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I Had 5 Death Notifications In One Night

*sigh*….. I can’t sleep….
Lying  on my bed…..thinking….

How do people just die? Like one moment you’re talking with them, next moment, they gone! Just like that….

Just this night, I’ve gotten 5 death notifications!!! All in one night…..and I wonder….I just keep wondering…..

I guess what I can say I’ve gotten this night is simple:
Thank God for Life!!!! Cherish this Life you have…..its such a great opportunity and a privilege to be alive I tell you!!!

Of late, I’ve been more concerned about mundane things:
-my front hair is not growing 😐
-my eyebrows are bushy
-more acne breakout :'(
-what hairstyle to make next
Etcetera Etcetera

These are normal things girls worry about and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that.

But right now, this very minute…..I’m just happy to be alive…..I’m just thankful for the Gift of life not just for myself, but also my family, friends, loved ones…..
*i’m grateful*

You should be too! 🙂

You probably think there’s nothing as such to be thankful for…..maybe you’re broke, maybe you lost someone, maybe your heart got broken, you’re going through a messy divorce…..whatever it is you’re going through, at least you’re alive, thank God for that! In as much as there’s life, there’s always hope!

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Why not take time out today and just thank God…. Just thank him, thank Him….thank Him…..and as much as you can, make it a habit…..

1 Thessalonians 5:18

KJV—» In ALL things, give thanks….

Good News  —» Be thankful in ALL circumstances….

MSG—-» Thank God no matter what happens….

Written by Anu Daniel

This post ministered to me when I received it late yesterday night. What are you worried about? Don’t wait until you lose another person before you appreciate their lives and your life as well.. Give thanks in everything, God has you in mind.

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