How To Not Make Mistakes Like Those Ahead Of You

We all are afraid of accidents, no matter how small or large the accident may be. The most dreaded kind of accidents are motor accidents, being hit by a car, lorry or trailer, with the car up in fumes. So staying away from accidents is key. People now drive slowly on the roads to avoid over speeding, which is a popular cause of car accidents. The use of seat belts and airbags too have been encouraged to minimize the effect of accidents.

One interesting thing I learnt in driving is that the car ahead of you can be your saviour. For the first time, I saw the reason why lights were placed behind a car. The lights are not for the car owners use, but to show the driver behind what the driver ahead intends to do. When the red light comes on, it signifies the driver is braking, the amber lights signify a turn, and the bright bulb lights signifies that the driver is about to reverse the car. The colours of these lights, as simple as they may be, actually save lives. No one is saying you, the driver, shouldn’t be sharp and do your job, but you have extra help from the person ahead of you.

This can be applied to our lives. There are many people ahead of us in life, people we look up to, there are people ahead of these people. There are people behind us, and people behind those that are behind us. Wow! What does this show us? It shows us that we are leaders and followers at the same time. We must watch who we follow and be good leaders to those who follow us! This is why there is a dire need in our generation for people to have mentors, people we can look up to, tutors, counsellors and guardians. We must watch them very closely like a car ahead of us, watch when they pause, move forward, speed, turn and even stop. We also can’t be careless drivers, because there are people behind us, following our trail, following our leadership, whether we know about them or not, whether we are ready to lead or not.

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So we must not just read success stories, but also failure stories too. We must let these 2 types of stories inspire us, and teach us how to grow effectively. It is better to learn from examples than from experiences, because examples are other people’s experiences. No doubt, we will all have our experiences, as a part of life, but we can’t afford to be careless. Have you been driving alone? Are you going around without support of any sort? Are you living just for yourself without being watchful that some people are following your footsteps? Now is the time to avoid an accident.

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” – Isaac Newton

The issue we have today is many leaders don’t share their failure experiences, they believe sharing their success stories alone is good enough to inspire others and make them do well. But they are not absolutely right! The truth is we have more people failing than succeeding in the world today. Even many of the people on the right path are making mistakes. Many people need to be inspired through their mistakes, failings and shortcomings, to become better and rise out of their situations.

“There is no leader that doesn’t make mistakes, there is no leader without a weakness, there is no perfect leader.” The earlier we get that into our minds, the better. Seek to know about the failures of successful people today, you won’t believe how much of strength you will gain by doing this. Many car drivers today wouldn’t want you to know about the times they had accidents, and that simply because they feel it will make them look less than they currently are. Do you know why we are always disappointed when we see our leaders fail and make mistakes? It is because they present themselves as perfect, and we accept them so, although there are many thorough and honest leaders.

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This is where the balance comes, you must focus on the positives and not the negatives. Comparison would never help, you must learn to appreciate diversity in leadership. Choose a mentor and follow aright, don’t start comparing to other leaders, if you are not comfortable with your leader, find another one to follow. Every leader has a unique style. Have you noticed that there is no successful venture that you take part of without the help of another person?

Before you were born, you needed your dad to sleep with your mum. When you were being formed, you needed your mum to carry you for 9 months, breastfeed you, take care of you, provide for you. Then came the time you went to school, you had to be taught how to read the alphabets, and write essays by different teachers, till you stopped schooling. Hitting the business market, you find out that you must go to learn from those who have been there before you, so that you don’t make mistakes or have accidents that newbies would naturally have.

The Bible has is full of truths understandable, but we still need Pastors and teachers to teach us and instruct us out of it. Are you getting the picture now? Try now for one minute to imagine that you were born into a world without people. Would you have survived? No you wouldn’t have! You many have learnt walking on your hands instead of your legs. We need people to make life meaningful.

Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety. Proverbs 11:14

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Like you might have seen through this write up, the life we live isn’t one of self sufficiency. This is seen not only in our need to have physical mentors, but also in the need to for us to have God as the ultimate mentor and inspiration, at least we are sure God doesn’t make mistakes. Our Christian growth is one which requires us knowing the way to go from God, in this case it involves us go in back to the word of God to receive from Him.

So when men fail and have accidents, we don’t have to enter the same pit! The word of God would serve as the car ahead of us. It would also act as a guide in many ways without mistakes, as long as we are ready to obey and follow the leading. So with God as the number driver ahead of us and also man helping us to lead the way, we would surely avoid life’s accidents. The major reason most people don’t like to have mentors and leaders is because they don’t want to be accountable to anybody, people like that always have an accident full life. Accountability is protection for the future ahead of you.

You should stop going solo, or going about life alone. Get a good mentor as soon as possible, and hold on firmly to God and his word, more than any physical mentor. Know that it is possible to live a life without accidents simply because you were following the right cars ahead of you. If you have good mentors already, don’t slack, keep following, use your mind as you listen to them, don’t idolize them, and you’ll be just fine. Have a great day 🙂


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