my hand under the bed and I felt the bat right in the normal position that it used to be! Now this is unexplainable! Had time been reversed? Before I answered the question, I opened the bottle of water and drank some, before I was confirmed a mad man. I was sweating profusely. It suddenly dawned on me that I just woke up from a dream..

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The dream was so real that I thought it was real! I had a dream in which I dreamt of another dream. So my waking up from those first 2 dreams was still in a dream! My drinking water, picking up the bat, and seeing the light in the kitchen was also a dream. Of course, my seeing the angel, was also in the same dream. Taah Taaah! Ouch! I had to slap myself to be sure I was finally awake this time. The strangest night of my life happened right before my eyes. How could I have faced so much trauma just because I decided to leave my fiancée that I once loved?

man and woman upset

I watched the sun rise out of the skies, as I got dressed early that morning. The only thing on my mind was to run to see her at home. Let her know my experience, maybe it was going to change everything. As I approached her compound, I saw her just leaving the gate of her compound, walking out with what seemed like worry on her face. She then saw me in the distance and stopped dead in her tracks, she was absolutely stunned to see me. I ran up to her and saw the tears streaming down her face, something obviously happened to both of us in the early hours of the morning. I hugged her tightly as she said “I couldn’t sleep all night, you were all that was on my mind. I prayed through out yesterday at church, until the priest walked me out at night, right before he went to another man lying on the floor to help him out as well.”

All I could say was “I understand dear, I really do. I don’t know what to call my last night, but it was the strangest night ever for me. And guess what, I am ready to get married to you as soon as possible! Lets get this phase behind us and begin a new life together!” “Really?” She asked.. “Really!” I responded. And as a ray of sunlight dropped on her beautiful face that showed a lot of pain, tears, and confusion, a smile broke out on her face that I had never seen before, her heavy eye bags seemed to disappear that very instant! “Let’s go inside to talk about this” she said as she joyfully held my hands to lead me inside the house. “It’s been the week of our lives” I said as I tried to keep up with her quick strides leading me into the place where it all started; my visit to her home that evening just about a week ago…

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****** Six Months Later **********************

The very disgusting smell of the stable could not hold back my amazement, as I watched three strange men bring gifts and bow before our little baby in the manger. It wasn’t my child, it was her fathers child. The dreams finally had a true meaning, she never deceived me, the most important detail I previously overlooked, was what turned out to be the major piece that solved the puzzle. I enjoyed every single moment I had, from the moment I accepted her pregnancy, up to this point, I understood how privileged I was to be with her through her unique experience.

I was just like my second dream depicted; walking on the beautiful path of purpose and fulfillment. This was what I was born to do! The words of the angel in my dream came back to me once more, those very defining words: “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife. For the child within her was conceived by the Holy Ghost. And she will have a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” It was those very words that brought the seemingly scattered jigsaw puzzle together before my eyes. The father Mary referred to, was not her earthly father, but her heavenly father. The Heavenly Father planted a seed in her through the Holy Spirit, that would change our lives forever and the lives of many more to come. We hadn’t even slept with each other yet, our marriage so far, was as good as our courtship because we understood and respected the seed of God she carried. I looked at my wife; Mary, and all I could see was joy, passion and fulfillment, because she understood and reveled in the truth that what God truly started, He completed!!

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“What shall his name be?” One of the three wise men asked. She slipped her hands into mine as at that very moment and we both responded: “His name shall be called JESUS!!




So there it is friends, the end. This is basically the true story of Joseph and Mary the parents of Jesus in the Bible. I was inspired to put in the fictitious side to the possible things we were not told happened in their story, but it all still comes together. I have learnt over time that not until we put ourselves in the situations that happened in the Bible, we may not be able to understand the gravity of the great things God did and accomplished. Lets all add a new dimension to our Bible Study.. I’m sure God would like to see that.

Hope you enjoyed the drama, suspense and uncertainties. Let everyone that has decided to wait for the final part now comment I’ll appreciate comments, thoughts and probably lessons from this true story. Thanks for following. Please share this story others, am sure it would do more than inspire them.

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24 thoughts on “Help, My Fiancée Is 3 Months Pregnant For Another Man 4”

  1. Victory o..lmao…n d story was going as if it was a diff story wu would v thought it was d story of Mary and Joseph..looks..awesome piece sir…may God continue to bless u as u also bless us all d time with your posts…

  2. I suspected this was the plan… One of the reasons why I chose not to comment till the end. Great piece, it sure does help appreciate the birth of Jesus better.

  3. OMG! victory, i dnt kno hw I didnt see dis coming…beautiful write up. I now rily understand what mary nd Joseph had to face.

  4. hehehe………. I just knew it…… I never really understood the reproach she was ready and going to bear if joseph didn’t accept the child.. thank u

  5. so i had to follow this story so closely to read abt the birth ofJesus. no problem o. this is seriously imaginative. nice one.

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