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How Much Do You You Want To Have In Your Bank Account Before Your Wedding?

Whenever marriage is mentioned to single people, there is a popular response that is given, and it always has to do with the word ‘money‘. Once you have that marriage talk, the first thing that you hear people give as their reason for unpreparedness, even apart from their relationship status are words about how much money they must have made first before marriage can even be considered. You hear statements like “There’s no love in the world, there’s only money”, “No money, no love”, “I must make enough money to be able to sustain my family”, “I must have all the cars and houses first, before I get married”, “I don’t intend to be spending my husband’s money, I must make enough of my own before I get married”, “I’m not willing to let my wife suffer with me, when I make all the money, I’ll get married to her”, “I can’t marry a man that is still struggling”. It goes on and on!

So single people, let’s be real. How much do you aim to have in your bank account the day before your wedding day? I know most guys know the bulk of work is on them, because being the man means the woman must move in with you. For some even the cost of having a wedding is scary enough, not to now think of the marriage. Women nowadays though, are taking their financial freedom seriously, and are pretty independent too. So guys, how much would you want to have in your bank account before your wedding day? How much do you expect that your woman should have too? Ladies, how much would you like to have in your bank account, and how much do you think your man should have in his? Let’s talk figures. Someone I recently asked said nothing less than10 million naira in his bank account. What about you? Do you feel having just enough to survive on is fine? How much is enough? Or you prefer to have certain property before marriage?

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7 thoughts on “How Much Do You You Want To Have In Your Bank Account Before Your Wedding?”

  1. am not so good with figures so I wud rather stick with material possessions.
    any man still in his father’s haus is not a candidate for marriage. my take then is if marriage is to be in view, a house of ur own either rented or owned is not a luxury but a necessity. u don’t need to have 50 million in d acct but have responsibility of stocking up our home with d basic necessities. some people wait till dey marry before buying pot. dats gross irresponsibility. lemmi stop here. am beginning to get emotional.

  2. Interesting article.

    No offence but I find that talk on having 10 million before getting married outrageous even though everyone’s entitled to his/her opinion. If some men decide to wait that long, some would die unmarried! Lol! It’s possible to hit that target but what for? 5 million is a lot, even 1 million.

    As for me, I don’t even need to have a million in my account to get married because I so trust that the wife God leads me to would be one who I would not tell the story of my worth without mentioning the vital role she played. Men have married wives who came to profligate their wealth. Isn’t it so? And many have married in struggles in fact and now you won’t believe they had such a life 10 to 20 years ago.

    I have a goal anyway, and once the time is right, marriage straight! It won’t exceed it.

    Sorry for the long comment my boss. It’s my first time. God Bless You Sir 🙂

  3. Nice post!!! Marriage has a lot of responsibility so wisdom demands you have something doing before u go into it but putting a figure to that…cos u don’t even know what type of challenges you would face or situations that will come up. Two families becomes one and plus the one you would raise yourself,so much would some1 have to keep piling up in an account…lol and Like some says money has wings.

  4. Lol @ #10 million in the bank before marriage. That means most of our parents would have died single. That’s quite unrealistic, sorry to say. I want to believe the fellow was only joking. However, in this present age and time, the foremost, and most important requirements are:
    1. A steady flow of income;
    2. A decent accommodation.
    Other things can follow after this, depending on individual preference, goals and aspirations.

  5. Hmm. What a practical issue raised in this write up! I believe both parties should have a job before going into marriage. While they need to have money set aside for marriage, they will have the support of parents and other well-wishers. There is the place of faith in God, where both parties come to trust him for divine provision…

  6. That’s why we should marry the right person, a Godly person, the woman that God has made to be the perfect match for you. When you marry such a lady, who fulfils God’s plan for marriage to be your help meet. You would together build yourselves, but have the basic means to take care of your family, place to stay, utilities and steady source of income.

    1. True bro.. Well said. Finding the right person is paramount. I remember the book of Proverbs mentioned that the foolish woman tears down her own home, while a wise woman builds up hers. May God lead us to wise women oo

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