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Help, My Fiancee Is 3 Months Pregnant For Another Man 3

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Its been a week, I’m already getting better. I’m glad that only a few people know about our broken engagement. The pressure on her would have just been too much if I announced it. I hadn’t set my eyes on her since the last time we both spoke in the garden. I had spent time taking my mind off the past with my work, which requires a lot of energy and mind devotion. The marriage proposal still lingered in my mind. How joyful she looked when she agreed to marry me cannot be easily forgotten. I’m back in the single market again. I’ll have to search for someone just as good as she was or even better. I may find it really hard to trust anyone else. Cancelled wedding plans had taken my esteem way lower than the ground. I’ll adapt and focus on my work, and hope that at least that would get my mind off things.

Suddenly, I realize that I had not said a word of prayer on this issue since. All I had done is actually just use my mind to judge all through. Not sharing this with others hasn’t helped much. It’s my burden to bear, I can only give it to the Lord to carry for me. Even if its just strength to carry on he gives me, it’ll do me a lot of good. I’m desperate for help right now, being a man is way beyond my gender, it’s my being able to handle situations.

I picked a spot in the church to pray, I lay on the ground and started unloading and releasing my burdens to God. In the midst of my tears, muffled voices, I let God know my heart. I needed the sun rays in my storm, a clear weather in the rain. “Lord help me in my distress, it’s like all my hard work, commitment, dedication, service, honesty and integrity is at risk. Its not easy for me to go through this alone. I can’t announce this to the people around me, because I’ll also be laughed at and mocked. They always called us the perfect couple, husband and wife, courtship role models. All that is about to go down the drain right now Lord. Help me, help us. Let me love beyond this situation, see  beyond what my current eyes can. I believe and trust you. If you are really there, and you exist, please reach out to me”

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I felt a few taps on my shoulder, after what seemed like a few hours. “Young man! The doors of the church are already being closed, you’ve been here for hours.” I looked up and saw the Priest. I shook myself out of sleep, and briskly apologized to the priest and left through the only open door before he noticed my red and heavy eyes. What a day it was, I was tired and wasted, every ounce of my energy was gone. Somewhere inside me I felt lighter. Leaving the relationship was finally giving me some peace. 🙂 After switching off the last source of light in the room, I slept off having thoughts of a new future in my mind, possibly greener pastures in fact, things were about to get better.

While my sleep was moving ahead to the next dimension and the next gear. I had series of dreams, those kind of dreams that are just mixed together. Then out of the many scenes, I saw the conversation we had under the tree very clearly. I heard her say a statement I brushed off after I asked her about the pregnancy. She said “This pregnancy has something to do with my father.” I never replied this statement because she said it right after I kissed her on the forehead, and left her. I let the wind take those words away because I was finally done. I was not ready to hear any more of her lies. But here in my dream, I realize that it was probably important. The reason why she found it hard to have confessed to me a long time ago was probably because she was ashamed to tell me her father slept with her. Crazy things I saw in my dream. How could the father have done this to her? His own daughter?? Here was the confirmation I was looking for, I can’t raise her fathers child with her. I can’t imagine what to call such a child. Leaving her was right, and this very detailed dream has made me know that God truly answers prayers. The scene disappeared.

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I suddenly found myself in a new environment, walking on a smoothly tarred road, with beautiful houses at the sides. The breeze just kept hitting me on the right spots, causing such a relaxation. It looked to me like it was where I lived, but it all seemed so new to me. I felt such a peace about being in that area, that I felt like I was going to live there forever. It all seemed so perfect. I was gazing into the skies, receiving such a friendly warmth, one I had never received before. I never got to look back to the road i was walking on again, because my next step didn’t hit the ground, it hit into nothing. I was falling into a very deep pit, so deep that it felt bottomless. I screamed as I fell, then the dream came to an end, and gradually I was becoming conscious of my room. I was practically sweating in the darkness, two opposite dreams in the same night. Crazy stuffs happen o. The first dream was clear though, her father is involved in the pregnancy somehow, maybe the 2nd dream was saying if I continue with the relationship, I was going to end up in a pit. Thank God for clarity. I grabbed the bottle of water by my bedside to quench my thirst and also cool my body from the heat that gotten me soaked in my own sweat.

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As i replaced the bottle from where I took it, I saw a little ray of light from the room next to mine; the kitchen! I put off every source of light in the house, right before I slept. Someone had to be around the house, most likely the robbers that pick the locks and come to steal valuables. The source of light increased rapidly, something was up. I took the bat always positioned underneath my bed, the wooden ones especially came in handy for me personally. It was either I was going to meet this robber and catch him by surprise, or he would come into my room and catch me by surprise. For which ever of the two scenarios, I must be prepared..

To be continued..

So is there a huge possibility that she was impregnated by her father? Did someone send robbers or thugs to teach him a lesson? Or is his house already set on fire and he doesn’t know? Read the final episode here (For people that thought it would end with this episode, I apologize). You can comment if you like 🙂 Thanks for following. Share this post and let others get to read as well. Hit one of the social network buttons below to share.. And follow by mail to receive alerts for new posts straight into your mail.

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