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How Do You Let Someone Know Their Mouth Is Smelling?

Hehe.. Now that you are here, I need your help. Other people do too. Let me share a quick true experience before I get your answer.

Sometime ago, I was in a group meeting with a couple of colleagues, we were having a kind of discussion that required arguments. It went on well until someone I believed was a friend, got really inspired and started giving a motivational talk. We were all eager to hear what she had to say until our noses made us hear otherwise. We began to ‘hear’ a kind of smell. The smell was just as inspirational and motivational as the words she was trying to say. It inspired us to want to run away People couldn’t blink, they couldn’t even breathe, there was a sudden silence in the already noisy group. It was like an angel passed by.



My friend must have thought she was an awesome public speaker with the silence accorded to her. So I just waited for her to finish her statement. As she did, everyone took a break. We all needed the fresh air. The smell that was emitted must have ranked higher than a fart. So as a good friend, I decided to call this my public speaking friend to a corner and I gently told her her mouth wasn’t smelling right, that she should find a quick way to deal with it and come back with a proper breath. I said this words as cautiously as I could and even apologized before starting the statement.

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That’s how my friend began to shout at me, baptizing me with many drops of the smell causing saliva. Telling me that I was rude, and a liar, that she brushed that morning and there was no way her mouth could be smelling. She thought I was trying to embarrass her, I apologized as she walked off. She never spoke to me for a long while. Whether she later discovered I was right or not, I have no idea. But I have wondered since then if there is a good way to tell someone their mouth is smelling, or one should just watch them share the love, and move in with it?

What do you think? Why do you think my friend acted in such a manner? Are there better ways to show people their flaws that disgrace them in public? Have you ever had an experience like this or something similar? How did u deal with it. This may be very funny, but its rarely discussed. So say something, your views are important.

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10 thoughts on “How Do You Let Someone Know Their Mouth Is Smelling?”

  1. Well.. I don’t really tell people their breath stinks..I just leave them and feel guilty anytime they speak. I have this bestie whose breath stinks like hell. He even showed me a girl whose breath is bad but I couldn’t bring myself to say “yours too”, so I just smiled.. I discovered a new tactic. I bought orbit chewing gum n I would alwayz give him inorder to have a pleasant, odourless convo with him. Life has been better ever since

  2. Hmmm. This can be a really trick situation. In my opinion, a majority of people who have bad breath have it occasionally e.g when they are fasting and haven’t eaten or drank water in awhile or when they haven’t spoken for awhile or they just woke up from sleep. In this case, i would offer the person sweet or water i.e. i get sweet/water, take it yourself and then offer the person. The person won’t feel judged or embarrassed; they would be more receptive to taking the sweet which would solve the problem for that time. I could then offer advice (long after the occurrence) about how one must watch their breath under such circumstances; everything being equal they shouldn’t feel overly insulted.
    In the case of a perpetual bad breath, i would just tell the person however in a we-are-in-this-together-way and i will also offer some suggestions as to stopping it such as mouthwash, mouth spray or a new toothpaste or brush. But i would only do it with someone i’m really close with. Although, they would definitely feel embarrassed, the goal is to make them feel that i understand, i’m not judging and i’m willing to help them overcome it.
    Sorry for the long comment (*coversface*)

  3. Well…from experience, I’d say getting an animal involved wud send the message without making u look insensitive…I remember sometime in 2010…I farted near a kiosk and then a dog strolled into the affected area and then after a moment’s sniff, ran for its life…nobody had to tell me that I had dropped something atomic! As for the smelling mouth..if flies feel the urge for communion wen u speak, then take note…if babies or children cry wen u talk, take dressing and ofcourse if there’s no lizard in ur compound..then take note!

  4. I dont know what i’ll do. Though i know when i experienced this i didnt say nothing.What i think i’ll do is pray that they come to d understanding of the reason why they have few friends. * LORD OPEN THEIR EYES* 😀

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